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Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog for 2017

Happy New Year! It’s that time again – to nominate your favorite writing blog for 2017.

Let’s do this!


I’d like your help with choosing the best writing blogs for 2017. Are you up for the challenge?

Every year, Positive Writer publishes the 50 best writing blogs on the web and although most of the selections have already been made through the course of the previous year, there are still a dozen spots open and I need YOUR help in filling those spots.

Since the best blogs are not listed in any particular order, it’s a pretty big deal if your nominated blog makes the final list.

Here’s how to nominate your favorite writing blog:

Post a link to your favorite blog on writing (how-to or inspirational) in the comments with a short explanation as to why you are nominating it.

Please do not nominate more than two blogs and do not nominate any specific blog more than once.

The more nominations a particular blog receives from more people the better its chances of being selected.

You can nominate your own blog; however, to increase its chances of being selected inform your readers that they can nominate it as well. You’ll need at least one person to second your nomination.

The nominated blogs can be by multiple authors and can be about other topics, as long as writing is the main topic.

The final date for nominations is 15 January 2017.

Nominate your favorite now, go!

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  • Abidemi Sanusi

    Hey Bryan, I would like to nominate my blog http://www.abidemi.tv. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks! I’ll take a look. Remember to get your readers to second it for you.

      Happy New Year!

      • Abidemi Sanusi

        Will do. Thanks, Bryan!

  • I nominate K.M. Weiland’s Writing Blog, Helping Writers Become Authors. KM is an amazing woman, very helpful in her private Facebook group (it’s easy enough to join, the instructions are on the blog), she’s very giving, her advice is awesome, and her blogs are always interesting even if her advice doesn’t always resonate with your writing path. the link is https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/

  • EdieMelson

    I’d like to nominate two blogs – http://www.novelrocket.com and http://www.seekerville.blogspot.com. I love both those sites. Although it’s really hard to choose because there are so many amazing sites out there!

  • Mandi Lynn Strzelewicz

    I would like to nominate my blog: https://mandilynn.com/

    I post weekly videos on writing and tips on publishing and self-publishing.

  • Josiah DeGraaf

    I nominate K.M. Weiland’s blog: helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com. Fantastic writing blog.

  • Kaylane

    I would like to nominate http://thewritepractice.com/, because their articles really help and encourage me.

  • Kh

    I would like to nominate K.M Weilands blog. It’s so resourceful and such a friendly place to learn the craft. http://disq.us/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhelpingwritersbecomeauthors.com%3Alb0f61tQqH_QW7uepnIB_gHDEPU&cuid=1880443

  • Karen Sargent

    I would like to nominate http://writershelpingwriters.net/. Angela and Becca offer so much quality information and many tools for writers. In addition, they are active on Twitter and post links to quality articles on others’ websites.

  • Susan Maccarelli

    I am nominating beyondyourblog.com – This is my site that has a loyal following of bloggers/writers who find information on how and where to get published BEYOND their personal blogs via editor interviews, directories of writing opportunities and tips for submitting writing.

  • Diane Turner

    KM Weiland’s blog Writers Helping Writers.
    Every post contains useful and insightful information.

  • Diane Turner

    Writers Helping Writers. Every post from Angela and Becca contains useful and insightful information. Thank you.

  • Sefton

    https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com for the specific and detailed examples in her writing craft articles.

    http://www.livewritethrive.com for her excellent resources on story structure.

    Also http://thewritepractice.com for their thought provoking articles on writing and the necessity of practice.

    • Alecia

      I just wanted to upvote k.m.weiland’s helping writers become authors on your post but don’t know how without upvoting both nominations.

  • Erin Lodes

    I find Janice Hardy’s Fiction University very helpful. The posts are short and focused, the writing is fun and friendly, and the posting schedule provides just enough content that I can keep up with it without becoming overwhelmed! http://blog.janicehardy.com/

  • Nalani Harmon

    I nominate my blog https://teribelle.wordpress.com/for-women-40-years-and-over-a-new-lease-on-our-life/; https://meetingwiththemuse.com/ . Please nominate the blogs and others of your choice.

