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What Do You Love Most About Writing?

You’re a writer and you love writing. Right? It’s hard work, sure, but you know you love it.

Don’t deny it. Are there times when you hate it? Of course. It’s tough when the words don’t come and your fingers won’t move, and nothing irritates you more than someone saying, “Just start.” or “Just write.”

Yeah, there’s a bridge, just jump why don’t you? Because it’s not that easy. So when it comes to writing it helps to remind yourself, not only why you started writing, but more along the lines of what do you LOVE most about writing?

I want you to think about that. Seriously. It’s important. By the end of this post have your answer ready, you’re going to need it.

Quotes from writers about what they love most about writing:

I’ve been a member of an online writing course, Tribe Writers, for about 3 years. The course is taught by the blogging Jedi, Jeff Goins. What started out as a writing course has turned into a wonderful writing community where I enjoy hanging my hat.

Tribe Writers are great people, doing great things and so I asked them earlier this week if they would share quotes for this post about what they love most about writing. These quotes should prove inspirational and remind you why you love writing, too.

Here are their answers:


Writing helps me see the joy in being alive.

― Pamela Hodges www.ipaintiwrite.com


Writing is like a soothing balm to my soul – cleansing, refreshing, and renews life within!

― Clara Lucca Hinton www.silentgriefsupport.com


What I love most about writing are the moments of resonance: when my words sound in someone and bring the healing, laughter, or understanding they need to live out loud.

― Dayna Bickham www.daynabickham.com


Writing allows me to share what’s inside to those on the outside. Writing allows me to be connected to other souls.

― David Mike www.dilemmamike.com


When I write, I feel like the truest version of myself.

― Nicole Gulotta www.eatthispoem.com


Because of writing I believe I can live a story as good as the one I’m telling. And I believe I can help others live a better one too.

― Marshall Coleman www.marshallcoleman.net


Writing is a gift we give ourselves as we allow life affirming truths flow through us to others.

― Susan Scott www.SusanAScott.com


Writing lets you grow where you are planted. No matter your circumstances, you can always write about where you are.

― Don Abbott www.thesnarkygardener.com


You can write your way out of writer’s doubt. The more you write, the more you’ll believe you can.

― Lorna Faith www.lornafaith.com


Some things in life are best first written down and writing them down is sometimes better than opening one’s mouth before we’ve thought it through. Once written, too much thinking might be like putting water into wine!.

― Robert Hamilton www.writehonest.com


Writing lets me capture ideas and passions and blogging helps me index them for reflection.

― Brooke Gordon www.weekbyweek.ca


I believe in the power of words. I have been changed by the words in books. I write to prevent child abuse, to improve the lives of parents, and eventually change the next generation.

― Jayna Coppedge www.jaynac.com


I write to remind myself of what’s true, to find beauty & hope, to build a better future, create a brighter world.

― Sarah Simmons www.beautifulbetween.com


Writing gives a home to all the random, disconnected thoughts which run through my mind keeping me awake at night. I get to create something cohesive and beautiful and to touch others with my words in the process.

― Kamsin Kaneko www.lifeinthekeyofe.com


Writing helps me escape reality, create new realities, and connect with real people and places in amazing ways. I love writing.

― David Villalva www.davidvillalva.com


I love the fact that I can create a whole new world, something no one else has ever seen. And through that world, I can communicate truth and beauty and grace. Things there aren’t enough of in this world.

― Nicole Mackey www.nicolemackey.com


Writing reminds me of who I really am. It gives voice to the whisper inside me in a loud world.

― Becky Hastings www.myinkdance.com


Writing gives me the ultimate freedom of self-expression without limits.

― Sean Van Zant www.lovinggodlovingpeople.net


Writing is something I cannot, not, do. America needs wisdom on how to create healthier relationships. I am committed to writing and sharing 33 years of research and study to this end.

― Kellie Frazier www.lovedifferently.info


Writing is like a prayer, whispered in words channeled through my fingers: From my muse to you.

― Sandra Gardner www.tallredpoppy.com


I love writing and being able to connect people with the emotions they’ve lost.

― Anne Gollias Peterson www.annepeterson.com

Thank you, Tribe Writers. Awesome!

You want to know what I love most about writing?

The people I meet.

I love getting together with fellow writers in the trenches. I love talking about writing. I love reading about writing. I love writing. But what I love most about writing is that it brings me together with a wonder group of people who are writers.

Really. I’m tearing up. I love you people! Dang it.


So now it’s your turn. Remember, I asked you to be ready with your answer by the end of this post.

