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The Ultimate Inspirational Writing Quotes (as Memes)

Lately I’ve been on a kind of meme creation craze. Basically, I started making these images with quotes a couple weeks ago and haven’t stopped.

I wasn’t sure what it was about putting text on images, whether to promote my books, my websites, or, quite honestly, simply for the sake of creating them. It’s addicting. And it’s kind of weird. But, I finally figured out the real reason…

Writing is powerful,

It’s a lot of fun!

It really is. If you’d like to try your hand at it, I recommend using Canva. (No affiliation) It’s mostly a free-to-use site where you can upload photos and add text and some basic (but cool) design elements to them.

So lately I’ve been uploading the memes to my facebook page and quite a few people asked me if they can share them, where they can get the higher resolution versions to print for themselves, and some have even asked if they can use the images on their blogs.

The answers are:

1. Yes. Help yourselves to sharing them. You can use the links to all the social networks at the end of the post and for Pinterest hover your mouse pointer over an image for the pin button to appear.

2. The higher resolution photos are on this post, click on any image and it will take you to the full resolution. There’s a lot of images in this post, so be patient for them to load (it’s worth it).

3. Yes. You most certainly can use these images on your blogs as long as you do me a solid and link back to this post. (Thank you.)

4. Print to your heart’s desire. They make great inspirational posters for your walls. However, please don’t sell.

5. If you like these pictures, then I think you’ll LOVE the books the quotes are from: Writer’s Doubt and The Audacity to be a Writer. Check out the linked Amazon pages and see if you’d enjoy them.

Writing is powerful, but it can also be terrifying. (Click to Tweet)

Below are the rest of the pictures. Let me know which ones I got right in the comments. And the ones I didn’t get as right, well… let’s go ahead and ignore those.

(I tried to create tweets for each one, but some were too long so I modified those.)

love vs doubt

Write because you love to write. Love always trumps doubt. (Click to Tweet)

As long as you love to write... no one can stop you but yourself.

As long as you love to write… no one can stop you but yourself. (Click to Tweet)

The book

I love being a writer. And, I love having written. (Click to Tweet)

Stop comparing yourself to others!

 Stop comparing yourself to others. (Click to Tweet)

Uninhibited writing

 Free yourself from any self-restraint that could be blocking your story. (Click to Tweet)

Write because you love to write.

Doubt cannot and will not hold me back from writing. (Click to Tweet)

The artist (1)

The first draft reveals the art, revision reveals the artist. (Click to Tweet)

Not afraid to write.

You can’t let fear of the next step define you. (Click to Tweet)

What if Writer’s Criticism influences us?

 Constructive criticism does not require a whip. (Click to Tweet)

We are being attacked by a lethal (2)

We are being attacked by a writing epidemic. It’s Doubt! (Click to Tweet)

Writing Imperfection

Use your writing flaws as markers for your improvement. Turn them into positives. (Click to Tweet)

You're a writer.

 You will know what you want to write about because you’ll love writing about it. (Click to Tweet)

We need your story.

 We need your story. Write it. That’s what writers do. (Click to Tweet)

Editors can make writers look perfect

It’s the message the writer delivers that makes him or her memorable. (Click to Tweet)

Write because you love to write. Love (5)

Never set the impossible goal

Never set the impossible goal of pleasing everyone. You can’t and you won’t. (Click to Tweet)

You are a very interesting writer

You have a compelling story to share, so don’t hide it. (Click to Tweet)

secret to being concise

The secret to being concise is in the rewrites and the editing process, not in the first draft. (Click to Tweet)

you have an idea writing

An idea is wonderful, but an idea written down is heaven! (Click to Tweet)

If you want to write, you should write.

If you want to write, you should write. (Click to Tweet)

Write from your heart.

Write from your heart, because that’s where the story is. (Click to Tweet)

Get your writing on paper first and edit later.

Get it on paper first and edit later. (Click to Tweet)

Writer's logo

do not underestimate yourself

Don’t underestimate yourself. You’re a better writer than you think you are. (Click to Tweet)

Writing is hard work

Writing is not all sunshine, flowers and rainbows. It’s hard work. But worth every word. (Click to Tweet)

your words matter

Your words matter. Write them with confidence. (Click to Tweet)

writing freedom

Step into that place of discomfort and write words that bring meaning into your life. (Click to Tweet)

Writers are audacious and cool.

Writers are audacious and cool. Write on! (Click to Tweet)

Get your writing published.

Getting published is a byproduct of doing what you love: Writing. (Click to Tweet)

No one can stop you but yourself

You’re not seeing double. This quote from Writer’s Doubt was extremely popular on the social networks, therefore I used it on several images.

No one can stop you but yourself. (Click to Tweet)

You are a writer

You are a writer. Believe it. (Click to Tweet)

Writer LOVE Passion

Write with purpose. (Click to Tweet)

grow up to be a writer

When I grow up I want to be a writer. (Click to Tweet)

Writing excellence.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes as memes. Let me know which one you liked the most in the comments.

**If there’s a quote that you especially like from Writer’s Doubt or The Audacity to be a Writer that I did not use, let me know and I will create a meme with it for a future collection.

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  • These are great, Bryan. Scheduled a couple of tweets and will be back later to pin them to my writing quotes board.

  • These are gorgeous! I love meme creation. Lovely Bryan. You’re also great at coming up with quotes 🙂

    • Thanks, Devani. The quotes were easy though, I just took them from the two books. 🙂

  • What a wonderful selection of inspirational and encouraging quotes you have provided for us here, Bryan! Great stuff. I’ve tweeted one and pinned several on my ‘Writing’ board. I’m sure all writers will benefit from reading these. And also see the potential to get creative with images too. Thank you! 🙂

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Absolutely brilliant – this page looks like a scrumptious and colorful garden of wisdom! LOVE it

  • Brenda McGraw

    Love it Bryan. I pinned and a shared a couple. Thanks.

  • E. J. Godwin

    Awesome stuff, thanks!

  • Brian, I do a lot of graphic design. Your pictures are way, way prettier than mine. I’m doing mine over now! I love how you created a little logo design for your books. I have pulled a lot of quotes from my book The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Eccentricity into a Life You Love. When I did the memes I was in a hurry trying to get them done. But they ARE fun. They should be fun, and I’m doing mine over.

    Also I owe you a review on Writer’s Doubt. I enjoyed it a lot but forgot to review it. I’ll read through it again this weekend and do that. I’m only about a year late, so that’s okay, right?

    • lol – it’s alright, Angie! And thanks for the complement about the memes. I like to think I’m getting better with each new batch. Canva really does make it easy. I was using Photoshop, but not sure I’ll be using that anymore going forward. However, I do not purchase any of the photos from Canva. I have a subscription with depositphotos.

      Thanks, Angie! And be sure to share your new creations with us!

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