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Secret Revealed: Who the Muse Really Is (and How to Discover Yours)

I ended a recent post with a quote by Stephen King about the muse and I am going to begin this post with the same quote:

There is a muse, but he’s not going to come fluttering down into your writing room and scatter creative fairy-dust all over your typewriter…

King believes there is a muse and I wholeheartedly agree with him; furthermore, I’ve discovered exactly who the muse is.

It’s someone you know.

There is a muse.

Haven’t we all wondered who the muse is? I mean, we’ve heard of this mythical being for as long as we can remember. Haven’t we?

Writers have written about the muse down through the centuries, sometimes she is indeed a mythical fairy who sprinkles dust all over your typewriter, and other times he’s a moody cigar smoking jerk only offering inspiration when it darn well suits him and never when you ask for it.

But what if these descriptions are wrong?

And yet, there are, in fact, real true-to-life muses.

Your muse is closer to you than you realize. (Click to Tweet)

Are you ready to discover who your muse is?

Who believes in you and your writing, even if you may never publish a bestseller, or even if you never publish anything at all?

Who cheers you on regardless if you’re winning or losing? Especially if you’re losing. I’m talking about the one who always has season tickets. He or she is there to offer whatever support you need, whenever it’s needed, whether it’s a high-five for a job well done or encouragement to lift you up for your next attempt.

Indeed, who is the one that supports you for the passion you bring to your work and the struggles you endure, regardless of the outcome?

Who is the muse?

At any given time, it could be a teacher, or a coach, or a husband, or a wife, or a parent, or a brother, or a sister, or a best friend, or even a dog or a cat, or it could be several of them…

I’m certain if you think about it for just a moment, you’ll realize you know exactly who your muse is.

How about taking a moment today and let your muse know how special they are and how much they mean to you and the work you do.

Who is your muse? Share in the comments.

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  • Joe Stephens

    My muse is a friend named Maria Delgado. My nickname for her is Pepper because she’s the Pepper to my Tony Stark. You have to be a bit of a nerd to understand that reference. We aren’t a couple, but she’s my biggest fan. She reads and gushes about everything I write and helps me in any way she can.

    • I totally get the reference. We all could use a Pepper Potts in our life.

  • Without doubt my muse is my husband, Bob. Whether I write rubbish or something stellar he’s always there to cheer me on, adding his input or cool new idea. He’s actually come up with some great twists that I’ve used in my plot.

  • Jennifer Blair

    My muse is my friend and mentor, Barbara Sher. She has a low-key sense of humor, high-intelligence and a way of cutting through all your bullshit to nail the truth every time. Above all, she is kind. Slowly, over the years, she has made me believe in me and given me permission to express who I am. I am a better person, mother, grandmother, author, artist and – hopefully – friend, because of her. (She’s a damn good writer, too, with several best-selling books under her belt.) I consider myself lucky to have her in my life.

  • I love that Stephen King quote! My muse is my dear father, who is alive and well, and my mother, who is not. Both supported my love of reading and writing unconditionally throughout my whole life, and my mom still does in my heart and mind, while my dad reads every thing I write.

    • Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who reads everything you write? Joan does that for me.

  • Katharine

    Sometimes SHE is a cigar smoking jerk. Just sayin’…
    I am my own muse. I am the only one I have right now. Used to be some others, but they got tired, thinking a book would take a few months, but I am stuck with me. Cannot get a way.

    • lol I get it, Katharine! 🙂

    • Susan Mary Malone

      I love that, Katharine! That’s my muse too. While those outside of ourselves can be supportive, that creative fire is stoked from within.
      Now I’m gonna try your cigar theory . . .

      • Katharine

        I do not smoke. Ha! 😉

        • Susan Mary Malone

          Dang! My muse can be a jerk too so I figured a cigar would placate her! May try it anyhow 🙂

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    My first Muse was my father, who first taught me about the beautiful Greek Muses–females, I might add–who come to inspire people in all arts. Though gone over 45 years, he is still my muse, often coming to my dreams when I need inspiration and help in handling life. My father as well as my grandfather always believed in us children and encouraged us to grow with art, knowledge, love, and values.

    Few other people have been trusting me and encouraging me to trust my self when I couldn’t, making a difference in my life and writing.

    • I believe the ones who were there for us in life are still there for us when we can’t “see” them anymore.

  • I would say my muses are a couple of my friends, and my daughter and my husband. My daughter is one of my biggest fans which is fine, because I’m one of hers as well. It’s nice to have others who appreciate your work, but it’s fun when you count yourself among those who like what you write. 🙂

  • Susan Barker

    My muse is my nine year old puppy dog who lays beside me, or sits under my feet. Doesn’t matter if I’m writing, or just staring at the wall. Not too long ago, I had a kitty cat that enjoyed sitting on the table beside my computer. Whenever I looked away, he would add his own thoughts into my writing by pecking the keys. Then, he would jump down and run across the room, all tickled about his accomplishment. He was my trickster.

  • Aala Elsadig

    If my muse is someone like that, then I guess I have two musses; one of my friends and my brother.
    Now that I think of it, my brother is more like a strict editor that works for free for me =D.
    My friend also feels like an editor a bit, but for a reason or another, when I speak about writing with her, some sort of feeling of writing comes in the inside, and when I hold a pen and a notebook, I end up vomiting all of my ideas out. It’s a really wonderful feeling when you write all your thoughts and feelings in a story. 🙂