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Top 25 Writing Blogs

This year I’m starting the year right by highlighting some of the best writing blogs on the web. I love to visit blogs about writing for inspiration, encouragement and motivation, and it’s with those three qualities in mind that I have compiled this list of the top 25 writing blogs for 2014.

Next year I will expand the list to the top 50, and I’d like to do that with your help. You can help by posting links to writing blogs you love in the comments. If you’re a blogger for writers, how about introducing yourself and add your link in the comments, too.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Champions! A badge is located at the end of this post if you’d like to display your awesomeness on your website. All of you have an open invitation to guest post here on Positive Writer.

Without further ado, here they are:

(In no particular order.)

Goins Writer

Awesome post: The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers

The Write Practice

Awesome post: If You Want to Have a Great 2014, Spend an Hour Doing This

Make a Living Writing

Awesome post: 4 Reasons Why Grammar Police Make Terrible Writers

A Writer’s Bucket List

Awesome post: This Year, Don’t Just Set Goals; Make Plans

My Name Is Not Bob

Awesome post: 3 SEO Myths That Scare Writers (And How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage)

The Creative Penn

Awesome post: Writing Fast, Funnels And Calls To Action. My Lessons Learned From Write, Publish, Repeat.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Awesome post: Most Common Writing Mistakes: Choppy Prose

Rachelle Gardner

Awesome post: Are You a Lone Ranger Writer?

Writer Unboxed

Awesome post: “I think most artists are fundamentally inconsolable. That’s why they keep doing it.”

Live Write Thrive

Awesome post: Wait a Minute while I Procrastinate

Nathan Bransford

Awesome post: Self-publishing was way easier than I thought it would be


Awesome post: Write More Easily: Understanding, Embracing and Moving Beyond Resistance

Jane Friedman

Awesome post: The 7-Step Business Plan for Writers

The Write Life

Awesome post: How to Trick Yourself Into Making Major Writing Progress

The Writer’s Inner Journey

Awesome post: Letting in the light: Overcoming unproductive negative self-talk about writing

Terrible Minds

Awesome post: Five Things I Learned Writing The Cormorant

Pen and Prosper

Awesome post: The Pros and Cons of Critique Groups for Today’s Writer

The Writers Alley

Awesome post: Dealing with Rejection, Envy and Other Not-So-Fun Writer Emotions

The Renegade Writer

Awesome post: 5 Ways To Deal With People Who Hate What You Write

Bestseller Labs

Awesome post: 5 Rules For Conquering Chaos That Every Writer Should Know

The Procrastiwriter

Awesome post: 4 Reasons We Should Stop Comparing Ourselves to Other Writers

Writers and Authors

Awesome post: The Top 10 Things You Can Do to Sell More Books

Grammar Girl

Awesome post: Affect Versus Effect

The Word’s Greatest Book

Awesome post: Publishing Scams and How they Work

The Write Conversation

Awesome post: Confessions of an ADD Writer—How I Turned my Struggle into Success

Join me in congratulating the champions in the comments.


The Top 25 Writing Blogs ROCK! Check them out.

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  • coolspirit

    Can’t wait to read ALL of these!! I just started a monthly blog on my website that will talk on creativity with notes about both songwriting and literary writing. I’d be honored if you would visit and please leave a comment as I am just getting started! Blogs post on the 15th of the month!
    This first post talks about the “down” artists sometimes feel after releasing new work.
    I use the analogy of postpartum blues (since each creative act feels a bit like giving birth) with the encouragement that the cycle comes back around – it is time to create once again!

    • Lisa Van Ahn

      I really like Seth Godin’s blog too. Thanks Brian, you’ve introduced me to some great new writing blogs I didn’t know about. Love the list 🙂

  • Christy Mossburg

    Great post! I’m pulling together a similar, but smaller post for my fairly new and growing blog. I’ll be sure to share when I’m done. There are quite a few on here that I was not familiar with. Carving out some time to check them out now. Thanks so much! Your blog rocks!

  • Casey Herringshaw

    Wow, thank you SO MUCH for the Writer’s Alley mention!! We could not be more thrilled and grateful.

  • Mary Vee

    Thank you for listing the Writer’s Alley! This is exciting news for us and spurs us to continue meeting the needs of those who spend time with us on the Alley.

    • It’s a fantastic resource and I am more than happy to help spread the word.

  • Jo Linsdell

    Thanks for including Writers and Authors. It’s an honour to be listed with so many other great sites.

