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How to NOT Let Others Sabotage Your Writing

As a writer, you have a responsibility to protect your writing from others…

Protect your writing from others


How I Became a Very Productive Writer (and You Can, Too)

What will you do today?

A. Well, I will get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV and go to bed.

What will you do tomorrow?

A. Uhm… what do you mean?

Keep writing


The Audacity to be a Writer

You’re a writer. An artist.

You write about things that matter to you, and I’m sure you hope those things will matter to others, but even if they don’t, you’re still going to do the work.

That’s what artists do. It’s remarkable. But it’s more than that…



4 Ways to Turn Comparison into Powerful Creative Fuel

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Jackie Johansen, she is a writer who combines personal development with actionable writing strategies. She is the creator of the 21 Day Writing Challenge and the Finally Writing Toolbox at FinallyWriting.com.

Comparison can kill your creativity. It can stop your writing in its tracks. When the comparison bug hits, you feel small, deflated, uncomfortable and uninspired.

Comparison makes you doubt your ability, your message and all that you originally felt driven and inspired by.

Comparison can make us play small. So let’s change that…



The Ultimate Inspirational Writing Quotes (as Memes)

Lately I’ve been on a kind of meme creation craze. Basically, I started making these images with quotes a couple weeks ago and haven’t stopped.

I wasn’t sure what it was about putting text on images, whether to promote my books, my websites, or, quite honestly, simply for the sake of creating them. It’s addicting. And it’s kind of weird. But, I finally figured out the real reason…

Writing is powerful,


Tips to Bring Back That Loving (Writing) Feeling

Dry spells. They happen to the best of relationships. So what do you do when they happen to the relationship you have with your writing career?

Writing Dry Spells How to Overcome them.