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Writing Doubts: Climbing Out of the Pit

Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I don’t want to write anymore. And sometimes I do give up and stop writing.

Have you been there? Stuck and filled with doubt.

Seth Godin has a great term called The Dip for when you’re in a temporary setback, when you are ready to give up and decide to either quit, or stick. But there’s another dip, which is more about internal self-doubt, which I like to call the pit.

Climbing Out of the Pit

For many of us, it is a very real place we fall into when we feel “lesser-than,” confused and exhausted from doubt, to the point of giving up.

Note: This is an excerpt from a guest post I published recently on the Wordplay blog. Click the link below to read the rest.

Writing Doubts: Climbing Out of the Pit

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  • Wow,  I didn’t know you were a guy who felt ‘lesser than” and had endured such a long depression.  I understand exactly how it is to be “lesser than” as I myself was there and , worse, feels like I’m still there. I’m trying to fight it off by embracing the “fake it till you become it” thing.

     Thanks for the motivating post. I don’t see myself as a writer nor aspire (yet) to be a writer of books or novels. For now, I just want to write for my blog and become better at it over time.

    • Hi James, keep moving forward and do what you can when you can. I like that you know what you want to do and are doing it. Too many of us get stuck in thinking what we ‘should be doing’ rather than being happy with what we are doing. You’re  a step ahead in my opinion!

  • Marilynluinstra

    Hi Bryan. I like your post, “Climbing Out of the Pit”. The comment you made about writing your memoir sparked my imagination. You said writing down the details made a difference.  I wonder, what details? And my mind does that transforming thing where the text I am reading turns into a movie reel. There must be a word for that. You know what I am talking about right? It’s the magic of writing, a words-to-wonder sort of thing. (I like knowing what sparks a reader’s imagination.)

    I have a similar “disadvantage”, I was a remedial reading kid in middle school.

    It wasn’t till after high school I discovered books.

    And it wasn’t print I fell in love with, it is what the print can do, that ‘movie reel magic’. 

    To create that magic–if am bold enough to try it myself–I have to turn ideas into print. Putting words on a page is dangerous work. Not only will my inside thoughts be exposed so will my weaknesses: spelling, punctuation, usage, amaturishness. Scary.

    • Indeed, Marilyn – our weaknesses are exposed as you describe. I’m currently writing a post about that and I think you’ll enjoy it. My advice: do it anyway.