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7 Positive Responses to Your Inner Editor (to Get Back to Writing)

Bad news first. It would be wonderful to say you can love to hate your inner editor, but really, we just have to hate to hate them. No matter how skilled we are as writers, no matter how much experience we’ve had, no matter anything, they will always be there on some level.

That’s the scary, hard truth. But there’s good news!



The Writer’s Rejection: Adding Insult to Injury (Inspiration & Fun Quiz!)

Note: This is a guest post by Karen Sargent. Karen anxiously awaits the release of her debut novel Waiting for Butterflies (Walrus, 2017). Visit Karen at Karen Sargent Books and at her blog.

The good ol’ rejection letter. At its best, a rejection tells us we’re close but not quite—so we keep trying. At its worst, rejection forces us into a cavernous pit of humiliation and defeat, and we vow to never write again. (Until the next day, that is.)



Struggling to Write Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a ‘Writer’

Note: This is a guest post by Dargan Thompson, a freelance writer, editor and writing consultant who loves helping writers shape their words, find their voice and focus their message. Find her online at her website or on Twitter @darganthompson.



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Back in January, I had the privilege of interviewing Jerry B. Jenkins for Positive Writer. After the interview, I asked if he wouldn’t mind sending me a signed copy of his book Writing for the Soul. Well, guess what...

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