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Yes, No, or Maybe? How a Business Plan Can Help the Indecisive Writer

Note: This is a guest post by Becca Puglisi. Becca is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with others. Her website, Writers Helping Writers, is a hub for all things description, offering tons of free resources to aid writers in their literary efforts. Her new online reference and brainstorming library, One Stop For Writers, will be available October 7th. ~

If I could pick one word to describe how my writing career has turned out, it would probably be unexpected. I started in 2004, composing YA fiction. That was all I ever wanted to write. But when an opportunity arose in 2008 to start a blog with my critique partner and writing soul sister Angela Ackerman, I took the chance. It was the right choice, even though a big chunk of my writing time had to then be devoted to nonfiction, since this would be the focus of our blog.

By 2011, our audience had exploded and they were clamoring for a published version of our content; in a very short period of time, I found myself a published nonfiction author. Four years and three books later, I’m not only a nonfiction author but also a speaker and writing coach­—a happy change, but a far cry from where I once envisioned myself as a writer.

Writer's Business Plan.


3 Game-Changing Tips that Will Help You Beat Procrastination and Get Back to Writing Today

~This is a guest post by world renowned bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins. Jerry has written more than 185 books. He’s had 21 New York Times bestsellers, including the Left Behind series, and has sold more than 70 million copies. He now teaches his advanced writing techniques to aspiring authors at JerryJenkins.com. Read his 5 most crucial tips for anyone who wants to write a book.

Accept Procrastination as part of the Process

If you’re like me, you’ve had trouble getting your rear end in that chair and writing.

Or if you do get there, the last thing you’re doing is writing.

You don’t have to tell me. I’m a professional procrastinator. I know all the excuses.


Three Ways to Enjoy a Good Writing Challenge

There’s something simultaneously rewarding and utterly frustrating about pushing through your writing to get it into a semi-finished state.

It can take days and weeks, sometimes longer, but the feeling of having written something is great. Here are a few tips for making the actual writing process of that challenge more enjoyable.



The Top 3 Fears Sabotaging Your Writing (And the Solutions)

Writers mistakenly believe there are endless reasons why you do not produce:

You think you’re too lazy to write.

You worry your stories are not good enough.

You want to write, but can’t seem to make yourself sit down and do it.

These are all excuses, as well as variations of the same struggle. The enemy of writers everywhere is…



13 Brilliant Blog Posts for Writers You Need to Read!

I will be out of commission for the month of September, so awesome contributors and guests will be filling in for me here on Positive Writer.

The below outstanding bloggers also offer great content for you to read. I hope you enjoy them and have a GREAT month.