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How to Create Magic With Your Words

It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of my latest book, Inspired Writer: How to Create Magic with Your Words. It’s dedicated to you: The Writer. It’s a fight song. It’s about letting go and becoming inspired to write what you’re called to write.

For this weekend only (including Monday), 17-19 Sept 2016, I’m promoting Inspired Writer for just 99cents on Amazon! I’m also giving away 3x $25.00 and 1x $50.00 Amazon gift cards.

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The Inspired Writer is my favorite book on writing of my own, so far. It’s been a long time coming. I feel I was called to write this book. It’s a unique and real way to inspire writers in the trenches.

A few years ago a good friend, Jeff Goins, encouraged me to pick a fight – if you disagree with something or the way something’s done, for which you are wholeheartedly passionate about, say it. But at the time, when I first joined his community of Tribe Writers, I wasn’t ready to say what I needed to say, and frankly, nobody in the writing world knew who I was. That’s all changed.

I’m not sure this new book is what he had in mind, but I tell you what, I picked one hell of a fight. After he reads it, I might get a message from Jeff saying something like, “I said: Pick a fight – not to start a war!” Ah well, I think he’ll love it anyway. We need a good old fashioned revolution once in a while. Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff!

It’s my hope that Inspired Writer will inspire you to new and extraordinary heights in your writing and your art. For a hint as to what you will find in the book listen to this short excerpt:

WARNING: This might not be what you’re expecting, but it might be just enough to already get you started on a new journey. If just a paragraph does that – imagine what the entire book will do.

Special Thanks to Dargan Thompson for editing and Ana Grigoriu for the cover design.

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Inspired Writer will be available for 99cents for the next 3 days from 17/Sept/2016 until midnight of 19/Sept/2016! <- Click to go get it!

The last day to enter your review into the drawings is 30/Sept/2016 extended until 2 October, Midnight!

That should be enough time to post your review and get your name in the hat. The drawings will be conducted via an automated online random drawing app and the quote will be selected based on secret conditions as to not influence your reviews, simply post a well-written review and it will be carefully read for quotes that qualify.

The contest is open to anyone who can write a review on Amazon and can receive gift cards from Amazon US. Have fun. I look forward to reading your review. Remember to post your the link to your Amazon review in the comments to be included in the drawings.

PS: If you find a quote in the book that you especially like, feel free to also share it in the comments.

(Update insert: It’s official, thanks to you, Inspired Writer has become an Amazon #1 Bestseller! Woot! Woot!)

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  • Paula M Mowery

    Got it and am reading.

  • R.E. Vaughn
  • Woody
  • Marilyn Dean Mitchem

    You lost my business with the word sh@*& in your video. No need for vulgarities in a book about writing.

    • I get what you mean, Marilyn! Totally. I honestly didn’t like that Ernest Hemingway used the word so much to describe first drafts and that Anne Lamott uses it so much in her book on writing to also describe first drafts. However, I have come to realize that in certain contexts it does lend to making a point. Even so, not everyone will be able to reconcile that part. It’s the worst word I use in the book and I even write about my disdain for it. 🙂

      • I don’t like swearing and rarely do though I find it easier to swear in writing than saying swear words, but sometimes swearing feels necessary, no other way around it.

    • Thank you, Heather! And thanks for posting it to your blog as well. 🙂

  • https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1GH747E57WNT7/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01LYG4Y6T
    I really enjoyed this and it’s already helped me a lot 🙂
    My favorite quotes:
    “You have to let go of adult things and be a child again.”
    “Art is your expression of life, imagination, and the world.”

    • Hi Carmen, thanks for posting your review and thanks for the quotes. I will be making some memes from the quotes readers send me, so thanks for those too!

    • “You have to let go of adult things and be a child again.”

  • Michaelann Smith

    I was skeptical about this book (there are so many books on writing, so you understand) until I took advantage of Amazon’s peek inside feature, then I had to buy it right that instant and finish reading it, start to finish.

    There are numerous, wonderful tidbits inside I am not sure which is my favorite, but this one definitely spoke to the creative artist in me.
    “There’s nothing wrong with you for being different. Actually, that might be the most right thing about you.”

    Since you requested it, here’s the link to my amazon review:

    • Hi Michaelann, I’m glad you enjoyed the book so much. Also, thanks for letting me know that the peek inside feature actually benefited the book to be purchased! This is awesome news to me. 🙂

      • Michaelann Smith

        You are very welcome. I personally use that feature as often as possible. It is kind of like reading the dust jacket or covers of a book in a book store.

    • Michaelann, please send me a message. Your review was one of the winners drawn. I need your email address to send you your gift card.

      • Michaelann Smith

        Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, we had a death in the family, however you seem to have found my email address regardless of my tardiness, thank you Bryan for bringing such beautiful words and ideas to the world and for the lovely gift card.

