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Five Things that Stop You from Sharing Your Work (and the dead-simple solutions to all of them)

Note: This is a guest post by Christine Niles. She likes to make up stories before the crack of dawn, and she works with authors to publish and launch books by the light of day. Christine helps determined writers take their next step at www.writersnextstep.com. Follow her on Twitter @croyseniles.

You’ve felt it, haven’t you?

It starts as a tremble in your fingers. Maybe you feel a funny little flutter below your stomach. But then as you hover over the Publish button, you just can’t click.

Fear of finishing.



Do THIS to Improve your Writing

This post is by Positive Writer contributor Marcy McKay.

Writers write. That’s what we do. We write, write, write. We’re supposed to make time for our craft because the more we practice, the better we become.

There’s something else writers should do in order to be our very best, but I haven’t been making time for it and I’m suffering the consequences. I’ve felt mentally shaky and out of balance. Yes, I know that’s a regular day at the office for many creatives, but my anxiety had cranked up several notches.

To be a great writer, you need to…