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BIGGEST Mistake Some Bloggers Make and Steps to Correct It (or Avoid It)

This mistake is so huge it can keep someone who should by all rights attract an audience, blog in vain –never attracting the audience he or she would like to have.

You can be a good writer, even a great writer, but if you’re making this mistake, then it doesn’t matter.

The good news is – it’s fixable!


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Publish Your Next Book with Crowdfunding

From Bryan: Crowdfunding has become a hot topic of discussion for self-published authors and since I’ve received quite a few questions about crowdfunding, I asked Justine Schofield, the communications coordinator of Pubslush (a global crowdfunding platform only for books, where authors can raise funds and gauge initial market viability for their book projects), to guest post and tell us a little about it. Justine has agreed to also answer any questions you may have in the comments. Thank you, Justine! – This is the first in a series of posts on crowdfunding I will host.

You may be wondering: What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become a new go-to resource for artists, entrepreneurs and businesses that are seeking funding. It is a means to raise funds and mitigate the financial risk of their creative projects or business ventures.



Creative Flow: 8 Reasons Why Procrastinating is Better than Working

Don’t you hate wasting time? You need to get to it and do the work.

But what if forcing yourself to do the work isn’t always the best answer? What if doing so will result in long lasting creative blocks?

On the other hand, procrastination could hold unlimited potential for your sanity, overall well being, and productivity.


Conquering Writing Ruts

This post is by Positive Writer contributor The Magic Violinist.

Every writer gets into a rut at some point. You write a book. And another. And another. Pretty soon they all have the same plot, the same kinds of characters, and the same sorts of villain.

How do you conquer this writing rut? By following three simple steps.

Creative Commons by Caterina.Appia

Creative Commons by Caterina.Appia


Starting Over is Essential to Your Creativity and Success

Have you ever been ready to throw your work in the air and give up? Who hasn’t? Hey, maybe starting over isn’t such a bad idea.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend over coffee when he told me he doesn’t get it. “What don’t you get?” I asked him. He explained that every time he starts a creative project, writing a book in this case, he comes to a point where he realizes he must start over because it’s just not good enough or doesn’t make any sense.

As he was explaining his face took on an exhausted and frustrated look. I recognized it instantly, because I’ve seen it so many times… in the mirror…