    • You’ve got a great site, Jo. I also enjoy your videos. 🙂

  • I think you covered all my favorite writer websites. I’m also a blogger who writes about writing. Hopefully I’ll see my own blog up here someday. I blog at TheWritingRealm.com

    • That’s a very good possibility, Alicia. Thank you for sharing your site with us!

  • K.M. Weiland

    Thanks so much for including me, Bryan! I’m honored!

  • Thanks Bryan
    An honor to be included Sir.
    I’m also envious of your beautiful site design, spectacular indeed. Plus you’ve created a great deal of insightful content. An Aladdin’s cave of advice for writers.
    I’m sending a rave Tweet to my Twitter followers today.

    • Ha! Thank you for the complements. I’ll take ’em! You’ve got a pretty nifty blog design yourself, Jonathan. Not to mention, brilliant content!
      Thanks for stopping by and tweeting!

  • Katina

    Thank you Brian! Great idea to share the 25 best writing blogs! Yours is definitely one of the best and, just shouting out for all the others makes you even more special.

    Everyone else, congratulations for coming up at the top on Brian’s list. Checked out a couple of your sites and subscribed. Getting to others too! Looking forward to learning from you!

    All best to all!

  • Jennifer Brown Banks

    I’m tickled pink to be included with Pen and Prosper. Thanks so much for the recognition and your generosity in sharing these noteworthy sites and writers.

  • Karen Lange

    What a great list! Congratulations to these wonderful bloggers!

  • La McCoy

    Very cool. A lot of my favorites!

  • Carrie Spencer

    Hi all..and congratulations! I’ll introduce myself…Carrie (yes, I’m a lurker) and hope to have our group blog up here someday….Romance University. http://romanceuniversity.org. Nice meeting you all, and can’t wait to visit some of these!

  • julesreffner

    Thanks so much for including our blog (The Writer’s Alley). What an honor!

  • EdieMelson

    So excited to be included in this list! (www.thewriteconversation.com) A lot of these are my favorites as well. The Positive Writer definitely is! Thank you so much!

    • It’s nice to see a fellow ADD writer helping others via writing. 🙂

  • It’s an honor to be included (www.theprocrastiwriter.com) with luminaries like Goinswriter, The Creatve Penn and The Write Conversation, among many others! Thanks, Bryan!

  • Thanks so much for including us, Bryan! Props to all the excellent blogs mentioned here!

  • Dana Sitar

    Thanks so much for including A Writer’s Bucket List, Bryan! I’m humbled by the blogs in this list 🙂 Excited to browse the comments and connect with other “writers for writers” blogs, too.

    • Your guest post is overdue, Dana. I’m going to start handing out demerits. 🙂 Btw: I love your enthusiasm and the extra effort you go through to make each one of your blog posts stand out.

  • Stephen Clary

    Does the world need
    another writing blog? Okay, well, then…does the world want another writing blog? Uh, um…well is there enough space
    on the internet for another writing blog? By god, yes there is! http://discoveredstory.blogspot.com/

    • ha ha – Stephen, there’s never too many! Nope. Never. Thanks for sharing.

  • Linda Formichelli

    Thanks for including the renegade writer! And the post you chose for the make a living writing blog… That was a guest post from me! In your face, Carol! 😉

  • Dan Erickson

    Great list. Not that I really care, but maybe someday I’ll make the top 2500. Lol. Thanks for posting these links. 🙂

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  • Congrats to Edie Melson and The Write Conversation!

  • Sean Waller

    A good contest for middle grade fiction writers…”Dear Lucky Agent” Contest. It’s open until March 18th. Good luck!

  • kharis Macey

    Hi, I like this list and will share it with my LI Groups. Thanks Shola. Kharis Macey

  • Marie Lavender

    I run a writing blog. We have guest authors. They share their articles and we also do interviews. We also offer poetry spotlights. In the author interviews, they offer various writing tips. http://marielavender.blogspot.com/ or #WritModAge (hashtag for Twitter)

  • Adam Scull

    Please consider including http://eatsleepwrite.net anchored by the Eat Sleep Write Podcast

  • Elizabeth s

    I am writing a novel and was wondering if i could blog different pages and sections to get out there and hopefully one day get it published.

  • bycaos
  • John_Yeoman

    Bryan, would it be crass of me to nominate my own writers’ blog at: http://www.writers-village.org/writing-award-blog.php ? We have a PR of 4, Alexa ranking below 180,000, some 15,000 unique visitors a month and – above all – our blog posts tend to average 80 comments. Please read the blog posts. You’ll find this is a thinking writers’ site!

