Guest Post Guidelines for Positive Writer

I am glad you are interested in guest posting for Positive Writer and to make it easier and less time consuming for you and for me, please read the following guidelines.

  • Only inquire if your blog is related in some way to Positive Writer.
  • I only accept posts that are beneficial to Positive Writer readers about creativity and writing that are inspiring and motivating. The first question to ask yourself before submitting a guest post is: What makes this post unique and beneficial for Positive Writer readers specifically?
  • Positive Writer is a place writers come to get back into their writing groove, to rekindle their love for writing,  in other words, what part of writing have you struggled with and how did you overcome it? How can Positive Writer readers benefit from your experience?
  • EPIC. If you are going to send me a How-To post make sure it is epic in nature and stands out in its class. A great recent guest post that did this is: 17 Crucial Things Authors Forget to Do When Self-Publishing
  • Length should be between 600 to 1500 words.
  • The more personable, detailed and helpful your post is, the more likely it will be accepted. (Extra credit when adding little-known trivia facts that benefit your article.)
  • The post must be exclusive for Positive Writer.
  • Double check spelling, grammar and for typos. Unfortunately, I do not have time to edit.
  • Provide your bio within 2 or 3 sentences with one link to your blog and optionally to your twitter account. Try not to use links within your actual post, they will be removed during the copying process. Only use your bio for a link to your blog or website.
  • Provide a creative commons photo that matches your blog post and is of high quality, with a width of 660px. I’ll need the link to the original photo. It’s possible I will decide to use another photo, but I will do my best to make sure it’s close to what you chose.
  • I require all guest posters to post a lead-in on their blog, usually the first paragraph of the post or a simple “I guest posted on Positive Writer today” with a link to the post on Positive Writer.
  • If your guest post is approved, you’ll need to reply to comments on your post for up to at least 5 days.

What will not be accepted:

  • Freelancers who want to provide a backlink for another entity.
  • Affiliate links. Guest posts to promote products and/or services.
  • Work that must be edited or improved upon, or work that is not beneficial to Positive Writer readers.

When you send an inquiry send your proposed guest post with it. 

Send to bryan.hutchinson (at) positivewriter (dot) com

If you don’t hear from me within two weeks, feel free to send a follow-up.

Please note: If you provide a guest post to Positive Writer it must be exclusive and ALL RIGHTS transfer to me, Bryan Hutchinson. The post may be republished by me in compilations, ebooks and other means with full credit to you as the author, but not with financial compensation for the work. If this is something you do not agree with, that’s perfectly understandable, please do not submit a guest post proposal. By submitting a guest post you agree to these terms.

Important: When you send your guest post proposal include, “I have read the guidelines for Positive Writer and I agree to them.” If this line is not included you will not receive a response. Sorry, I know this sounds dramatic, but with so many submissions it has become necessary and saves me a ton of time. Also, if your post is accepted and you do not follow the guidelines, such as posting an intro on your blog or answering comments, your links will be removed from the post. Dramatic, I know, but you’d be surprised. If you don’t agree with the guidelines, then don’t send your work, it’s totally understandable.

I look forward to reading and sharing your work.


  • Linda K. Bridges

    Dear Brian, thanks for writing up this post on guidelines. I love your blog and I visit it often. One day, I just might work up my courage and send an inquiry to post on your blog one day! I’m still new at blogging and in the ‘learning-all-I-can mode! All the best, Linda from

  • Helen Upshall

    how do I send in something for another writer to read? loving this idea as it is my own experience too