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BIGGEST Mistake Some Bloggers Make and Steps to Correct It (or Avoid It)

This mistake is so huge it can keep someone who should by all rights attract an audience, blog in vain –never attracting the audience he or she would like to have.

You can be a good writer, even a great writer, but if you’re making this mistake, then it doesn’t matter.

The good news is – it’s fixable!


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It’s no fun to write day after day and publish what you know is you’re best work, and yet, few people seem to care.

You want the comments to come in, you want the number of readers to increase, and you want your posts to be shared on all of the social networks.

You want some hard earned attention.

But it’s not happening. Not nearly as much as you would like it to.

It could be that you are making the biggest mistake some bloggers make.

Trapped in the wrong niche!

Maybe not, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the trap so you can consider it and make sure your not in it.

Don’t worry, even the best of us fall into this trap, so don’t feel bad or beat yourself up about it if you are in it, because awareness can make all the difference. It is never too late.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. (Tweet This)

The above quote is the key to successful blogging. It’s that simple and that important.

I have met a number of terrific writers who blog, but are frustrated because their content isn’t spreading. This is all too common, and the answer, for many of them, is rather simple.

With that said, as simple as it may be, admitting to it and making the change can be difficult, especially if a lot of time has already been invested. I’ve been there. I know.

I’m sure you’ll discover, though, as I did, that the time isn’t wasted, even if you’re making the mistake we made you’ve at least learned the basics of blogging and have gotten used to writing for an online audience.

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake some bloggers make is that they blog about something they are not absolutely into.

Instead, they fall for the trap. They pick a niche they think will attract attention, or, they think it is “more interesting”.

You must pick the right niche for you.

That’s right, for you.

You need to pick a niche that you feel very strongly about, and write exactly what you believe in every single post. You must have complete and total buy-in for the niche you select.

When your heart isn’t in what you are writing about everyone can tell and that mistake will cost you the valuable readers’ attention you’d like to have.

Allow me to give you an example:

If I wasn’t a positive person then writing about positive topics would be a shallow attempt at gaining attention and readers would feel that.

I am a naturally positive person and writing affirming messages is where my heart is at. Therefore, it comes easy to me and no matter where you read content by me, either on my blogs, other blogs, or even in comments around the web, you will find all to be similar in tone and message.

I don’t have to work at it or remember to write a certain way, because it is my natural way. That’s me.

The same holds true for any blogger writing about any topic.

Without thinking about it, answer this question:

What’s you?

It can be a catastrophic mistake to write about something you don’t believe in or your heart is not 100% into. You’ll end up spinning your wheels going nowhere, become increasingly frustrated and you may consider giving up. When it could be just a matter of picking the right niche.

What’s you?

But let me be honest with you, lots of us, including me, start out by picking a niche we believe others will want to read, but eventually, hopefully, we find our way into the niche where we truly belong.

My advice:

Write about what you love. (Tweet This)

Blog about what means so much to you that life without “it” would be unexciting.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if at first no one seems to be interested about your niche. If you care enough about your subject, and you’re a halfway decent writer, you can make it interesting for others.

And you know what? There may be a lot of people online searching for the topic you’re interested in who can’t find any good blogs about it. So start one.

Even if you do not attract a massive audience, at the very least you will enjoy writing about something that means a lot to you, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Do you?

Steps to avoid the wrong-niche trap

– Pick the niche that means the most to you.

– Have 100% buy-in.

– Always give your honest opinion. Of course, be courteous and respectful, but don’t pander to anyone.

Be you. If you write about something that comes naturally to you, then this will be easy.

Be consistent. Not only on your blog, but everywhere. If you’re a positive, encouraging blogger, then you shouldn’t be negative elsewhere. Right? Because if I were to do that, as a Positive Writer, then obviously I would not be in the right niche for me.

– Above all, believe in yourself.

– Be Awesome! See “Be you.”

Remember, making the mistake of choosing the wrong niche isn’t the end of the world. Far from it.

If you’re in a niche that isn’t working out for you, or your heart isn’t completely in it, the best thing you can do right now is examine why you started blogging. Was it to gain followers, to get pats on the back, for people to tell you that your writing is great, or simply to engage with others?

The best reason to start a blog

The best reason to start a blog is because you have something to say!

Contrary to popular belief it is not only to sell a book or promote a product, although those may come later. So examine the reason you started. Was it because you have something to say about something extremely important to you, something you care about so much you just had to step up to the mic, regardless if anyone would care or listen?

I bet you don’t have to think very long about what means the most to you. You already know what it is.

The real question is, are you willing to blog about it simply for the sake of blogging about it? If you are, then go for it! You may even write a book within your niche, and if you do, then you’ll have a platform where you can share it.

But whatever you do, don’t stick to a niche that is not you.

There is anther factor you may want to consider and that’s, your voice.

If you are in the niche that means the most to you, then you may need help developing your voice. That’s perfectly okay, we all need help with our voice. After all, have you ever heard of a professional singer who doesn’t have a voice coach?

