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Inspired Writer: How to Create Magic with Your Words – The Book

  A revolution in writing advice. One of the clearest, ethical offerings I have read in years. ―Pat O’ Day


Struggling to write? Feeling unmotivated? 

Are you tired of getting stuck?

Let’s fix that.


It happens to all of us, from aspiring to seasoned writers. Wouldn’t you like to be compelled to take up the pen and write great work with less stress and more passion?

We all have ideas about what drives us to write until we’re hit with true inspiration. Not the fantasy hokey-pokey kind, but the real deal, the kind that wakes you up excited to be an artist and ready to get to work.

Read Inspired Writer.

You have great writing in you, but you really are tired of getting stuck.

This little book is not a safe book. It’s not about following style guides, grammar rules, and coloring in the lines. Far from it.

It’s about going to the next level, past the learning stages of grammar, and past the ruthless and futile determination to appear perfect in one’s writing.

Although the focus is on writing, one can apply the methods to becoming inspired and making your work great to any art form.


Inspired Writer includes:

  • Unique ideas on how to be inspired and find your muse.
  • Breaks down the most common myths of writing and why writers get stuck, and how to get unstuck.
  • Exposes the oh-so-typical evergreen writing advice that tends to hold writers back more than help them and offers what to do instead.
  • Delivers useful how-to advice any writer can start using immediately.
  • Follow up to Hutchinson’s book, Writer’s Doubt, and continues the assault on the brain muck that holds artists back from creating their best work.


In one reviewer’s words

By opera singer and writer, Louisa Cornell

quotatI‘ve read this wonderful little book from first to last and I fully intend to read it again (and again) to remind myself of the invaluable insights it has given me about the things I have allowed to hold me back for so very long.

Many will read this book and believe its main message is to inspire writers. Perhaps that is the message. However, I think it is far more.

What Bryan Hutchinson has done in this book is this:

He gives the writer permission to BE inspired and he tells the writer where to FIND that inspiration.

So many of the rules, the trends, the advice books tell us how to become better writers, faster writers, more popular writers, and even, better selling writers. If a writer follows all of these paths they will discover that inspiration – REAL inspiration – has been left on the side of the road.product-placaement-ipad-whitesm

Inspiration is a dangerous thing. It takes you out of the box you keep trying to crawl into as a writer because that box is safe and it is where everyone tells you-you need to be. Hutchinson is having none of that.

He tells the writer to find inspiration, to pursue it and to let that inspiration take you wherever it is you feel led to go.

It is scary as hell and he never tells you it isn’t, BUT it is also incredibly freeing and he tells you the truth – it is the only way to write.

His message is clear – you have permission to be inspired, you have permission to follow that inspiration wherever it leads, and you have permission to go and search for that inspiration every moment in every place and everything you encounter.

And you know who gives you this permission? According to Hutchinson, it’s YOU! And after reading his book I realize he’s right, dammit. Which is also scary as hell.

Because I happen to know my inspiration leads me into some off-the-wall places. And I am going to start going to those places, following that inspiration, looking for that inspiration under every rock and allowing that inspiration to come into my life every day.

I don’t know how you got into my head and saw the things that were holding me back, Mr. Hutchinson, but I am kicking those things to the curb to make room for my muse, his cigars, and every weird piece of inspiration I can pick up along the way. And I am putting Joan of Arc’s hometown on my bucket list. quotat2


Are you ready to embrace the magic within you?


Bryan Hutchinson has done it again. I’ve read several of his books and they just get better and more inspiring. The truths in this book resonate on a very deep level. It will give you keys to awaken your soul, chase away the lies and come alive and create as you were born to do. 

―TC (Amazon Review)

I hope many artists and writers find and read your words of wisdom and find themselves at least half as inspired as I am by your heartfelt honesty. 

―Michaelann R. Smith (Amazon Review)

A reader recently wrote to me and said Inspired Writer is the book she always needed to read but could not find, until now. “It’s pointing the way.” She said. She had stopped writing for a dozen years because she had lost the inspiration to write. And now, since reading Inspired Writer, she has written 62,000 words and is inspired to write all the way to ‘the end.’

I love that. Don’t you? If you’ve read Inspired Writer I’d love to hear from you too. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you do. ~Bryan


The magic is in you