  • Letrise Carter

    I would like to nominate Sistah’s Place entertainment blog at http://www.sistahsplace.com because it give a platform for indie and national talent in publishing, television, and film to shine.

  • Letrise Carter

    I would like to nominate Maya’s Blog at http://www.mayashowcase.com because it’s a unity of sisters sharing stories that inspire, empower, and educate.

  • Madelyn Hill
  • Kathy Scott

    I’d like to nominate wordserve.com as a blog that helps me in my writing. The encouragement and practical tips have helped me in my writing journey.

  • Jean-Paul Farhat

    I nominate http://www.longstryshort.com/ Short stories with a twist. You never expect the ending.

  • Ghadi

    http://www.longstryshort.com Because the stories are so realistic and amazing !

  • Paul toumieh

    I would like to nominate http://www.longstryshort.com for it s amazing content and entertaining stories that always have a twist.

  • Chloe Lahoud
  • Sebastien

    I would like to nominate http://www.longstryshort.com because even thought i’m not a fan of reading, i can always sit back and enjoy every short story on this blog.

  • Stephanie Bechara

    http://www.longstryshort.com I nominate this blog mainly for the following reasons:
    – The writer manages to write in a way that catches your attention and takes your breath away.
    – No matter how much you think you expect the ending, you just don’t.
    – The fall of every story/event is just stunning.
    – The writer is so talented whereas his writing style is extremely impressive. Rare are the people who truly know how to fit description throughout passages in ways that actually make you picture the scene/idea.

    I truly think this blog is going far and might eventually become the leading blog in the category of short stories throughout 2017.

  • José

    I would like to nominate http://www.longstryshort.com because of its excellent content and always brilliant endings. The author’s stories never fail to blow our minds, specially with their perfect endings. Cheers!

  • It was hard to come up with my second recommendation, as I was torn between one not mentioned yet and the write practice…. but I really like Joanna Penn’s Blog The Creative Penn… another super helpful lady, with some wonderful posts… the link is http://www.thecreativepenn.com/

  • Alecia

    I nominate km weiland’s blog. https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ because I’ve learned more about the craft of writing there, in a user-friendly, outgoing, interactive and responsive environment, than I have any place else. There’s a tremendous wealth of information there. I wish I could print it all and fill binders with the articles so I could refer to them when I don’t want to be chained to my computer!

  • Tracey Ebbs

    I would like to nominate Abidemi Sanusi at http://www.abidemi.tv because she is passionate about helping writers to write better. I’ve found her advice invaluable in helping to grow my business.

  • Eileen N Pedro Diaz

    I would love to nominate LittleZotz Writing!

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you so much! <3

  • sherry

    I would like to nominate http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com/ for her willingness to feature other writers and to provide information that helps to inspire all writers.

  • sherry

    I would also like to nominate my own writing blog at http://www.sherryalexanderwrites.com/blog because it covers my journey as a new writer with all the obstacles and successes.

  • Magda

    I would like to nominate http://www.longstryshort.com because the stories are short and written in such a captivating way, and the endings are always unexpected!

  • Kate
  • I would like to nominate http://ourwriteside.com/ because they understand the needs of both experienced writers and new writers and offer a wide variety of tips, help, access to services, prompts, and other tools to help writers develop and polish their craft while also having fun and interacting with other writers.

  • I want to nominate https://www.curiouserediting.com/blog/ – very inspirational and an expert in her craft!

  • David Mike

    Shayla Eaton https://www.curiouserediting.com because she is awesome. I cannot begin to list the ways she personally helped launch my book.

  • Joao

    CuriouserEditing.com. Insightful and useful information given freely and with a servant’s heart.

  • KC

    I just love this site:
    Katie Weiland is just awesome [gush, gush, gush]. She provides lots of resources, fantastic advice, and a great news letter. Check it out! I’m sure you’ll agree!
    KC Herbel

  • Charles S Areson

    There are several great ones out there but right now I have to nominate, CuriouserEditing.com , one specifically hit me exactly where I was and answered all the questions I was facing about taking a rough draft to the next step.

