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7 Steps to Create a Successful Business By Teaching Writing Online

Note: This is a guest post by Eduardo Yi, he is the lead content marketer at Teachable, a platform that allows everyone, from creative individuals to established organizations, to easily teach online and create profitable businesses.

Online learning, one of the biggest and fastest growing industries, is already estimated to be worth eight figures and counting.


8 Ways To Balance A Writing Career While Making Family A Priority

Note: This is a guest post by Lisa Hall-Wilson, she’s an award-winning freelance journalist and author. She teaches writing classes online and writes historical and speculative fiction. Visit her website at LisaHallWilson.com. You can also find her on Facebook.

I have been a stay-at-home mom off and on for eighteen years. For the last twelve years, I’ve also been a writer.

I went from knowing nothing to having my own freelance business and being a national award-winning freelance journalist and author. One thing I had to learn was how to carve out time for my writing career while keeping my family a priority. You can, too.


How to Sell Thousands of Books When You Don’t Have an Audience

By Positive Writer contributor Frank McKinley.

Do you have a book inside you that needs to be shared with the world?

I know how you feel. You should write it and sell it, even if you don’t have an audience yet…


Why No One Is Paying Attention To You (And How to Change It)

Everyone wants to know how to get more attention for their work, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. The question you have to ask yourself is a simple one, and yet, it’s profound and can change everything. Are you willing to do what it takes?

If yes, continue. If no, then stop reading now.

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How to Adopt the Positive Habit of Journaling

Note: This is a post by Positive Writer contributor, Andy Mort of SheepDressedLikeWolves.com

You already know the amazing benefits, so why is it still so hard to keep a journal?


You Know You’re a Writer When…

I asked friends and fellow bloggers from Tribe Writers to finish a sentence, “You know you’re a writer when…”

The responses came flooding in. They make me so proud to be a writer! Read the responses below and when you’re finished reading, take a moment to join the fun and complete the sentence in the comments, too.


How to Become a Better Writer and Get Attention for Your Work

How do I become a better writer? (&) How do I get more attention for my work?

Those are the two questions I’m asked the most.


3 Reasons Why Writing in a Journal is a Great Habit to Fight for!

It’s hard to make a writing habit and stick with it. Something can always get in the way. A better activity might come along. You might be too busy to commit. You could get bored.


4 Lies Your Inner Critic Will Use to Destroy Your Writing Dreams

Note: This is a guest post by Julian Cavazos of Better Blog Writing. Get a free copy of his free Blog Post Checklist to use as a helpful guide before you upload your next post!

Does your inner critic get the best of you sometimes?

You’re not alone. If I had a dollar for every time my inner critic told me not to write something, I’d be a millionaire by now.


The Doubts and Fears that Hold Us Back (and What to do About Them)

Let’s have a moment of honesty.

Do you have doubts and fears that hold you back?

What if you could legitimately do something about them and achieve your goals and live out your dreams? Would you do it?