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This blog is about overcoming doubt and creating work that matters!

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Are You A Writer? Find Out The Truth (If You Dare)

Last year I ran a contest about becoming a writer. I asked people to write their story about the moment when they knew they were a writer. The stories came in like a flood. It was amazing. The stories were motivating and inspiring.

But this year, I want you to take it one step further…


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What To Do BEFORE Rejection KILLS You!

Okay, seriously, the first thing you need to do is step away from that thought, slowly. Go ahead, step away. It’s going to be okay. - I mean it. Really. It’s going to be okay.

Rejection is not deadly. It just feels that way. You’re a writer and if you, well, write and send your work out, you’re going to be rejected at some point. It won’t kill you, I promise. It will hurt like hell, but it won’t kill you.

What follows is a short, adapted excerpt from ”Writer’s Doubt.”


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Why Your First Draft Isn’t Crap

As promised I am revealing which posts are short excerpts from “Writer’s Doubt.” This post was the first excerpt I published back in 2012! It has become one of my most popular posts. Having a blog gives you the unique opportunity to sample your book’s content with readers while you’re still in the drafting phase and the response to “Why Your First Draft Isn’t Crap” really let me know I was connecting. However, when you read “Writer’s Doubt” know that some of the content in the book has changed because of rewriting and editing, and the excerpts were adapted for use as stand alone blog posts.

You’re first draft sucks! It’s utter and complete crap.

I am willing to bet every writer on God’s green earth has been told this at some point and somehow we come to believe and even tell ourselves this, too, as if it is okay without ever considering the true mental and emotional impact.

I refuse to join the chorus. I do not agree.

first draft shit

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Why You Need To Risk Writing Something Dangerous (Excerpt from “Writer’s Doubt”)

Having a blog gives you the unique opportunity to sample your book’s content with readers while you’re still in the drafting phase. The below post is an excerpt from Writer’s Doubt I posted last year. Over the next few weeks I will reveal which posts were excerpts. However, please be aware that some of the content in the book has changed because of rewrites and editing, and the excerpts were adapted for use as stand alone blog posts.

Everyone has a story to tell, including you.

The dangerous part of writing and sharing our stories isn’t always the writing itself or even the story, it’s more about how it may affect others, and how they might react to it. It’s dangerous, because honesty always is.


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Writing Contest: Overcoming Writer’s Doubt!

All Writers have experienced doubt. None of us are free from never being doubtful about our ability to create work that matters. If you’d like to share your story about dealing with Writer’s Doubt, and in the process help others realize they’re not alone, enter this contest!


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All Writers Doubt Themselves – How YOU Can Overcome Doubt

I’m pleased to announce that my new book Writer’s Doubt is now available on Amazon in Kindle format!

Whewwww! That was a long needed sigh of relief and of accomplishment. Writer’s Doubt has been in the works for almost 4 years and I’m delighted to have it finished, but in some ways it’s also a feeling of loss because I no longer get to open the latest draft and continue working on it. It’s finished. It’s not just mine anymore, now it’s yours, too.

There were times when I thought I’d never finish it, much less publish it. I did both. I overcame doubt, and so can you!


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Why Some Blog Writers Become Incredibly Popular and You Can, Too.

There’s a certain magic some bloggers have which makes them become popular.

You can be one of them, because the magic is within you, too. It is.

It’s only a matter of discovering it, harnessing it and using it.

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6 Ways to Enjoy the Editing Process (Seriously)

Writing’s easy; editing’s hard.  Getting lost in the fun and the discovery of putting down words can make up for the times when the words don’t come easily. But it’s during the editing process that you’re forced to look at the flaws in your creation.

How could that possibly be any fun?


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There is Always Write Now

Note: This is a post by Andy Mort, Andy is a UK based musician and writer. He is the founder of SheepDressedLikeWolves.com, which is a Blog and Podcast aimed at encouraging HSPs and introverts to embrace their creativity and push against the expectations of an often overwhelming world. Download his free eBook “The Gentle Rebel” here.

You are enough. You are in a position right now to be enough. Not next week, not tomorrow, not later today, not in an hour, not in a minute, right now. Right here in what we might call the eternal present you can choose to accept that you are enough. By making this decision you accept the freedom and responsibility to do the great work you’re here to do.

As writers it is important that we acknowledge this so that we can create without pressure (the future) and live without fear or regret (the past).


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A Crazy Myth Writers Need To Kill

When I was in my early twenties and an up and coming pool player I thought in order to be the best, I needed to know everything about billiards. I thought I needed to know how the tables were made, what the balls were made of, and even the ins and outs of cue design.

Then, one day, while in the pool room sitting in a lounge chair “reading” a book on how to make billiard tables, my mentor tapped me on the shoulder and snapped me out of a daydream. Truth was, I had drifted off because the book was boring and I wasn’t really interested in building tables. “Why are you reading that?” He asked, and I told him. What he said next was life-changing.


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