  • Aurora

    I’d like to nominate http://www.curiouserEditing.com. Shayla Eaton does a phenomenal job of providing great content — information and encouragement — for indie authors. She’s the BFF every indie author needs!

  • Joe Long

    1st K.M. Weiland https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/
    Katie’s a good teacher and easy to follow along. She hits in depth subjects without lsojg the audience, and is quite patient with commenters!

    2nd Recently found Annie Allen http://annerallen.com/ and am enjoying her posts as well. She is also useful, to the point, and understandable.

  • I would like to nominate writerunboxed.com. Their posts are the ones I read most often. They use multiple writers, and every post is relevant to me as a writer – no fluff. All of them are useful and encouraging, and I have learned a lot from the site.

  • Laura

    I nominate KM Weiland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Author’s. The site is user friendly, extremely resourceful, engaging and she’s encouraging, inspiring and generous.


  • I want to nominate https://www.curiouserediting.com/, because Shayla is the most passionate and expert writer/author/editor I know. Her site is never stagnant, but it’s never just busy either. She delivers solid, polished, inspiration-packed content to aspiring authors and writers of all levels. Her emails are also the best and I look forward to them in my inbox.

  • Brian

    I nominate K.M. Weiland’s blog Helping Writers Become Authors. I have learned loads from that site about everything from preparation to pacing to polishing. K is a wonderful person and makes some of the scariest topics approachable.


  • Jennifer Blanchard

    StoryFix.com hands down!

  • Jennifer Blanchard’s blog http://jenniferblanchard.net along with her 1% Writer’s Club Facebook group, gave my writing a HUGE boost in 2016! I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants to build better writing habits and take actions that lead to success.

  • Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com/blog/ is without a doubt the blog I most often save links to, for reading again. Very inspiring, and has all the tips you need to get serious about writing.

  • Lisa Marie

    http://jenniferblanchard.net/ Jennifer Blanchard’s blog is my favorite. She is relatable, passionate, and knows how to kick your butt into gear.

  • chrissy94

    Jennifer Blanchard’s blog at http://www.jenniferblanchard.net. Jennifer is very generous with the amount of free, informative, helpful content that she publishes & it covers everything from marketing, to manifestation, to inspiration, to productivity and story structure.

  • Bronwyn Bassett

    Jennifer Blanchard’s Blog at http://jenniferblanchard.net. I stumbled across her blog back in May 2016. Its fun, informative with just the right amount of arse kicking 🙂

  • James Riggs

    http://jenniferblanchard.net. Jennifer has helped me become a daily writer after years of starting and stopping!

  • Freya Liston

    I like http://www.thewritelife.com and the ProWritingAid Blog (https://prowritingaid.com/en/Blog/recent). Both include a ton of very practical writing information but are also witty and entertaining to read.

  • Mary DeRosa Hughes

    I absolutely love http://jenniferblanchard.net/ . Jen is the real deal…solid story structure and all around writing advice, delivered with humor and (as someone before me said) “just the right amount of arse kicking” ; )

  • Mary DeRosa Hughes

    I’m a big fan of https://davidvillalva.com/. His free “Storytelling Blueprint” is so well done…a must for writers intent upon improving their craft. And his blog is insightful, personal and often hilarious. Great stuff!

  • Passionate about writing and her audience, the generous Sarah Fox ( https://thebookishfox.com/blog/ ) provides unique value by inspiring her community with personable stories and insights on writing.

  • Abigail Skaar

    Oh, hands down — http://heyimawriter.com/
    I just LOVE that Lianna Grace has so many tips to writers, and you don’t even have to be a GOOD writer. Just read the blog. It’s inspiring. It’s challenging. It’s thought-provoking. It gives you (in my opinion/experience) this great desire to write. And the girl behind the words is just as amazing herself.

  • Sherrie Biernacki

    Hardworking and conscientious about her own writing and helping others, I nominate Sarah Fox at http://thebookishfox.com/blog.

  • Lianna Grace

    My website heyimawriter.com has write advice, inspiration, a weekly writing challenge, and Book talk!

