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Motivation Just For You: THE Writer

You’re sitting at your desk, thinking. At least, you want to be. But you’re not. Not, really.

You want to be thinking of something utterly amazing, something so brilliant the letters will burn themselves onto the page.

The words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the pages, and finally, the book– it will dazzle everyone who reads it…

The Writer

You want to be The Writer.

The one everyone talks about. The one people suggest they read.

The one who gets the calls, the publishing contracts, and the movie deals.

Yes. You are a writer.

But you and I know something. Being a writer isn’t enough.

It was never enough. Not for you.

Anyone can type a word.

Anyone can fashion a sentence.

Anyone can string enough words together to make a paragraph.

But you’re different.

Only, maybe you haven’t fully realized it yet. So allow me to help you.

Find a mirror. Stand in front of it. Look. Look closely. Look deeply.

Do you see what I see?

The Writer.  –

The Writer Poster by Bryan Hutchinson

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How does it feel to be The Writer? Let me know in the comments.

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  • I’ve seen similar advice given by a hypnotist by the name of Jonathan Chase, who teaches hypnotism. He insists that seeing yourself as ‘The Hypnotist’ means you’ll believe it, others will believe it, and the whole process will be more effective.

    People act in accordance with their sense of identity. This ‘mission statement’ really helps to shape their perception as a writer.

  • Katharine

    Well, I don’t really want/need a movie contract! Ha!

    However, I do need to get moving and finish the middle chapters of my wip. Everyone has been really motivational, and I think it’s high time I join! 😉

  • In fact, I don’t really know what I feel. Am I a writer because I wrote a novel, not published yet. I have this passion inside of me, this fear, this battle… When words seem not enough to express life, emotion, anger and amazement ! I am on my way, longing desesperately for a place where people will say “You are a writer” but in fact A WRITER is not enough, am I a good writer, a bad one ? Too much questions… Have a blessed wonderful year you POSITIVE WRITER, Thanks so much for sharing…