It’s no different for writers, so here’s my post about why some bloggers become incredibly popular.

Answer one simple question: What’s you?

Go with that.  Now, go, be awesome!

Are you writing about what matters the most to you? Share in the comments.

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  • Dear Mr. Hutchinson,
    You asked what I am. I am a cat. I write about life from a cat’s perspective. And, I do have something to say.
    I look forward to reading your blog. You are so positive, and that is a good quality in a person.

    All the best,
    Love Pooh

  • I really enjoy reading your positive look at writing, Bryan.

    I am passionate about family commitment. It took going through the first couple of weeks of the Tribe Writers course to find my niche. I wrote a short piece for one assignment telling what I was passionate about. Someone congratulated me for finding my manifesto. It took my going back over my answers to the course to get it though. But that gave me the focus I needed. And my manifesto is almost done.

    • Fantastic, Anastacia. I look forward to reading it. Let me know when it is ready! Okay?

  • LadyJevonnahEllison

    Love it! I am in the business of Transformation. I absolutely LOVE encouraging other people to accomplish their goals. So that’s what I write about. Thanks for the reminder. Keeps us on the right track.

  • Tatum

    I love writing about the benefits of reading, writing, and grammar. My current blog contains book reviews–literature ought to be appreciated, after all–including some topics on daily life. Also, I currently write articles on grammar topics and general education.

  • Enjoyed this post! It took me awhile to find my “voice.” But now that I have, it makes all the difference. Thanks for this!

  • Very thought provoking Bryan. Very well written and expressed. Sometimes I’ve tried to fit myself into other people’s molds or what they say you need to do to succeed.

    My question and prayer now is “God, what is the contribution and how do you want me to make it in this season of my life? Carol Kent, a well known speaker said, “When you’re operating the gift God has given you, there is joy for the giver and joy for the receiver.”

    I affirm that you are in the right niche. I consistently benefit from what you have to share.

    • Thank you, Sharon. I think we all try to fit ourselves into someone else’s mold at some point, especially when overcome with doubt. With confidence, we must step onto our own path and begin our journey.

  • The best thing about this post – everything you said is true.
    The worst thing about this post – everything you said is true.

    I wasted so much time building a site and trying to write posts I honestly didn’t care too much about. I learned my lesson.

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  • Hey Bryan, awesome post my friend! I am passionate about inspiring people to live a “Life With Legacy” and helping people make an impact in the world! I put my heart and soul into my blog and I think I have found my calling – I am a high school drop out who never passed the 9th grade, ran away from home at the age of 16, got arrested for burglary at the age of 9, and got into LOTS of trouble growing up! Luckily I am still around to share my story and help others through all of my shortcomings – I am truly blessed!

    One Life / One Legacy
    Thomas Joe

    • Thanks, Thomas! Sounds like you have learned some valuable lessons the hard way. I’m glad you made it through to inspire the next generation.

  • Karen

    This was really good (and well timed). I started a blog a ways back, but I don’t think I’m in the right niche (for several reasons). Just wrote my last post… and then picked up 2 more followers! Go figure! Now, I considering a hiatus (as opposed to a complete deactivation) to figure things out. Thanks for giving me something to “chew on” in the meantime. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Karen. Sometimes it is a good idea to take a break and then, more importantly ask yourself the right questions:

      What do I enjoy most? What excites me so much that I never get bored talking about it? If I wasn’t worried about attracting readers what would I write about?

      All of these questions will lead to the same answer, if they don’t. Consider them again, think on them over long walks and eventually it will come, the one answer that answers all of them.

      Once you’ve got it, write about it. The odds are you already know, but other things may be in the way: Such as – Will other people care? Does my opinion matter about this subject? Do I know enough? — those are the wrong questions and ultimately lead us to the wrong answers.

  • In the beginning, I had the hardest time settling on a niche. I think I defined it too narrowly for too long. The worry being that, if defined too narrowly, eventually I would run out stuff to talk about. Plus, I didn’t want to get pigeonholed into a niche and feel restricted.

    I decided to let the niche reveal itself through my writing. Now that I have been writing for a little while I can see the niche developing on its own. I write about the stuff that interests me, and that I believe in. The “100% buy in” and the “be you” are really important considerations for anyone looking to spread their message.

    Great post. Thanks!

    • I agree, Jonathan. Sometimes you have to experiment until you find what you enjoy writing about and enables you to come back to it day after day and write more. Too narrow can be just as limiting as too wide can be too much. A balance must be found, and again, I agree, sometimes that takes time to find. I think that’s also why many bloggers move on from their first blog to a new one when they hit their stride.

  • Farida AL-Rimawi

    I love this post! yes you are right ! I blog in nutrition because its my profession, and I believe that people need it desperately, but sometimes, I think it is not where my goes , so should I keep writing in this field? and can I use the photo ? I love it!