  • zoë wingfeather

    lianna has AMAZING encouraging devotional blippy thingies and honestly i just love her. she really brightens my inbox with her sunshiney words on how to be a godly woman <3

    also, https://writefury.wordpress.com/ is also an /amazing/ blog. she's got the most interesting, sassy, funny, and lovable characters in her Blank Mastermind serial amnesiac book. vOTE FOR HER

  • Timothy Nance

    https://thebookishfox.com/blog/ Is the one writing blog I consistently read. Sarah Fox is a great resource and a great inspiration for writing. She’s also always been eager to help and answer my questions when I’ve asked.

  • Stephanie Raffelock

    Jenniferblanchard.net — Love her positive attitude and her practical teaching. She’s one heck of a coach. A woman for all seasons. I nominate her blog!

  • Cathleen

    https://thebookishfox.com/blog/ Sarah has a great sense of humor and offers valuable and encouraging insights on the writing process.

  • Sara

    I nominate Sarah at https://thebookishfox.com/blog/. She uses humor, pop culture references, and her own experiences to help others navigate the writing process in a fun and friendly way.

  • AIK

    I’d like to nominate shesnovel.com, which will be soon changed to well-storied.com. Kristen has wonderful articles and newsletters that are both well written, thought out, and precise. Her website is also beautifully made.

  • sharon goldstein

    I NOMINATE SARAH at https://thebookishfox.com/blog. Her insightful comments help other writers and she has a good sense of humor as well.

  • Joanne Melendez

    I nominate Sarah Fox from the Bookish Fox!
    She’s got a great attitude, hilarious outlook, and so eager to help! You can tell she’s a beautiful person behind the writing. And a great website to boot! Love her logo!

  • betybobety

    Jenniferblanchard.net is my go-to for all writing needs.

  • Tera

    My friend Lianna has a fantastic blog called http://heyimawriter.com/ and it’s honestly one of my all-time favorite things. She has a way of writing her articles in a way that immerses you and makes you want to dive right into writing your own story. Her blog is fun and helpful and if she doesn’t win this contest there is no justice in the world. XD

  • Cath

    I’m nominating http://heyimawriter.com/. My friend Lianna is such a brilliant author and ever post she makes teaches me something new about writing. She’s funny and inspiring and it really shows through her blog. Each post is super thoughtful and well worded. She really deserves to win this.

  • Geri Lafferty

    Hi. I decided to add this as a comment because I haven’t had any luck on the “contact us” form. I signed up for your free ebook (giant pop-up on home page, plus link at the top of htis page). Nothing came. Maybe it’s not working?

  • Geri Lafferty

    I am nominating Lisa Tener’s inspirational blog http://www.lisatener.com/blog as one of the top blogs for writers, especially for the nonfiction writer. Lisa shares her experience as an award-winning book writing coach and how she helps writers complete and publish their books.

  • Maria Hossain

    Two blogs please:

    First is Kristen Kieffer’s She Novel for it helped me a lot in understanding plot structure and others. And Kristen is really sweet.


    Second is Tomi Adeyemi. Her posts are very helpful and she has a Facebook group for her subscribers to meet and mingle.


  • Rachel

    I’m nomitating http://shesnovel.com/ ; it’s a blog treating a lot of subjects and the one whose posts encouraged me to start writing seriously. It’s excellent to learn about various topics, from pre-writing to publishing.

  • Madison Ezzell

    I am nominating Kristen Kieffer’s blog, She’s Novel https://www.shesnovel.com/ . This blog goes over every aspect of writing. I am always able to find a helpful article whenever I need one. Kristen is also very involved with her readers and always willing to help us out!

  • Nicole Gulotta

    Hi Bryan, Thanks for the opportunity to submit! I’m nominating myself (http://nicolemgulotta.com/blog), along with fellow writers Nicole Bianchi (http://nicolebianchi.com) and Rachel Giesel (https://rachelgiesel.com).

  • Erin Winick

    I’d love to nominate A.Z. Anthony’s awesome writing blog! https://azanthony.com/blog/ It is hilarious, insightful and talks about topics I don’t see on any other blogs!

