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A Why-Not Guide To Happiness – Book Description Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Happy Every Day” book description contest. The winners have been chosen.

Before I get to the winners I want to remind you that there is only one day left to enter the drawing for the blog entry contest. It’s super simple to enter and you can find out how to at this link.

Now, the winners…

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First Place: Louise Mandelzer

btween A Why-Not Guide To Happiness

Everyone has good days and bad days. Some days the universe seems to be smiling down on you and everything is going your way, and other days it seems like the whole world is against you. Being happy everyday is nearly impossible for most people, but in his new book, “Happy Every Day-Simple, Effective Ways to Better Days”, Bryan Hutchinson presents practical ways to capitalize on those every day moments and opportunities that we may be missing to be happier than we ever thought possible.

Hutchinson lays out 26 strategies to becoming a happier person from his life experiences that helped him overcome a painful childhood of disappointment and regret. He doesn’t promise any quick fixes or cures for depression or anxiety, but he does suggest that if a person wants to be happier in their daily life that it is attainable and much easier than most people realize.

Some of the strategies he presents in the chapters: ‘Laugh at Your Mistakes’, ‘Gratitude’, and ‘Affirmations’ aren’t new, but his approach is groundbreaking in its simplicity and effectiveness. He writes in an uncomplicated, positive style, including anecdotes from his experiences, without any of the dry, disconnected psycho babble. His tone throughout the book is sincere and personal as though he is sharing down-to-earth advice with a friend.

“Happy Every Day” is a book that you can read straight through or start at any chapter that may interest you. There are writing/journaling exercises relevant to each chapter that you can do at the end or come back to do anytime.

The chapters, ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Fail, To be Happy’, are particularly thought provoking that include unexpected ways (and unique journal exercises) to becoming a happier person.

‘Fail, To be Happy’ is one of the most compelling chapters. In this chapter he emphasizes the importance of not succeeding at everything and not being perfect. What? How can failing help a person find happiness? He makes what seems counterintuitive realistic and helpful.

This book is for anyone who wants to be happier and chooses to enhance their own existence and the people around them by incorporating into their daily life simple, effective strategies for being happy. Anyone reading this description has some desire to become a happier person and that is all the author believes is necessary to make these strategies work.

Hutchinson’s easy going style and positive approach makes, “Happy Every Day” less of a how-to book on happiness, and more of a why-not guide to happiness. Why not try these strategies?


Runners up

There are two runners up, Anne Peterson and Anastacia Maness.

Congratulations! And Thank you!

**I have lowered the price of “Happy Every Day” through the holidays until the New Year, January 1st 2013 to $0.99!

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  • La McCoy

    Powerful review. Great book.

  • themagicviolinist

    Congrats to the winners! 🙂 If I hadn’t already bought the book, I would now based on your review!

  • What a great book description! You wrote an excellent book, Bryan.

  • Well done guys, I love the book description that Louise wrote, Bryan.

  • katina vaselopulos

    Congratulations Anne and Anastacia!
    Congratulations Bryan! Just downloaded your book. Sounds great!

  • Dan Erickson

    Congratulations to all the writers. Great book description. Fun contest, too.