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3 Steps to Stop Fearing Writing Research

Finding out the facts of your fiction details can be time-consuming and frustrating. Accuracy is important to your readers, but it’s easy to view collecting the facts as drudgery that interrupts your creative flow.

Short of a fact-finding intern, what’s a writer to do?



Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced YOUR Life

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Dare to Be a Memorable Writer

If you stopped posting on your blog, or never published another book, or just altogether stopped sharing your writing, would anyone miss you?

dare to be memorable as a writer


Writers: Your Voice Doesn’t Need to be Louder than the Rest!

Note: This is a guest post by, Claire De Boer, she’s is a writer and teacher with a passion for stories and a strong belief in their power to heal and connect us. Her vision is to empower people to become their authentic selves and to live more abundantly using the tool of writing. Visit her blog, The Gift of Writing, to download a free copy of her eBook, Soul Writing: Why Writing Your Story Could be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do.

Get comfortable with putting your work in front of people

Have you seen how much advice there is out there for writers developing a platform? So much that if we read all the blogs and books that tell us what to do we wouldn’t have the time to write a single word.



Four People You Positively Need In Your Writing Life

Writing is generally considered a solitary activity. And while it definitely is, that doesn’t mean that you need to go into this all on your own. Writing is hard work and you’ll probably need help along the way. I know I do. Here are four people in particular that can make your job a little bit easier.



6 Ways to Get Unstuck as a Writer (that Actually Work)

Maybe you’re stuck at the moment. I hope not, but the truth is, we all get stuck from time to time.

And that’s okay. The important thing is to recognize when you’re stuck in a rut and pull yourself back out as soon as possible. But perhaps you’re like me and could use a little help getting unstuck…

Write your heart out.