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It’s Time to Discover the Right Time for Your Writing Career

The right time.

You’ve waited for it. And if we’re honest, we’ve all waited for it. Perhaps it will happen this coming new year!

Some never stop waiting for the right time: To write a book. To query an agent. To start a blog. To call themselves a writer.



Motivation Just For You: THE Writer

You’re sitting at your desk, thinking. At least, you want to be. But you’re not. Not, really.

You want to be thinking of something utterly amazing, something so brilliant the letters will burn themselves onto the page.

The words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the pages, and finally, the book– it will dazzle everyone who reads it…

The Writer


13 Jedi Tips on How to Be the Best Blogger You Can Be

Are you ready to wield the Force as a Jedi blogger?

Learn first the 13 secrets revealed in this post you must to awaken the blogging within you.



How Crushing Disappointment Can Make You a BETTER Writer

Why in your right mind would you choose to put your creative work out into the world again?

It’s a question that’s plagued me for the past 10 years. All that self-doubt, rejection and potential criticism; you know what’s waiting so why put yourself through all of that unnecessarily?