  • A.Z. Anthony

    She’s Novel (https://www.shesnovel.com/) is one of the most helpful writing blogs out there. I cannot recommend it enough. The posts are frequent, informative and, from my experience in the publishing world, very accurate.

    As well, I’d be remiss not to include my own (https://azanthony.com/blog/). It’s a newer blog, but steadily growing and it’s been an absolute pleasure to write. If you’re looking for writing advice, boiled down in easy-to-digest messages, and seasoned with a healthy helping of tangential hilarity, I invite you to swing by!

  • Teri C.

    I love She’s Novel (https://www.shesnovel.com/). Kristen is so friendly and approachable in her style, and her posts are always spot on. She takes the time to respond to questions and comments, and is a great cheerleader for other writers.

  • J Bull

    I’m nominating http://www.shesnovel.com (soon to be well-storied.com). Kristen creates excellent articles for writers, easily accessible for all levels of experience. She writes with clear detail, covering the subject in depth, but manages not to overwhelm the reader. Every article she writes is insightful and helpful, and this resource is the first place I visit when I have a writing-related question, or if I want to refresh my memory on an element of the writing process. She also runs a popular and supportive Facebook group for writers.

  • I’m nominating The Write Practice (www.thewritepractice.com), the blog that taught me everything I know about writing. Their style of giving a practice at the end of every post, then following up with suggestions and encouragement, is so unique and it really works! I’ve been a follower for 5 years, and I became a writer under their “teaching”!

  • Meg
  • Aimee

    Seconding http://www.tomiadeyemi.com! She really knows her stuff and she’s INCREDIBLY supportive. The website has a ton of great resources and she’s super good at breaking down basics in a way that makes sense.

  • http://www.shesnovel.com Kristen is so adorable! I love how she can seem so cute, but kick butt with killer content! She’s practical and inspiring and always makes me want to aspire to write better. Her content is jam packed full of helpful advice and tips. I never leave her website!

  • Andrew Krey

    I’m nominating http://www.shesnovel.com. Kristen has a great way of delivering some very complex concepts in a very assessable way. The type of topics she discusses are so varied, and always insightful. Not only is her site a very useful resource, but Kristen really works hard to create a friendly community too, and she always has time to reply. Keep up the great work Kristin.

  • Meghan T

    I nominate Kristen Kieffer (www.shesnovel.com). She is down-to-earth and truly understands the struggles writers face. With her sunny smile (I swear you can see her bright smile through her words) she picks apart writerly dilemmas to offer solutions; outlines concepts, story structure, character and world building; and offers many free resources. And if you reply to her newsletter, she replies back!

    I also nominate KM Weiland of http://Www.helpingwriterswrite.com. Her insight into plot structure and character roles and arcs always has new revelations that take my writing further and expand my knowledge. Her articles are concise and clear and use examples that make it easy to grasp her points. Love her physical books on structure too.

    They are many great writing blogs out there, but these are the two I read and share the most!

  • Rachel

    Do I really have to choose only one? There are SO many AMAZING writing bloggers! I love them all!

    I’d be happy to agree with many of the nomination thus far, but I’m going to nominate two very special blogs that haven’t gotten as much attention as they should.

    First, I’d like to nominate E.M. Welsh (http://www.emwelsh.com/). This lovely lady doesn’t narrow down into a specific type of writing, but discusses the art of storytelling in ALL forms, whether it be through short stories, video games, scripts, or novels. E.M. is in search of what makes a good story in a given form, and she gives you all the tools you’d need to get started with a form you’re unfamiliar with. It’s a fresh take on storytelling that isn’t seen often enough in the writer-sphere. She’s knowledgeable, kind, surprising, and insightful!

    Second, I’d like to nominate Nicole Gulotta (www.nicolemgulotta.com/blog). Nicole turns her attention to another under-discussed, but highly important aspect of writing: that of the emotional self. Her posts are always kind and supportive as they walk readers through the emotional stages of writing, like breaking up with your story gently, choosing a meaningful word to guide your progress, how to view a rejection letter as a way of empowerment, and self-care for writers. I feel like often we get so caught up in focusing on craft techniques that we often forget to pay attention to this other very necessary stuff. I’m a newer reader of Nicole’s blog, but I’m absolutely loving her already!

