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Inspiration for the Modern Creative Person (You!)

One of the sad realities of our time is that thanks to movies, TV shows and yes, even books, we’ve come to expect success as something that will happen like a lightning bolt.

You work hard and create something incredible and CRACK – BOOM you hit the big time and everyone loves it, buys thousands upon thousands of copies, and you become rich, famous, and an all around badass success.



How to Stand Out as a Writer and Sell Your Work

Every week I receive emails from new authors ready to publish their books and they want to know how they can stand out and get noticed, and, well, sell a crap load of copies of their books.

That’s a tough question, and the answer is even tougher.



How to Create Magic With Your Words

It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of my latest book, Inspired Writer: How to Create Magic with Your Words. It’s dedicated to you: The Writer. It’s a fight song. It’s about letting go and becoming inspired to write what you’re called to write.

For this weekend only (including Monday), 17-19 Sept 2016, I’m promoting Inspired Writer for just 99cents on Amazon! I’m also giving away 3x $25.00 and 1x $50.00 Amazon gift cards.

Find out how to get one of the gift cards…