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Why Some Blog Writers Become Incredibly Popular and You Can, Too.

There’s a certain magic some bloggers have which makes them become popular.

You can be one of them, because the magic is within you, too. It is.

It’s only a matter of discovering it, harnessing it and using it.

It’s a kind of magic

Your blog is about you and people will return to your blog because of you.

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Each blog is different and when I examine the majority of blogs I consistently return to I’ve noticed 5 things I tend to get from reading them.


Teach me.

Entertain me.

Inspire me.

Encourage me.

& Motivate me.

The light that shows the way

To name only a few writers who exemplify all of those things are Seth Godin, Jeff Goins and Michael Hyatt.

We often check out recommended authors, but where we visit isn’t always somewhere we will return to.

So, assuming their content interests you, if you’re drawn in and become a subscriber to any author / blogger, ask yourself why.

It is within your answer where you will discover what each of their personal touch of magic is for you.

I believe you’ll find that each blogger you become a regular reader of creates a special kind of connection with you.

One writer, one voice

Most blogs share information we may already know or have read somewhere else before. It’s a spin or alternate view that makes us pause.

What makes the real difference is how they tell their stories. You can count on them telling their stories in their own personal way, each and every time.

It’s in their voice where the wand is waved, the connection is made and where the content truly comes to life.

The magic is in their voice. The magic is their voice. They provoke us to think.

We love when our thoughts are provoked.

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It’s about you

Each of us has a voice. And that’s where the magic lives and breathes.

However, utilizing one’s voice is also where most of us struggle.

Two reasons we struggle are we focused too much on the technical aspects of our writing or the information we are providing, and not focused enough on how we’re saying it.

It’s vitally important to say what you want to say how you want to say it.

Think of a time when you were most relaxed, perhaps having coffee with a friend and the conversation between the two of you simply flowed with ease.

See what I mean?

That’s why after we’ve read a good blog post or a good book for that matter, we feel like we just had a delicious cup of coffee with a good friend.

The goal

Popularity isn’t the true goal. You know that.

However, everything is measurable and in the writer’s world a clear indicator you’ve tapped the magic within is your readership is growing.

If your readership is not growing and you are confident the content you are providing is beneficial, then consider your voice.

Sometimes we could use a little help in discovering, honing and using our voice. This is absolutely normal.

Find a teacher

Consider professional singers, the ones we love to listen to on the radio, they sound so natural and they are, but they also have voice coaches.

It’s worth it. (The problem is, most people aren’t willing to invest in themselves and therefore never achieve what they’re capable of.)

Develop on your own

If you’re not ready to take an online course, that’s okay because you can work on your voice simply by writing every day.

Try to write as naturally as possible. This is one reason I consider the first draft to be the most important, because most of us don’t expect to actually use it and this helps us write without overthinking our presentation.

Although you may go through 5 or 10 drafts, make sure you’re not editing to the point your readers can no longer find you.

Whenever content is pretty much the same between multiple blogs, it’s the magic of the writer’s voice that makes the difference.

Remember, your blog is about you and people will return to your blog because of you.

(Did you tweet that?)

You. Are. Magical.

I’d like to leave you with a few tips to consider:

  • Building a readership takes time, usually longer than you expect. Don’t give up.
  • It’s okay to fall on your face, then get back up and try again. Dust yourself off and repeat.
  • It’s better to post one or two quality posts a week rather than mediocre daily posts (unless you’re naturally prolific like Seth Godin).
  • Engage readers who take the time to comment. It should be easy at first, but try to keep this up as your readership grows.
  • Write about your failures because you’re human with real life issues.
  • Write about your successes for the same reason.
  • Be positive and constructive, even when sharing your failures.
  • Don’t be your harshest critic. Be open to improvement, that’s important, but clearly be on the side of your supporters.
  • Actually, go for it, be your own number 1 supporter.
  • Write with confidence even if you’re not confident yet.
  • Have fun and don’t be shy about adding some humor. Readers love to giggle a little.
  • Be awesome, because you are.

So, why do you think some bloggers become popular and some don’t? Share in the comments.

Feel free to share a link to YOUR blog in the comments!

The image is by J Hanckock.

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I'm a positive writer and when that doesn't work, I eat chocolate. I help fellow writers overcome doubt and thrive! In my free time, I love visiting castles with my wife, Joan. Join me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Rick Gibbs

    Bryan, you belong with those other famous bloggers! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • My favorite line was this: “You. Are. Magical.” Indeed.

    • Indeed, Jeff. Indeed. Thanks for stopping by and for teaching Tribe Writers!

  • If I hadn’t already taken the class, I would have signed up after reading your post. 

