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Stop Seeking Perfection and Approval

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Platform Schmatform! Writing Success Without the Stress

Note: This is a guest post by Mike Loomis. Mike helps people launch their dream projects and books. He’s a strategic partner to entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, and nonprofits. Mike is the author of Your Brand Is Calling. He and his wife live in the mountains of Coloradowww.MikeLoomis.CO

Are you stressed about growing your platform? (Your email list and the number of followers on social media) More like obsessed, right?


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The Most Crippling Issue for Writers (and How to Beat it!)

Since starting Positive Writer and publishing Writer’s Doubt, I’ve received thousands of emails from readers from all over the world asking for more guidance and specific writing exercises they can do to beat the living hell out of their fears and doubts.


The emails have also proven to be tremendously beneficial, in that I’ve learned firsthand from fellow writers in the trenches just how much, and why, their fears and doubts were crippling them, but the #1 most consistent and crippling issue was something so obvious, and yet, we all seem to underestimate it.

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Today I am presenting the 1st place winner of the Writers Crushing Doubt Writing Contest, “Crushed by a Cheeseburger” by Lisa Sell. This is a delightful essay with a wonderful twist at the end. It’s a must read. Join me in congratulating Lisa in the comments. Stay tuned for the next contest and be sure to check out Writers Crushing Doubt!

On to the 1st Place Winning essay…


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What I Am Most Scared About In Publishing my Writing (JUMP!)

Today I am presenting the 2nd place winner of the Writers Crushing Doubt Writing Contest, “Jump” by Jay Amour. This is a brilliant essay in the most real way. You’ll have to read it to “get it.” It’s worth it. Join me in congratulating Jay in the comments. Stay tuned for the next winner.

On to the winning essay…


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Writing Is A Funny Thing – Silencing The Inner Critic

Today I begin presenting the winners of the Writers Crushing Doubt Writing Contest with 3rd place, “How to Overcome Writer’s Doubt” by Sue Stevenson. This is a excellent essay, and it’s very inspiring for anyone dealing with doubts about their creativity and writing. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Choosing the winners was very challenging. Over the following few days I will be posting all of the winning entries. Stay tuned, and help me congratulate Sue in the comments.

On to the winning essay…


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Be Ambitious! Here’s How To Go After Your Dream

You’re an ambitious person, aren’t you? I hope you are. Me too. We have dreams, desires, and goals, and we want to go after them. However, going after them isn’t enough, we want to attain them! Don’t we? Damn right we do!


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How To Get People To Not Ignore Your Writing!

Note: This is a guest post by Blake Powell. Blake helps writers launch past their excuses and step into their creative power. Download for free Blake’s The Bulletproof Writer’s Handbook.

Time after time you hit the publish button, only to have your dreams crushed when no one responds — or hell, even looks.

You thought your writing was good, but now you’re not so sure. You wish things were different and that people would know who you are, but times are changing: the internet is becoming noisier than ever before and it’s getting harder and harder to get your words noticed.

Rejection has driven you to the brink of insanity, and you’re ready to quit.


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Five Things that Stop You from Sharing Your Work (and the dead-simple solutions to all of them)

Note: This is a guest post by Christine Niles. She likes to make up stories before the crack of dawn, and she works with authors to publish and launch books by the light of day. Christine helps determined writers take their next step at www.writersnextstep.com. Follow her on Twitter @croyseniles.

You’ve felt it, haven’t you?

It starts as a tremble in your fingers. Maybe you feel a funny little flutter below your stomach. But then as you hover over the Publish button, you just can’t click.

Fear of finishing.


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Do THIS to Improve your Writing

This post is by Positive Writer contributor Marcy McKay.

Writers write. That’s what we do. We write, write, write. We’re supposed to make time for our craft because the more we practice, the better we become.

There’s something else writers should do in order to be our very best, but I haven’t been making time for it and I’m suffering the consequences. I’ve felt mentally shaky and out of balance. Yes, I know that’s a regular day at the office for many creatives, but my anxiety had cranked up several notches.

To be a great writer, you need to…


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The Three Hardest Things About Writing (and the Solutions)

Note: This post is by The Magic Violinist.

Writing is hard, plain and simple. There are days when it comes easy, when every word you type is gold and every page is poetry. But let’s be honest with ourselves here, most of the time you have to fight with every ounce of creative energy you have to get your ideas onto paper. And there are three things in particular that make the process so difficult.


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