    • Not at all, John! Thank you, I’m not sure why I hadn’t seen your awesome site before, but I am glad you pointed it out!

  • Nav Chantha

    Thanks so much for sharing, i got the idea.

  • Your bee

    Thanks OI will add one more site it is awesome and worthy to get Better Knowledge too. Please Do visit here:

  • onward34

    This is awesome! I just started my own writing blog (www.cheapcourage.com) and have been looking for more great blogs to enjoy. Thank you!

  • Thanks for this list, Bryan! ( Note to Self: Add “Get on the top 50 list for next year” to goal list )

  • Kate Kearns

    I nominate Mash Stories Blog for next year! The blog is all about writing, and it’s attached to a really refreshing competition, too. All FREE. http://mashstories.com/blog.

  • LibbyCPT

    I nominate Mash Stories Blog! http://mashstories.com/blog It is a great platform for new writers and they offer feedback on all Flash Fictions entries (for free!) Very approachable too 🙂

  • Devin

    Great list! I wanted to introduce my blog, The Poor Writers Blog (http://poorwriters.wordpress.com/). We’d love to hear feedback!

  • Christine (BetterNovelProject)

    This is a fabulous list– I see lots of my favorites on here. I’d like to introduce Better Novel Project (www.betternovelproject.com) for consideration next year. 🙂 Congrats to all the writers, and thanks, Bryan, for putting this together as a resource. -Christine

  • Very useful list, thank-you. I want to submit my blog Musings Etc. (http://dillli.wordpress.com) for my writerly contributions.

  • Edit Write Services

    Great list. Really helpful for writers like me.

    Please visit our website at http://www.editwriteservices.com. Thanks!

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  • This is really lovely. I was looking for great writer blogs and here it is. Thank you. If anyone is interested in my new writings: http://writerdeeva.com

    Looking forward to reading all of yours. I am sure you will hear from me!

  • copycontest

    Great discussion. Writing is such an important and effective tool in the business world. I would like to introduce our new project http://www.copycontest.com

    Where the world’s best writers compete for your copy!

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  • timothy leary

    The mission of The Writer’s House is to promote the creation and
    appreciation of literature and encourage the development of writers of
    all levels and all those involved in the art of communication, business
    and entrepreneurs as executives, writers, editors, publicists,
    journalists, filmmakers, videographers, designers, artists,
    illustrators, cartoonists, graphic novelists, storytellers, musicians,
    students, and youth and children’s audiences.
    A house converted
    into a workspace for meetings, soirees, weekend, exhibitions, literary
    tourism, cultural exchanges, workshops, written instruction of high
    quality, storytelling and artistic and literary events for a select and
    special audience.
    It all started a long time ago at a table full of
    cups of coffee and manuscripts, books, a guitar and some people who
    share a passion for writing and art in general. A belief in the magic of
    a story read aloud, and a dream that the writing around us could be
    available to anyone, the artistic creation for the eyes and the voices
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    eager would listen closely and know their work…
    Writing is a
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    heard of a place close to heaven, the magical and mysterious home of a
    reclusive writer who created such a space in the city of Campos do
    Jordão, Brazil, it was his retreat to develop his international work
    away from the bustle and close to nature. A bucolic space warmed by a
    fireplace, surrounded by green areas, maple and pines trees and colorful
    gardens all year round, with cool temperatures and stunning views of
    castles shrouded in clouds and fog on some days.

    The Writer’s
    House is situated on a dead end street, across the paved road that leads
    to Itapeva Peak, a Brazilian rocky rise 2035 meters above sea level,
    one of the highest points reached by car in Brazil. From the top, you
    can have a wide view of the Paraíba Valley, including 15 cities in the

    From this climate and view The Writer’s House is
    dedicated to the craft of writing, classes, programs, readings – a
    community of writing, communication, business and the arts, for the ones
    who love life and nature.

    The Writer’s House is open at
    restrained periods to a select group who apply by registration for
    vacancies in the programs, events and weekends.

  • Rhonda Browning White

    I recommend considering the excellent blog Why the Writing Works (www.WhyTheWritingWorks.com) to your list. Each essayist breaks down a short story, novel, book, or poem, focusing on one particular aspect of writing craft that makes the piece work well. All essayists are MFA grads, authors and/or writing instructors.

  • If you’d like to nominate a blog for the 2015 list, you can do so here: http://positivewriter.com/nominate-best-blogs-2015/

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