  • Bryan, thanks for the great post! I am having a hard time this month working on my blog with the holidays etc. You constantly encourage me, keep up the good work

    • I know what you mean, Christa. This is a busy busy month for me, too. Blogging has become a sort of addiction, hasn’t it? It’s a great kind, though 🙂

  • Ps, sharing your post on my FB page, I hope others will come by…

  • Who also teaches, entertains, inspires, encourages, motivates? Yes! You Bryan! 

    Great tips to consider! Thanks for writing another teaching, entertaining, inspiring, encouraging, motivating post.

  • Yes Bryan! You have that positive vibe. I share Christa and Pamela’s sentiments too as you are so encouraging and find time amidst the holiday hub bub!

  • Sue Martin Griggs

    Thanks for this Bryan! I am launching a new blog in January. I’ll be using my doctoral dissertation as my theme but, of course, I will have to write it with a personal voice rather than an academic voice. I’m paying close attention to what you and Jeff Goins are saying about voice. It might be tricky but I’m sure I can do it. I think the world needs to hear about my research…but again…in a way that draws them in, not bores them!  Wish me luck! 

  • Kora Kutschbach

    So true! Thanks for these words, Bryan! Now I feel absolutely motivated and inspired as well. Guess that’s the magic you were talking about.


  • Wendy Mccance

    This article is right on target.  The braver you are in exposing who you are, the more value you give to the reader.  There is a better level of trust and respect that the reader feels because they feel like they know you and what you are all about.  Commenting back is probably one of the most important keys to building a following.  If a reader takes the time and cares enough to comment, please comment back.

    • Certainly, Wendy. I’ll comment back 🙂 lol – Yes, I think it is especially important when you are starting out and building. Maybe you get to a point when you have so many comments that it is hard to find time to reply to all of them, but even then it is important to let your readers know you are reading their comments and care about them. Thanks for commenting!

  • Being a good writer and expressing yourself, using your own voice, is no guarantee of anything. From my experience people prefer “fluff” so if you write serious content, people get turned off. And if you pose curly moral questions people are too scared to comment. Tough luck, huh? Remain in the forest of obscurity. Keep up the good work encouraging people and generating business for others.

    • Thanks, David! And I get what you are saying. More so than you may realize because this is not my first blog, but, and this is a big BUT – because I used to say nearly the same thing you said – if we start putting the blame on the readers (for not attracting and keeping them), then where are we?
      And, like you said, there are no guarantees.

  • WeaverGrace

    Dear Bryan,

    I am enjoying a number of your posts. Thank you for each of them.

    The links to Tribe Writers keep catching my eye, but when I right-click on them, I get a blank page.

    I look forward to reading more from you 🙂

    • HI Weaver Grace, I’m not sure why the links didn’t work for you, but I am happy that you found the Tribe Writers home page. Great course, great group of people, too!

      I look forward to writing more for you! 🙂

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  • Bryan – again, your vulnerability and speaking out of your experience really paints a picture to think deeply about…thx…..

  • I love the idea of writing as if you are sitting with a friend over coffee. Those are the moments when we are in the creative flow, when the magic of conversation takes over~egos are put aside and true connections are able to be made.

    • Jackie, I like what you said about writing as if you sit with a friend over coffee. Brilliant,

  • Noel

    thanks for this article Bryan. It certainly keeps me inspired to continue to write and build a following since I’m a new blogger (started February). Gives starters like me hope to continue with my journey.

  • Hi Bryan, I haven’t read your blog in a while. Life seems to interfere heavily these days. Less than 4 weeks and then we are on the move again. But I just want to say thank you for todays post. Positive Writer sure;
    Teach me.

    Entertain me.
    Inspire me.
    Encourage me.
    & Motivate me.

    One question though? If you don’t have lots and lots of traffic and you still enjoy writing your blog and engaging with the few people that care to read and comment.
    Does this make your blog unpopular?

    • Patricia, not at all. As a matter of fact that’s where it all starts with a few people who care about what you’re writing about. You can be popular with a few people or tons of people. The good news is if you can attract a few people who care, then it stands to reason you can attract many more. Keep writing and keep sharing!

  • I believe a popular blog is based on how much you can build your audience. If you’re not focused on building your audience, your blog won’t become popular.

    • Absolutely agree. If you’re not building your audience it won’t grow and if you don’t have a message to share, they won’t stay.

  • Wonderful post as always Bryan. I actually listened into a webinar with Jeff yesterday which was extremely rewarding, so I imagine the Tribe Writers course will be excellent. Your post highlights the reason top bloggers are able to connect with their audiences on such a personal level. All of the wisdom imparted in this post is what you manage achieve so naturally with your blog.

    • Thanks Joel! If you joined Tribe Writers you’ll discover it is well worth it in more ways than you might realize now. 🙂 Seriously, best writing course for building an audience online, hands down.

