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Why You Have To Do Something Bigger Than Yourself (It’s Worth It)

Last week Jeff Goins (the dude who wrote the foreword for my book), posted something deceptively simple and quite thought provoking, “Why I Write”. In his post he talked about, you guessed it – Why he writes.

Jeff ended his post with an invitation to his readers to share why they write in the comments. I typed off an answer, but I soon realized there was so much more to it and suddenly I found myself going deep.

When the rest of my answer came to me, I was floored. I have a feeling that a lot of writers, and other creative types for that matter, will find themselves identifying with the rest of my answer.


Before I read Jeff’s post my answer was clear to me. I write because it helps me understand myself and my thoughts better. Writing is cathartic.

I had stopped for a decade and only restarted writing as a therapeutic exercise which resulted in my first book, One Boy’s Struggle. However, the reasons I write have long since evolved.

The fact is, as a writer, I have something to say and I need to say it in writing.

(If this is true for you, how about clicking here to tweet it.)

I certainly have something to say, but even that doesn’t encompass all of why I write.

So I made a I Write Because list:

(I made them all tweetable in case you identify with any and want to share.)

I write because I believe what I have to say matters. (Tweet)

I write because I feel better about myself when I’m doing it. (Tweet)

I write because it’s what I was born to do. (Tweet)

I write to give clarity to my thoughts. (Tweet)

I write to share what I have learned. (Tweet)

I write to make a difference. (Tweet)

I write to change things. (Tweet)

I write to overcome my doubts. (Tweet)

I write because it’s a kind of magic. (Tweet)

I write to encourage. (Tweet)

I Write to inspire. (Tweet)

I write to motivate. (Tweet)

I write to remember. (Tweet)

All of these are great reasons, but there’s something more, something that keeps pushing me to stretch beyond my limitations, beyond my failures and ultimately, beyond my doubts.

Here’s the comment I left on Jeff’s post:

I write because it makes me feel special in some small way. I don’t have a lot to say, but when I say something I want it to be meaningful and memorable. So instead of saying it, I write it, and guess what, that’s what writers do. That’s special. At least, I think it is.

On the surface that’s a straightforward and honest answer. It’s the essence of what I was thinking at the time, but it was incomplete.

Writing does make me feel special. When I write something and share it, I feel as though I am creating a legacy, something that will be part of this world long after I am gone. If I am truly fortunate, I’ll inspire others to write and publish, and leave their thoughts as a legacy for ages to come, too.

I write to be remembered. (Tweet)

That’s why I try to make everything I write as meaningful and memorable as possible.

I write to do something REMARKABLE with my life. (Tweet)

I believe if you think about it you’ll find that you have reasons far more profound than you may have realized for what you do. That’s what happened to me. And let me be honest, it kind of changes you when you take in the reasons that lead you to do what you do, be it writing, painting, or creating any type of art.

The change came to me as a recognition of the feeling I’ve always had that I must do something bigger than myself. But until now, I never admitted that that’s what I am trying to do.

And that brings up yet another truth:

You have to give your all to do something bigger than yourself if you want to breakthrough the limitations and doubts that hold you back from doing your best work.

To leave no legacy scares me to death.

I want to do something special with my time here on earth. I write to become part of history. Obviously, there are other ways to create a meaningful legacy, but writing is how I want to do it.

Then again, maybe it just feels good to help others through my writing.

Ah, there’s never a simple answer, is there? There rarely ever is for doing something worthwhile. I do know one thing for certain, it’s worth it.

What about you? Why do you write? Share in the comments.

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  • Bryan – most excellent post…full of clarity…and personally to me, INSPIRATION! Thanks for sharing and yes, writing does give clarity to my thoughts!! Merry CHRISTmas!!

  • Love it, dude. And I’m so glad you made the decision TO write, Bryan. We are all better for it.

  • Maria Morgan

    Great post Bryan! Thanks for inviting us to be a small part of the bigger picture. Write on my friend! God bless~

    • I love it when we can create together. It’s so much more fun, don’t you think?

  • Wonderful, Bryan! I loved reading how you saw the importance and value of writing in your life, both internal and external. Thanks for letting us participate in the adventure. I’ve loved reading about what it means to others in their life.

    • Thanks, Stephanie, And thanks for sharing your story with us!

  • Thanks Bryan, this was nice of you to do this.

  • BipolarMom (Jenn)

    I love this post on so many levels, Bryan. Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing and to keep working towards my dream of writing a book! You remind me through your encouragement that although I may not feel like my writing is quite up to par yet, I know that if I keep working hard, I’ll eventually get there.

    • You will get there. Hey, you’re probably already there – you just have to give yourself permission.

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    Bryan, I don’t always make it here, but you are always an inspiration to me! This is an amazing post! Thank you for a wonderful idea to bring many of us together!

    Would be honored if you read my post when you have time! Meanwhile, one of the reasons for which I write more often is this:

    I write to gain deeper understanding of my experiences, feelings, dreams, imagination, hopes and vision. To share my experiences and the way I see the world; to call attention to something that caught mine.

    Blessing to you always!

    • Katina, I read your post and I love it. Seems great minds do indeed think alike. Here’s a quote from your post which sums up my post as well:

      “Finally, I have to admit, I am writing because this ego of mine yearns to leave something of me behind, before it’s gone.”

      Thank you, Katina!

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  • I love this post, Bryan! It is such an inspiration to the rest of us. There are probably as many reasons to write as there are writers, but these are all great ones that also look beyond the immediate and long to make a difference in the lives of others and in the hereafter. My heart yearns to do the same! It feels like a ‘calling’ in many respects.
    You are definitely a writers’ writer as well as a great inspirer for all creatives. Thank you for this and for encouraging me to participate too through reading your words! Blessings 🙂

  • Linda

    Bryan, thank you. I was trying to get my blog up to post my comments on “why I write”, however, once again the blog won. I did want to answer the question, so here goes.

    When my grandfather was 100 yrs old he was interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper. The inevitable question was asked, “what is the secret of living to be one hundred?” My grandfather’s answer was something close to “There is no secret. I didn’t know I had a choice; I woke up breathing every morning so I pulled on my pants, put on my shoes, and did what I needed to do.”

    For me, that is the “secret” of why I write. I wake up breathing, the words come. The choice to not write is
    the equivalent of not getting out of bed and getting dressed. I have made the
    choice of not letting the words out and some of the lessons I’ve learned are;
    When I write, the world just
    makes a lot more sense. I am less critical of others, more positive in my
    thoughts, more sure of who I am and much more fun to be around.
    When I write the world is a
    less scary place, cookies taste better and people are much more interesting and likeable.
    When I write I feel the inside
    of me fill up with satisfaction and understanding and a sense of purpose. When
    I write life is just so much richer and fulfilling.
    When I don’t write my arms
    ache for the flow, my brain is clogged and coherent thoughts are difficult. I
    find myself becoming increasingly critical and judgmental. I lack perspective
    and walk around with an incompleteness that interferes with every part of my
    Maybe these aren’t as
    altruistic as leaving a legacy or steering peoples thoughts, writing the great
    American novel, etc., but they are the reasons I write. I wake up breathing,
    I have to.

    • Linda, sounds as wonderful a reason as any. I feel the same way. Beautifully shared, by the way. 🙂

      • Linda

        Thank you for your kind response. Your words mean so much.

  • I love story tellers!

  • Dan Erickson

    I had just happened to write a post about reasons for writing at the same time as Jeff’s post. I linked it to his post at the end, which was a very cool offer. I write because it’s who I am. I write to understand myself better. I write to help others. There are more reasons, but these are three big ones.

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