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How To Become A Better Writer Every-Single-Day

Every writer wants the process of writing to be easy. We want our writing to pour forth as if from an inexhaustible reservoir. We all want our first and only drafts to become bestsellers. And we want our readers to not only get us, but to never get enough of us. When we show up for readings, Madison Square Garden wouldn’t be big enough to hold all of our loyal fans.


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Why Writers Self-destruct and 5 Ways To Thrive Instead!

In The Color of Money, the only movie for which Paul Newman ever won a Best Actor Oscar, there’s a scene near the end where he’s playing against the once infamous real-life pool player Steve “The Miz” Mizerack, and after Steve loses to Paul, Steve says, “I didn’t deserve that.”

And without the slightest hesitation, Paul’s character, Fast Eddie Felson, replies, “Yes, you did.”

The reason Fast Eddie said, “Yes, you did.” is the same reason too many writers the world over self-destruct, fail and quit writing.

How to be a confident writer.

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Become A Better Writer with 51 Mind-blowing Resources

Let’s face it, we all want to become better writers. Don’t we? I know I do. I strive to become a better writer every day, and in order to improve I’ve discovered the secret is in having awesome resources at your disposal.

What follows are a list of links to resources I’ve found pretty darn useful. Most are remarkable blog posts containing brilliant tips, tricks, and top secret, secrets.

Words and Ideas Change the World

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How To Become A Prolific Writer While Holding Down A Day Job

One of the most frequent questions I receive is: How can I write and hold down a day job at the same time?

There’s a common belief (and a few myths that support it) that you can only do one or the other. But that’s not true.

Writing while holding down a day job

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3 Myths That Hold Your Best Writing Back

The odds are if you write in public you want people to read your work. Seems like a reasonable assumption. I mean, if we don’t care if anyone’s reading our work, then we should stick to personal journals that we keep hidden under our pillows.

You can hide your work if you want to, and if you hide your work you’ll never let yourself down. But if you’re interested in getting your work noticed don’t fall for the myths presented in this post.

People don't know what they want until you show it to them. ~Steven Jobs

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4 Effective Ways to Beat Writer’s Burnout

It goes beyond mere writer’s block. It doesn’t care about deadlines, and can stopper your writing voice for months at a time. It’s deep, it’s baffling and it’s not often talked about in writing circles.

It’s writer’s burnout.

And whether you’re published or not, prolific or not, writer’s burnout is coming for you. In fact, I’m sure you’ve already experienced it, and perhaps you’re even battling it right now. Are you ready to beat it?

Writing Burnout

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Why Failure IS an Option for Writers (and everyone else!)

“Failure is not an option.”

We hear it all the time. People have even made T-shirts with that motto. And by saying it’s not an option, we associate failure as a negative thing.

But what if it were an option?

Failure IS an Option

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Doubt Is The Writer’s Troll (How To Defeat It!)

Note: This post is by Jackie Johansen, she is a writer who combines personal development with actionable writing strategies. She is the creator of the ebook, Is Writing a Struggle? How to Author the Words that Inspire the World. Get it free at FinallyWriting.com.

I begin writing by feeling inspired, motivated and with an idea that is pushing on my insides, full of potential, wanting and needing to be expressed. The words start flowing, and my fingers dance across the keyboard.

However, inevitably, my fingers begin to slow-down and eventually they come to a complete stop. I feel deflated, uninspired and full of doubt…

Doubt Fear Writing

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Interview with Seth Godin, The World’s Greatest Blogger!

In November 2012 I asked Seth Godin if he would answer a few questions in an interview for the launch of my new blog, Positive Writer. Positive Writer has grown considerably since then thanks to you and so today I’m reposting this interview in case you missed it:

American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and you probably know him as the world’s greatest blogger. Seth Godin is the Author of 14 bestselling books, founder of Squidoo, and he’s an inspiration to countless marketers, bloggers and writers around the world.

Seth says more meaningful stuff that matters than anyone else, with fewer words than anyone else, and when I recently asked him the below questions for Positive Writer‘s launch, he was true to form with concise, yet profound answers.

Seth Godin’s Homepage

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5 Kick In The Pants Tips About Guest Blogging You Need To Know

Note: This is a guest post by Jennifer Brown Banks, she is an award-winning blogger, ghost writer, and popular relationship columnist. She enjoys cooking, karaoke, and reading. Visit Jennifer at Pen and Prosper.

It’s certainly no secret to today’s writers that guest blogging provides a great way to build their platform and amplify their “voice.” Top bloggers like Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Darren Rowse, in fact, highly recommend it.

Still, very few writers reap the potential benefits of guest blogging, due to their approach and a lack of awareness of how to “work smarter, not harder.”

With this in mind, today I’ll share a few ways to increase your blogging I.Q. and ultimately your bottom line.

guest blogging tips

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