  • Hi Bryan,
    A couple of days ago I posted a comment on this thread. It appeared, but now I don’t see it.
    What happened?

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  • Rosa Hayes

    I always try to follow bloggers that I feel are high profile bloggers. I take some of their advice but not all. I find that trying to do the same things that they do is nothing more than a rehash of the same things over and over. Creating new content, content that people haven’t heard of, is the key to become a top blogger.

  • lex

    I’ve never blogged before I don’t even really read blogs or anything . But indecided to start a blog for more personal reasons because I don’t feel comfortable expressing my emotions to people face to face . I’m to strong minded to appear weak so i started an online diary (blog) i hope it gets somewhere if not oh well!

  • Great post. I’ve just started a writing/literature blog at so it’s too early to see whether it’ll be popular yet, but I certainly hope so!

  • RavenS

    This post made me smile after a really exhausting day! Thanks for that! Also, it’s pretty good advice and it never gets old. Somehow we always end up needing to hear it/read it. 🙂

  • Erin Yilmaz

    I think the most popular blogs are ones that help people do something, answers questions that people might have, or solves a problem for them. (Just like this site)

  • Tayra Lucero

    This is really helpful information for newbies. I have a sketch blog about my life as an illustrator and I’m still new to building relationships with my readers. Thanks for this! http://tayralucero.tumblr.com/

  • Lena

    Thanks a lot for the tips!

    I like the first one:

    “Building a readership takes time, usually longer than you expect. Don’t give up.”

    Can you give examples of how long it takes to build a successful blog?

    Best regards,

    P.S. I was inspired by your post and just starded the blog of my own – http://blizzardandsweetlatte.blogspot.com/

  • Terry Ponder

    Bryan, thank you for your tips and an “insider’s” look at what it takes to be a successful blogger, whatever that means. I am required to write a “Success Storey” each month for my part time job as a Hill’s Science Diet–Nutrition Consultant. I am on SSI and work part time. We are supposed to write about a “successful” transaction. event or interaction with a new or existing Hill’s/SD customer, such as; 10 weeks ago at my Petsmart Store # 007 I I helped Mrs. Jones find a dog food “guaranteed” for weight loss, our “Perfect Weight” product for weight loss for her porky Yorkie named Sporkie. Mrs. Jones returned today 9/27/15 to show me Sporky had lost 10 pounds and was dead, but he sure looked good. And my manager has her doctorates in something to do with writing so she expects us to write a story, not just give a bunch of facts. 3 times in the first 9 months with the company, my stories have appeared in our National Company Magazine as best story of the month. I enjoy taking a pretty boring event and turning onto a story as if we just discovered aliens in out City Council (That has actually happened). So thank you because I do also write little blurbs and sometimes get a 100 likes or shares. But I enjoy writing and would like to do even more for fun, to help others feel better, be entertained and informed but always leave, usually with a smile on their face.So I am going to get a page up and start blogging and see how much I can learn and utilize from you and yur associates to become a successful blogger, for fun, not profit……at least for now.

  • munna hossain

    What an impressive article! You share some great and informative article. I want to become a successful blog writer, your tips will help me to become a great blog writer. Thank for your tips.

  • Sandip Panthi

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  • Found this very inspirational, and felt I was getting extra value for my money (haha) with the list of tips at the end! Take home message for me: I’m awesome, so find my voice, and persevere – because it will undoubtedly take longer than expected (as everything does!)

    Thanks as always, Bryan.

  • This article is amazing. A true inspiration to my writing career.

  • N K

    You are right!! I come across many blogs, but subscribe only to a few. Why? Coz I connect with the blogger. Yeah, I’m also a big fan of Jeff Goins, he is truly amazing.

  • Loren Killdeer

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  • Christine

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  • Judie Stillman

    Successful bloggers connect with their readers, not ALL readers, just the ones that resonate with their content and their style. As you point out, they start a conversation and then, just as importantly, they listen to what each reader has to say. Thanks for a very helpful reminder!

  • Awesome, just awesome!

  • https://littleblackdomicile.com
    We are just an infant in the blog world and count on articles like Bryan’s to keep us motivated and to be real about how we write. -Laurel

  • Carrie Adams Golden

    Thank you for the great tips! I like to use my blog to connect with others as well as make them think. 🙂

  • Enjoyed the tips, Byran, and enjoyed peeking at everyone’s websites!
    And now for something completely different!–The only peeps who don’t think I’m crazy are fellow twin souls! http://www.havelaptopwillblog.blogspot.com

  • Getting readers AND commenters? Wouldn’t that be something! I know I have readers from my stats reports – but when they don’t comment I feel like they just aren’t interested in what I have to say. I’ve neglected my blog terribly because of this. 🙁 Gotta keep on keeping on I guess. I’m not the best commenter either. http://www.karensaari.com

