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5 Secrets to Succeeding in Blogging

I get a lot of inquiries about blogging. Most people ask me to visit their blog and tell them how they can improve it.

Unfortunately, the answer is rarely cut and dry.

But I have noticed some common mistakes that turn off would be readers and also happen to be the secrets top bloggers know…

Creative Commons by ChrisSmith

Creative Commons by ChrisSmith


I Am A Writer

This is a guest post by my wife, Joan Faith. She is an award winning poet. I feel very fortunate that the contest Joan and I came up with for Positive Writer – You Are A Writer – When did you know? – inspired her to write this guest post. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to let her know in the comments. This is not an entry. Joan will be helping me choose the winners.

Am I a writer?

Yes, although incidentally in my view…

Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer - Wikimedia Commons

Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer – Wikimedia Commons


How To Stay Focused On Writing

From Bryan: This is a post by outstanding young writer, The Magic Violinist. She will be contributing to Positive Writer on a regular basis. Read her first post for Positive Writer here.

Does this happen to you?

You’re typing a short story, or an article, or some other writing project, when suddenly… ping!

You get a text message. You accidentally hit the wrong key and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten what you were typing…

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Writing Contest: You Are A Writer!

When did you know?

What led you to becoming a writer? What did you go through to get here? Do you remember the moment you finally realized that’s what you are? Or, did it come to you gradually? How did you feel when you finally realized it? Were you elated, or doubtful, or both?

Those are the type of things I’d love to know about you and when you finally knew: You Are A Writer.

So much so that I have created Positive Writer’s First Writing Contest!


You Are A Writer – Writing Contest


Why a Three-Day Distraction Cleanse Will Jump-Start Your Writing

From Bryan: This is a guest article by Nicole Gulotta. Nicole pens the literary food blog Eat This Poem. You can follow her on twitter @nicolegulotta.

I don’t have time.

Have you ever used this excuse to avoid pursuing a writing project?

We live in a distracting world, and can easily get off track despite our good intentions.

Creative Commons by Mpclemens


You’re Not Satisfied (and it’s time to do something about it) Achieve Your Dream

You’re not satisfied. You’re not. You know it and I know it. You want more, you want better – you want to strive and reach, and you want to make it.

Whatever making it is for you, perhaps it is writing a book and having it in displayed in a bookstore window or painting a beautiful picture to be displayed in an art gallery.

There’s only one way to do it. There’s only one way to make it happen.

Creative Commons by Aaron Escobar


Tap Into This To Stand Out From The Crowd As A Writer

All the greats use it. It is indispensable.

It is so critical to success and achieving greatness that if you’re not using it then you’ll never reach as high as you could if you did use it.

What is it?

Creative Commons by Aspearing


Clear the Clutter to Overcome Writer’s Block and (or) Become Your Most Creative

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase, organized chaos?

That is how I used to refer to the clutter on my desk. But, really, if I am honest, it was disorganized chaos and it drove me crazy.

I didn’t realize clutter was the cause of so much stress, anxiety and frustration, which naturally resulted in sapping my creativity and all too often caused writer’s block.

Creative Commons by Bestarns