  • Louisa Cornell

    I started this book with the intention of reading a chapter or two before bed every night this week. Well, THAT didn’t happen! I read into the night and finished it in one go because so very much of it made sense to me! I recently did one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life (and that is saying something!) I walked out of the job I have held for thirteen-and-a-half years because I finally decided I had had enough. I’d been berated, abused, threatened and made miserable and in the middle of one of my boss’s daily tirades I said “I’m done.” handed him my badge and vest and walked out. I’ve written part-time, even had some novella’s published. Writing is what I have wanted to do since I was nine-years-old, but I listened to everyone’s voice but my own. Until the day I walked out of Walmart and said “I’m done.” I’m writing full-time, editing and proofing for other writers and I am terrified and I am having the time of my life. And then I read your book and it is like the universe said “Here, read this. Are you listening??” Thanks for writing this. For saying what I needed to hear. For making me realize Walmart didn’t kill my muse or my inspiration. I put them in a box because someone told me I had to be a grown up, just like they did when I put my dreams of being a full-time writer aside to do what grown ups do. One of my favorite parts of your books is this :

    “Letting go like this is extremely difficult because it seems so selfish. Too few people rise above what others think of them. They remain in a box all of their lives without ever realizing that They. Are. In. A. Box.”

    I am out of the box and I am going to write the stories I want to tell. And when I begin to doubt myself or try to write like all of those best-selling romance authors I admire, I’m going to pick up your book and read it again.

    Oh, and here is the link to my review on Amazon. I mean every word of it.


    • WoW! Thank you for sharing your story with me, Louisa. YOU are an inspiration! Know that!


    • Mary James

      That is awesome courage! For years I had put off writing. Once I retired I knocked over the barriers to see where this new path will lead me.

    • Louisa, please send me a message. Your review was one of the winners drawn. I need your email address to send you your gift card.

  • Taffy

    Good read! I also posted my review on goodreads.


    My ah ha moment: Create on your own terms!

    • Yes, you do! Thanks!

      • You’re welcome. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing with us.

  • Alyssa Audet

    Liked it immediately and will probably reread it many times. https://www.amazon.com/review/RRPD5CESBSDG9/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

  • Mary James
  • rubyangel

    My Amazon screen name is S. Winchester. Inspired Writer is the best common sense book on writing I’ve ever read. https://www.amazon.com/review/R1JNTW5MDVONDP/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01LYG4Y6T&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=283155&store=books

  • TC

    Loved this book, Bryan, and I’m sure I’ll refer to it again and again, as I do your other books. Keep writing.
    A favorite quote from the book: “If you want to find the muse, it’s a good idea to believe in fairy tales.”
    Here’s my review (as TC).

    • TC please send me a message. Your review was one of the winners drawn. I need your email address to send you your gift card.

  • brittmalka

    Lots of good advice about finding your muse. And not just sit down and wait for it to appear.

    Here’s my review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R5HP2CA65TYJ9/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01LYG4Y6T

  • Frank


    This book will be a regular in my reference library. Great job!

    Here’s my review: https://www.amazon.com/review/R20QF81ED7CAXQ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01LYG4Y6T

  • LOVED it Bryan.

    “If you’ve never felt like giving up, if you’ve never worried that you’re not as good as you could be, then you might not be following the right dream.”

    And that was just one of many I loved. I’ll be rereading it for sure.

    Here is my review on Amazon.


    Congratulations. I found it Inspiring.

  • bernadette

    Hi Bryan,
    “People who are creative live in perpetual fear…” is one of my bookmarks. I’m a scaredy cat, hate confrontations, etc. The page that quote came from, location 684 (for me…) is a keeper.
    I’m also inspired by the idea of Sensing my Muses during Meditation, so I’m meditating more. I know Mediation is a good practice to have, but it is hard to keep a steady practice. Selfishly, and lately guiding the end of my ‘sit’ this way, it’s been easier to sense whomever chooses to show up. Also, I’d begun keeping a Morning Pages Journal since June this year. Those 3 big questions in your book have become tough new fodder. As I mention in my review, I’m keeping this little book at the top of my queue, so I can put my cursor anywhere, harmoniously, and read a bit when I need a boost. Congrats on publishing, and thanks for it.


    My Amazon name is Emily Dickerson. And, I am Weird ;~D

  • Colleen Golafshan

    Hi Bryan

    As a fellow Tribe Writer, I feel privileged to have shared a little of the last of your journey to publishing “Inspired Writer”. Your advice on repeatedly journalling those 3 questions has been helpful, as has much more of the book. It’s inspired me; helped me zero in on what I’m compelled to write. I’m seeking the courage to do this, challenged by your words:
    ‘It’s better to pick a fight and stand for something than to go through life off the radar, cowering because you’re afraid to do or say what you feel you must.’ (Kindle location 1136).

    I posted a review earlier, not realizing it was on Aussie Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/review/R12C04292RN2FF/ref=pe_1168592_181361312_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
    So I’ve just posted again on Amazon.com:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Patrick

    Caution, this may change your life ! Pat o day Amazon review