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Do You Want To Be A Writer Who Gets Noticed? (Here’s the Secret)

Are you a writer? Yes, absolutely. You are a writer. (Declare it – tweet it.)

But that was the wrong question. The right question is in the title of this post:

Do you want to be a writer who gets noticed?

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Stop Blending and Put True Magic into Your Creativity

Have you ever read something you wrote or viewed something you created – be it a blog post, a painting, landscaping, or anything that was meant to be creative – then realized it’s more typical than unique?

You followed a proven formula. So your creation should be attracting attention. But it’s not. It’s part of the collective.

It is time to become an individual, to stand out and be noticed.

Creative Commons by cGaleano


The Most Overlooked Way to Bring Life to Your Blog Writing

Today I am going to share with you the most overlooked way to bring life to your blog writing.

By becoming an outlaw.

Creative Commons by JF Marrero


The Only Way You Will Ever Create Something Wonderful

It’s a funny thing, creating something that matters. Sometimes we create something that touches the many, but too often we create stuff that doesn’t seem to appeal to anyone, not even ourselves. (I’m using “we” so I don’t feel so alone.)

I’m a writer. The page is my canvas, but your creativity may have a different canvas.

Whatever canvas you use to create, I bet you want to create something wonderful, even magical – every time. I’ve finally found the answer to creating something wonderful and it’s really the only way that works.

Mona Lisa in the Louvre, Paris- photo by Joan Faith