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  • Meg Konovska

    Thank you, Bryan!
    I couldn’t agree more with you! Being authentic, fun, engaging, bringing value (on topics which interest me), or simply validating some of the struggles/ feelings I have, showing me I’m not alone or totally nuts, are definitely some of the qualities which make me cling towards certain bloggers. Resonating with them, if you will.
    Here’s the link to my blog http://justhowcoolisthat.com/ – you’re welcome to visit and look around! 🙂 <3

  • samcarter44

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  • Kay Lawson

    Interesting! Having fun with it is the key for me–learned that teaching middle school. Most of my jokes got crickets–but I liked them 🙂 http://www.sorchiadubois.com

  • The first draft is definitely key for me. Just can’t overthink things. Thanks, Bryan, for this post. http://www.lookupsometimes.com

  • Kaye

    This is good stuff, Bryan. Once again. You have been an encouragement to me for awhile now and this post is yet another nudge. When I first went through the Tribe Writers course back in 2013 (?) I learned so much but knew that I could not possibly incorporate it all at once. I knew I needed to focus on just a few specifics and one of the first was to build my writing habit – which hopefully would help me find my voice. Now that I have been doing that, I’m sensing that it might be time to go back and work on some of those other tips. So yah, this is a good nudge. AND a good list of ideas! Thanks again!

  • me? humour? surely you jest!!

  • Danielle Bernock

    Thank you for your encouragement, Bryan. Instead of the general link I’m sharing a particular post for a reason.

    I went to Tribe Conference and took selfies with fellow writers (& a couple speakers).

    This post has those selfies with links to their blogs AND an funny embarrassing story of something I did at the conference. https://www.daniellebernock.com/do-you-have-the-right-connections/

  • Dina

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  • Rachael M Colby

    Bryan, Thanks for always being real, for all your encouragement and the valuable advice you share. You’ve helped me so many times.

    I meant to share my post entitled, “Common Sense,” a few weeks ago as I quote you in it:

    I got my first “hater,” comment a few weeks ago… Cont.: https://tattooitonyourheart.com/2017/08/19/common-sense/

    Sharing, “Diamonds,” to encourage writers:
    Powerful writing isn’t achieved by merely composing words, but by the pouring out of a heart onto the page.

    Write out of your passion
    Write out of your pain
    Write out of your trials
    Write out of your triumphs
    Write out of your hurt
    Write out of your healing
    Write what matters
    Write what ministers

    So, you fell down. Get up! The only real failure is quitting when you are called to carry on… It takes time to form a diamond. It takes time to form character. And it takes time to form a writer… Cont.:

    Sharing, “Finding My Voice, Seeing God’s Hand”:

    Finding My Voice

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  • I”ll join in. I recently wrote about going to the Tribe Conference. My first time! Thanks for letting us share out links, Bryan.


  • Cassandra Samuels

    I’m part of a blog that is for readers and writers. Thanks for letting me share it. http://breathlessinthebush.blogspot.com.au/?zx=a9ada7497fdfdad7

  • Carol Cuppy

    VolcanoHopper.com – Fusing writing with my passion for volcanoes, and sharing my adventures with you. Love it if you’d check it out!

  • Sheri Oneil Goss

    I would like to thank you for your inspiring messages. I have recently joined your email sight and found to enjoy your postings and have learned a lot about blogging do’s and don’t and some fantastic quotes among a few things Hopefully, I can continue to learn from you. I am a follower of Jeff Gions and the Write Practice, just to name a few. I write every day and have noticed improvement over this year. I began a blog site last week It is all new to me so give me another week to get it together and I will post my site address for you and hopefully share with the other readers. Can you recommend a few writing groups that I can become a part of. I am currently working on developing the ability to write in different genres right now. The piece I am working on is seductive and not for anyone underage. I have never done that before and comedy, a book with humor though out with tragedy and conflict,too. I would be so thankful for feedback from you and the group when I complete the first draft for some tips and review. Look forward to hearing from you and others. sheriteddy1123@outlook.com.

  • Thank you for helping me grow as a blogger. I still have much to learn. The technology boggles my middle-aged brain, but tackling it is undoubtedly imperative. I’ve made strides, but I still do not understand how to arrange an email followers list.
    Meanwhile. I hope your readers will enjoy my blog! Ironingthepreachersshirts.wordpress.com. (It’s lessons laughs, and love behind the scenes at the preacher’s house, a rather light-hearted depiction of what I learn through the issues and “oops” in my life! 😊)

  • TL Cooper

    I have two blogs, writewithtlc.blogspot.com and reviewswithtlc.blogspot.com. I have to admit I’ve really been neglecting the Write with TLC blog as other projects have taken priority. I explore life and the issues in life that influence my writing on Write with TLC. I review books on Reviews with TLC.