  • Eric Riley

    I’d like to nominate Tomi Adeyemi (tomiadeyemi.com). Her resources and her hands-on approach to teaching are amazing. She is also highly accessible, via several platforms (blog, Facebook, Twitter). With her help, I completed NaNoWriMo for the first time, this past November, and I have started the process of revising my manuscript for publication. She is fantastic!!

  • Hope

    I nominate Kristen Kieffer at https://www.shesnovel.com/blog/! Kristen has been so helpful as a writing coach. She understands the up’s and down’s, the struggles, the joys, and the fears of writing. Her wonderful posts range from how to write a first draft to how to publish your work. I do not know where I’d be without Kristen and her wonderful blog!

  • Tori Li

    I’d like to nominate Faye Kirwin at https://www.writerology.net. Her blogs are always inspiring and full of useful information in terms of the psychology of the characters, and the #storycrafter chats are beyond amazing, and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my writing since discovering said blog.

  • Robin

    Kristen Kieffer (www.shesnovel.com). Her posts are very motivating and informative. Following her on FB has me writing and Reading more books again…thanks Kirsten for all you do.

  • I nominate Kristen Kieffer and her blog Shes Novel (www.shesnovel.com). Her writing blog posts are so jammed packed with awesome information. She’s also done a phenomenal job cultivating a supportive writing community both on Facebook and on Twitter. I’ve been following her for years!

  • Nicole

    I nominate Nicole Gulotta’s blog, http://nicolemgulotta.com/ She has a created a wonderful writing community & shares helpful posts on how to develop a mindful approach to writing and the creative life.

  • Wendy Angulo

    I nominate Vanessa Martir : https://vanessamartir.wordpress.com/ She is a force and an inspiration!

  • I nominate Vanessa Martir http://www.vanessamartir.net. Vanessa’s writing is engaging, authentic, and refreshing. Her Brooklyn upbringing combined with her Ivy League education makes her voice one of the most distinct voices in the literary world today. It is unlike any other I’ve read. She is raw, honest, and in a word brilliant! Her writing will grab you from the very first sentence, reel you in, and leave you wanting more. If you’ve never heard of her or read her work then you’ve been missing out on some really great writing. Once you read her work you will be hooked and wonder why it took you so long to find her. Remember the name Vanessa Martir, because it’s one that is making an impact on the literary world both on the page and in the classroom.

  • Nicolle Allred

    I nominate Kristen Kieffer and her blog Shes Novel (www.shesnovel.com). Her website has helped me, as a novice writer, to find tons of useful information and has even led me to her group on Facebook! It’s a wonderful community of supportive writers! Would be lost in my writing journey without her. She definitely deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and contributions to the writing community!

  • Pamala Sue Kingery

    I would like to nominate Tomi Adeyemi (tomiadeyemi.com). She and the writers in the group are very helpful, supportive and inspiring. Tomi’s information and lessons are spot on and up to date. She is very accessible and caring.

  • I nominate Kristen Kieffer and her blog: She’s Novel ( https://www.shesnovel.com/)
    She has a ton of helpful information; easy to understand and easy to apply 🙂

  • Jeremiah Adamson

    I nominate Kristen Kieffer and her blog: She’s Novel ( https://www.shesnovel.com/). When I first came across her posts, I thought it was geared towards only women. But I thought wrong because there’s tons of helpful stuff up there for young writers, irrespective of gender. But what really reeled me in is the time she takes to respond to questions and the concerns of a young writer. She really takes the time to do so, and when I say ‘Takes the time’, I mean an amazing response time!

  • I nominate Natasha Lester at http://www.natashalester.com.au and Allison Tait at http://allisontait.com. They both have a wonderful mix of advice and inspiration about the writing and publishing process.

  • Deborah Almonte

    I nominate https://www.vannessamartir.net, her writing is brave and inspiring.