What I would like you to do is post your answer as to what you love most about writing in the comments, and as did my fellow Tribe Writers above, include your blog or website’s address.

Have fun! C’mon, don’t be shy. You know you love writing and now it’s time to share the reason and inspire someone else.

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  • Eureka Wildman

    I love writing because I’ve always made up stories in my mind and now I can write them down and share them with people

  • Writing has always been a lifeline to keep me from drowning in the murky abyss that wants to swallow me up.

  • Linda Tillis

    Relief. I started writing while I was employed full time as a 911 dispatcher. I was able to take the stress building inside me and pour it out onto my screen,( It was near the end of a 27 year span of Crime Scene Investigation and Dispatching) and believe me, there was plenty to pour! Now that I’m retired it is just the joy of telling an interesting, compelling story and seeing folks enjoy my storytelling.

    • That’s wonderful, Linda. I can only imagine what you’ve seen and been a part of, and thanks to you, maybe one day I’ll read about it. 🙂

  • Kathy Shaull

    Through writing I have the power to pull the reader though an emotional roller-coaster journey that provides them an escape and a chance to view their world with new eyes.
    Kathy Shaull

  • Don Bordua

    Alternative life. Writing allows me to enter different worlds. I can do that by reading, but with writing I also direct where I’m going.


  • Every once in a while a phrase appears in my mind, beautiful and elegant. It makes up for all the clunky awful junk in between.

  • Paul Fahey

    Writing helps me understand the past, gets me through the present, and pulls me into the future. http://paulalanfahey.com

  • tom garner

    Exploring the dark rooms of my heart, I poured my rage into a secret journal, and learned how to cry again. Slowly, I gained understanding and found my voice.

    As time went by, the journal became a story about my adventure, it became the story about the people I was meeting. Our stories. The stories of wanderers, some lost, some displaced, a few fellow seekers.

    Today, these stories continue on a Facebook Page, that’s become a blog about homelessness and poverty. And hope.

    http://www.OccupyHomeless.wordpress.com – i am gnat (but that’s a top level secret, so please don’t tell)

  • Kathryn McClatchy

    Writing is how I discover myself, my thoughts, my dreams, my desires. I write to connect with others, to learn and process information, and to teach and mentor. I write stories to create empathy and make sense of the senseless. http://kathrynmcclatchy.com/

  • Writing allows me to create world’s where hope and love show characters a way forward and thus, hopefully, giving readers the same path.

  • Fiona Skye

    Writing helps me express myself in a way that talking cannot. I get easily flustered and frustrated when I talk to someone. My words get mixed up. I have a very difficult time trying to verbally explain myself. But put me in front of a blank piece of paper and give me a pen and I’ll write you beautiful, heart-breaking words, words that make you think, words that make you angry, words that make you laugh.


  • John Guzzardo

    Writing allows me the ability to heal myself and others through humor. Without writing, i would be a shell of myself and unable to achieve the inner peace i crave. Http:\getinjohnshead.wordpress.com

  • I don’t know how my life would have been without writing, because reading my article over social media makes me feel like a millionaire, yet I have no penny in my pocket. Thanks for sharing theses inspirational quotes.

    • Ha! I totally get that. We’re all richer when we write. 🙂

  • Linda Summersea

    I thought this might be a hokey post. Almost deleted without clicking on the email link. After all, I’m trying to edit today. Trying not to be distracted. But I Did click. Scrolled down the list. Loved Nicole Gilotta’s quote:

    When I write, I feel like the truest version of myself.”
    ― Nicole Gulotta http://www.eatthispoem.com

    That’s definitely what it’s all about for me too. Linda Summersea

  • JDozier

    I love to write because it provides the opportunity for me to share my intimate thoughts and creative ideas with the world or with an audience of a few. Either way, I get to express my authentic self.

  • I love this quote because I too have been carried away by the power of words. I have some dyslexia and writing helps me unlock the different symbols I perceive in a way to influence other’s perceptions.

    I believe in the power of words. I have been changed by the words in books. I write to prevent child abuse, to improve the lives of parents, and eventually change the next generation.

