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The One Thing You MUST Be Confident About (Your Writing)

Note: This is a post by, Angie Dixon. Angie is the author of The Leonardo Trait, she helps creative people live out lives they love. Check out Angie’s creativity quiz at www.leonardotrait.com

I used to tell people that I’m the most insecure person I know; I just hide it well. One day my best friend called me on my insecurity. That’s a best friend’s job, of course, and she did it with two powerful sentences.

“I’m insecure also, but I know the one thing I never feel insecure about is my teaching ability. The one thing you should never feel insecure about is your writing.”



13 Ways How Writers Can Survive The Dreaded Waiting Stage

Note: This post is by Gemma Hawdon. Gemma lives in Melbourne, Australia. She writes articles, guest posts and short stories and has just completed a MG children’s fantasy book. She also writes a blog, Top Of The Slush Pile, which documents the adventures of writing a book and trying to get published. T: @gemmaleehawdon

We’re told writing a book is the easy part. ‘Pah!! Wait til you try and publish it!’ they warn us.

And then, after months or years of carefully honing our precious stories we emerge from hibernation, with arthritic fingers and hunched backs, and realise we’ve reached that stage. It’s judgment time…



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Is Paranoia Preventing YOU From Finding Success as a Writer?

Note: This is a post by Andy Mort, he is a UK based musician and writer. He’s the founder of SheepDressedLikeWolves.com, which is aimed at encouraging HSPs and introverts to embrace their creativity and push against the expectations of an often overwhelming world. Download his FREE eBook “The Gentle Rebel Manifesto.”

Pronoia is a concept I recently came across thanks to Beth Buelow who writes about it in her book, Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert.

It is the opposite of paranoia; described as a suspicion that the universe is conspiring on your behalf rather than against you. In other words it’s a belief that the universe is a friendly place, not one that is harsh and unforgiving.



Invaluable Advice From Seth Godin Every Writer Needs to Read

Writers the world over have suffered through unbearable self-doubt and many have overcome it long enough to write words that matter. But some haven’t. And some believe they never will. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Does it?

Seth Godin Doubt Writing