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7 Distractions Stopping You From Writing (and How to Beat Them!)

Whether you are a professional, doing it alongside a day job, or it’s simply a hobby, you write because you feel a compulsion. It’s a passion, a calling, a process that brings you to life and helps you make sense of the world.

But simply loving something doesn’t make it easy to do…

How to overcome your writing distractions...


4 Pieces of Well-meaning Writing Advice to Beware of!

Writers get well-meaning advice all the time. Whether you’re a poet, a novelist, a business writer, or the editor of the New York Times, there will always be people telling you how to do what you do, but this way. Their way.

Should you always listen? Good question…

Crazy Writing Advice


36 Writing Tips to Put Your Butt in the Chair

I have days when I find it entirely too difficult to get in to my writing groove. On those days I’m uninspired, unmotivated and well, bleh! Maybe you have days like that, too?

The challenge is to put our butts in our chairs and write anyway – good, bad or ugly, come rain or shine. It’s easier said than done. Right?

Well, let’s work on that…



The Secret to Taylor Swift’s Success as a Writer (It’s Yours, Too!)

In an age when music stars are seeking our attention with the way they (barely) dress and with shocking antics, there comes along a refreshing singer- songwriter who refuses to conform to sensationalism.

So what is the secret to Taylor Swift’s success? What makes her different?

The Secret to Taylor Swift's Success


How to Supercharge Your Novel by Infusing It with Color and Sounds

Editor’s note: Today’s post is a guest post by C. S. Lakin, a multipublished best-selling novelist and writing coach. She works full-time as a copyeditor and critiques about two hundred manuscripts a year. She teaches writing workshops and gives instruction on her award-winning blog Live Write Thrive. Her new book—Shoot Your Novel: Cinematic Techniques to Supercharge Your Writing—is designed to help writers learn the secrets of cinematic technique. You can buy it here in print and as an ebook.

The famous writing instructor Sol Stein said in his book Stein on Writing: “Readers, transformed by film and TV, are used to seeing stories. The reading experience . . . is increasingly visual.”

How to Supercharge Your Novel