    ― Jayna Coppedge http://www.jaynac.com

    – See more at: http://positivewriter.com/love-most-about-writing/#sthash.vWcW5msJ.dpuf

  • Mrderrickt

    I love the power of writing. I love writing what I am passionate about and not holding back. People who do not write have no idea the joy of creating art. Writers create art that can inspire others as well as ourselves. I am glad to be back in the place I belong. The world has better get ready- pen ignited!!!! 🖊

    Life Highlighted

  • autonomous

    What I love most about writing is that it can be revised or deleted, but that it needn’t be. I can say not only whatever I want to but shouldn’t, but what I overhear. I can reveal what my invisible friends (or enemies) say, and I can lie about where or whether I heard it. I wasn’t brave enough to have invisible friends when I was a child.

  • Evolet Yvaine

    I had a bracelet and ring custom made with the following quote: “With a pencil and paper, I create worlds.” In a nutshell, that sums up what I love most about writing

  • V. Ichizli-Bartels

    What I love most about writing is the surprising result of it. Because it is never the same as the planing or daydreaming the sentences before the actual process of writing. The result is always different. As if someone else, invisible, is correcting along the way or dictating the text. And what never stops to amaze me is that the result – however raw and in need of thorough revision – is always better that the pre-planned, unrecorded and day-dreamt one. I guess because the written one is physically there (even if only in binary code, but still) and the other one is just air, long gone and non-existent. The words on paper or screen are real.

  • Karen Sargent

    What I love most about writing is that I’m doing it. Twenty-two years ago I became a HS English teacher because I love reading and writing. Between teaching and raising a family, I had no time to write for pleasure. My girls are now in their late teens, and I am finding more free time. At this moment in my life, l simply love most that I am writing.

  • Edwina Gustafson

    I love the thrill of placing my fingers on the keyboard and being in the possibility that I might put words together in such a way that expands somebody’s thinking.

  • I love to make something alive in my spirit, a caracter, a landscape, to give others a message in a personal unique way. This feeling to be alive. Passion, even if it hurts, it’s about life and signs. Thanks for giving so much positive insights.
    Have a look on my website : it’s in french and I can’t translate my words now but anyway… I share because some of your followers, who can read french, will do. 🙂

  • Rebecca Hricko

    My brother read one of my blog posts and exclaimed to me, “I’ve never heard you express yourself like that!” As an introvert, I have a very hard time verbally expressing myself, but the written word brings to life what is inside me.

    • Margie Hord


  • Tyerone Johnson

    What I love about writing is how it helps me make sense of the world and myself. And how it allows me to connect with others. tyeronejohnson.com

  • Donna St-Onge Cederstrand

    The thing I love the most about writing is the freedom to be myself. I can express my individuality through my words. I can create whatever I choose. I have complete control over my future.

  • Judy Peterman Blackburn

    Writing brings out my creativeness. I tried painting, singing… well, I won’t talk about that. When I wrote my first story, in grade school and the teacher complemented me and had me read it in front of the class, it started a spark. The fire has been put out from time to time, but it keeps flaring up, it never really died. The empty notebook and pen call me and I have to answer and fill it up with words only I can write.
    Thanks for your blogs, they are encouraging and insightful.

  • Writing gives me the chance to explore myself. When I write, I map out my goals, or I figure out how to make a character work, or I finally find that sweet spot for a blog post. I travel rugged terrains and go to the top of mountains without leaving my house. I find my voice. I get all those emotions out and feel better.

  • RodneyandChris Phillips

    I have a passion for decorating as well as creating whether it is in the home, kitchen or somewhere my gifts can be used. To me, writing is decorating with words and creating something worth reading! I wanted to write 34 years ago but lacked the passion to do so. That passion lives in me now and I hope it overflows to my readers and brings them encouragement to keep keeping on! thescarlettroad.com

  • Margie Hord

    Writing helps me to be, to a greater extent, eternal. I may pass on but my words will not. Many more people can appreciate what God and life have taught me. I can touch the lives of those I do not even know. I can make others laugh or cry or think more deeply.

  • sharisha adira

    Writing give me the insight from other person’s thought. It always fun when I get to see what they see, hear what they hear and-what I love the most is- I can read their thoughts as well. It is like I am understanding a friend of mine, whom story is being written by me. There’s always something new to learn from every character I have written in my stories. And so far, this is the reason why I don’t stop writing. 🙂

  • samcarter44

    Writing helps me make sense of my world and the questions I have about my Christian faith. It is something that is just mine and gives me the space to think, dream, and understand what is important to me. https://alisarussell.wordpress.com/

  • lunapoet

    After years of fighting it ( though not intentionally) I have found writing to be my home. It is a place of escape but also a place where I am able to express my thoughts and emotions. Writing can be a wonderful bring that connects like minded souls to each other. The power of words are lasting and sometime I just want to know that my voice is being heard.