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Become A Better Writer with 51 Mind-blowing Resources

Let’s face it, we all want to become better writers. Don’t we? I know I do. I strive to become a better writer every day, and in order to improve I’ve discovered the secret is in having awesome resources at your disposal.

What follows are a list of links to resources I’ve found pretty darn useful. Most are remarkable blog posts containing brilliant tips, tricks, and top secret, secrets.

Words and Ideas Change the World

The following resources are not in any order. The numbers are only to give an appearance of organization, so it’s not necessary to get more excited about #2 than #32. Unless, of course, #2 really means a lot to you.

Are you ready to become a better writer? Of course you are, because the craft is important to you like that.

Bookmark this post, save it, file it, do something with it so you can refer to this list again and again and again in the future, because you’re going to want to. Seriously, save it right now.

51 Mind-blowing Writing Resources

1 – Do you want to be a kickass writer, an expert at the craft, but have trouble answering in the affirmative? Then you need to read The Yes Manifesto. It may will change your life.

2 – What if I were to tell you that there are 10 key questions that can determine your success as a writer? Don’t take my word for it. Visit the link and take Jonathan Gunson’s word for it.

3 – Everyone wants to guest post lately, but not everyone is willing to do the work it takes to be a kickass contributor. But you do! You want to share the best writing since Shakespeare. In that case, find out how to find the best places to guest blog.

4 – Btw if you want to guest post on the most popular blogs or even have a publisher accept your book proposal, then stop waiting to be picked. Pick yourself.

5 – Have you ever wondered how to create memorable characters? Find out.

6 – Do you know who you are as a writer, as an artist, or, even as a person? Deep. I know.

7 – Hey, psst, blogger friends, I’ve got some secrets for you: 3 secrets to writing blog posts that go viral.

8 – What if you could do one simple thing to become more productive as a writer? Keyword: Focus.

9 – A lot of writers are talking about a certain software writing program that is all the rage. Scrivener. If you’ve heard of it (and especially if you haven’t yet) here’s 3 reasons you should use it for your book.

10 – You’re a writer and you have a blog. But SEO myths scare you. What if you could use those myths to your advantage?

11 – You’re sending out your query letters (begging and pleading) to get published. But have you ever thought about what you would do (or say) if an agent calls you? It’s time to think about, and plan for, getting the call.

12 – Maybe the agent calling will tell you to write stronger. If that’s the case, you might want to read about five ways to make good writing great. Go ahead – be great.

13 – I want to recommend another article, but wait a minute while I procrastinate.

14 – Everyone wants to be traditionally published. Right? Uhm. Maybe not so much anymore. Did you know there are authors who are making the leap from traditional publishing to Indie? Actually, self-publishing may now be your best choice.

15 – Let’s get provocative with six provocative ways to become a ‘Real’ writer. That’s right, a ‘Real’ writer. It’s time for you to stop faking it.

16 – Have you ever wanted to write quickly? Of course you have – who hasn’t? What you need are 5 tips on perfecting the art of writing quickly. Yep. It’s an art. Accept that and you’re well on your way.

17 – Why You Can’t Create Epic Content Every Single Time and What to Do About It – that’s an epic title, so I’m just leaving it as it is. Go check it out and then go and create something epic. I mean, EPIC.

18 – Don’t make your reader yawn! No. And especially not with a boring opening line. It just doesn’t bode well. Fortunately, there’s help.


19 – You know, now that I think of it, when it comes to opening lines you could do worse than reading this interview, entirely about opening lines, with none other than Mr. Stephen King. (I have his autograph btw, because I’m special like that. So there! For reals.)

20 – It seems everyone is so concerned about finding an audience lately, but what about writing when no one is listening? Try it. I’m a pro at it. And I’m not ashamed to say so because no one’s listening anyway.

21 – You’re an artist and that makes you courageous. Doesn’t it? It does, I declare it! Let me hear you roar. Comfort doesn’t create great art. It really doesn’t. Nope.

22 – Does the world need more artists? I’d like to think it does.

23 – Are you a smart blogger? C’mon, be honest. Of course you are. But just in case you’re not, and I’m not saying you’re not, read, How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers.

24 – If you are a writer: Consider self-publishing.

25 – Let’s make your article ideas not suck – right now. Seriously, right now. Go. Don’t suck. Sucking at your art is bad. Bad, I say!

26 – I promised you secrets. I did. And here you go, seventeen more of them!

27 – And here are the 8 secrets that writer’s won’t tell you.

28 – Let’s get in on some dirty secrets. How about,  7 dirty little book publishing secrets that every writer needs to know.

29 – Oh, but you want to write better stories. Who doesn’t. There’s secrets for those too. I’ll give you,  10 secrets to write better stories.

30 – But you want to write a bestseller? Fine, there’s a secret for that, too. You’re so insistent. Here’s the REAL secret to writing a bestseller. (There’s a free poster with this one, don’t miss it.)

31 – Let’s look at 11 smart tips for brilliant writers. Yes, let’s. But only if you’re brilliant. I guess you’re going alone – they won’t let me in.

32 – What, you want to write a book description? I can help you with that.

33 –  Have you ever wanted to use some good tricks to improve your writing? Good. I knew it. Me too! Here are 7 “Tricks” to improve your writing overnight.

34 – Did you know there are POWER words that can make you a better writer? Everyone’s told you to use $2.00 words in place of $200.00 words. But, why? Yeah, I’m not sure either. I present you: 317 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer. They’re mind-blowing!

35 – Have you ever wondered about haters and critics and how to deal with people judging you and your work? What? You call ’em bastards? Okay now, let’s not stoop. Unless you really want to.

Never hate jealous people.They are jealous because they think you are better than them.

― Paulo Coelho (Go ahead, tweet this, if you like.)

36 – The Beautiful Agony of Writing. ‘Nuff said! Well, I can say more. It’s painful. It hurts. It’s worth it.

37 – Do blank pages give you the blues? Of course they do, you’re a writer after all. Then you know what you need? You need some tips on how to beat the blank page blues. Go ahead, beat ’em. Kick ’em a little, too.

38 – How do the pros do it? Here are some blogging tools used by the pros. Hey, if the pros use them…

39 – 100 of the Best Websites for Writers. Lot’s of great sites. And what I mean by great sites is that Positive Writer is listed. Awesome. Indeed. Don’t mind if I say so myself.

40 – Sometimes life sucks. It can suck a lot, especially if you’re a writer down in the dumps. But that’s okay, because you can use life’s hardships to make yourself a better writer. Seriously.

41 – You’re busy? I bet you thought that was a good thing. Maybe not so much. Busy means you’re not focused.

42 – You might hate: Why You Shouldn’t Be A Writer.

43 – You might love: Why You Should Be A Writer.

44 I bet you’ll want to know the surprising truth about successful writers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know?

45 – What writing a horrible first draft reveals about you. It reveals a lot, more than you may have realized. Of course, you might not want to know. Then again, maybe you should know. It’s up to you.

46 – Every so often I’ll receive an email from someone telling me about a typo I missed. It’s always unsolicited and comes at the worst moment, like, ever. I mean, what’s up with that: Why’s it so hard to catch your own typos?

47 – I get distracted all the time (long story) and it can be frustrating as hell, but there’s help for writing through the distractions… of life.

48 –Everyone’s talking about how terrible the first draft is, but what if your first draft isn’t crap? Ha! Put that in your pipe. Cancel that! Smoking is bad for you.

49 –  Do writers have superstitions? You can bet your bottom dollar we  do. Go ahead bet it, but only if you want to become a bestselling author.

50 – Last, but not least, it’s time to discover the healing power of writing your own story.

51 – Okay, last one, and this one’s for all the writers in the house with day jobs. How to be a prolific writer and hold down a day job at the same time!

It was fun listing all of these links to valuable resources. I hope you found them useful.

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    This is a brilliant blog post. Thanks for sharing all this information. I will be sharing this link with my writer’s groups and in my own blog. Awesome!

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  • Marcy Mason McKay

    WOW, Bryan. This definitely took some time to compile, and they resources are some kind of awesome. I’m going to read RIGHT NOW about the SEO myths. SEO scares me! Thanks for helping out.

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    Thanks so much for including me Bryan! I’m honored 🙂

  • Thanks for including The Procrastiwriter, Bryan! And this is a great list of resources. Seriously valuable stuff.

  • While there are many links worth reading, I recommend you take the positive step of distinguishing your and you’re (in article 48 and other places), and that you stop forming plurals with apostrophes (which I saw in a few places). It severely diminishes my sense of your authority. I’m not a hater and I am going to share this piece, but I am disturbed by the contrast between the quality of its content and the obvious proofreading fails.

    • WoW Matt, thanks for the head’s up about the typo. You could have been really harsh, but instead you were kind and thoughtful about it. That’s the reality of writing in public, typos happen.

  • Bryan, Thank you for creating such a wonderful list of resources. These totally rock and I am excited to learn from so many amazing people. I am honored you included Finally Writing on the list. Thank you tons!

  • Jennifer Brown Banks

    Thanks so much, Bryan. Awesome compilation! I appreciate being included.