  • Cassie Journigan

    K. M. Weiland, http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com, posts the best articles I’ve read on the subject of writing.

  • yaya

    Nominating Vanessa Mártir. https://vanessamartir.wordpress.com
    Honest and brave, she shares her journey allowing new writers to find inspiration in her distinct voice.

    • Katia Ruiz


  • Janice Roberson

    Https:// lifeimprovingmentor.com
    This site helps people improve their lives by sharing true stories and Bible verses about life.

  • dennis aldridge

    https://lifeimprovingmentor.com I like the positive messages I find here

  • Katia Ruiz

    I nominate Vanessamartir.net
    Her work is the real thing! Gritty, honest, loving, and raw!

  • Katee

    I nominate Kristen Kieffer from https://www.shesnovel.com
    Her blog is so easy to navigate and it’s helped me a lot as a writer. She is also such a lovely person! Go Kristen!

  • Lizzy

    One Life by Bec Braid
    It is honest, raw, inspiring, encouraging and beautifully written.

  • DWest

    Love this blog that shares adventures about local communities mixed with their own family history http://www.funtourguru.com/

  • Jessica Markley

    This blog is insightful and helpful. The Write Chain Challenge has kept me writing every day. https://www.writerology.net/

  • Kiah J.

    I nominate this blog because it’s so informative and impressive!!! http://heyimawriter.weebly.com/

  • John Cordial

    Writerology has been my favorite writing blog since I discovered it almost a year ago. The psychology tips have given my writing a fantastic edge and the inspiration station is a great pick me up for the slow days. The Storycrafter circle is particularly in depth, offering great insight into the psychological aspect of writing.


  • Jennifer Hallmark

    I nominate a group blog I’m a part of. Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My! (http://writingpromptsthoughtsideas.wordpress.com) We share a plethora of ideas to spark a writer’s muse, plus offer writing prompts with each post. We also interview writers and bloggers: published, self-published, and waiting to be published. Thanks!

  • Connie Pertuz-Meza

    I nominate Vanessa Mártir writing blog. She’s honest and raw and her work has been a source of inspiration for over a year and a half!

  • Jayna

    I nominate Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My! I appreciate the way this blog gives newbie writers a shot at blogging and reaching a wider audience. https://writingpromptsthoughtsideas.wordpress.com

  • I nominate Writer’s Edit (http://writersedit.com/), the publication I’m a part of. It’s a platform dedicated to helping writers at all career stages, and creating a supportive community for authors. It’s got free ultimate guides and in-depth features on topics like world building, creating authentic characters, how to write a series and more.

  • Talia

    I nominate Writers Helping Writers. It’s my favorite writing blog and I’ve been reading it for about two years now, and it’s really helped my writing improve A LOT. They have a lot of advice about every writing-related topic you could imagine (from the story itself to publishing/marketing to character and plot development), and they have lots of resources available. http://writershelpingwriters.net

  • Zoe Ashwood

    I’d like to nominate Writerology (https://www.writerology.net/) because Faye is a fantastic blogger and has plenty of great resources on motivation, character psychology, etc. I also participated in her Writember workshop, which is great. She runs the #writechain challenge which helped me write my first draft of my first WIP! And she hosts great #storycrafter Twitter chats each Sunday, bringing together and amazing community of writers.

  • Writerology all the way! People don’t always consider how important psychology is in writing, and with the science behind it explained for us non-psych majors, it is an INCREDIBLE resource! Also, Faye is the sweetest! <3 Posts like this (https://www.writerology.net/blog/post/2015/12/a-preoccupation-with-perfection-writing-about-obsessive-compulsive-personality-disorder ) are so helpful for writing, I love it so much. Accuracy matters, and she helps keep us accountable with that!

  • Lisanne Harrington

    Writers Helping Writers. http://writershelpingwriters.net/ Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are an inspiration. Their blog is filled with writing tips on things like character motivation, weaving romance into your (non)romance story, and organizing your workspace. For example, the current entry is: Character Motivation Entry: Seeking Out One’s Biological Roots. Nowhere else is there a blog so jam-packed with inspiration. Follow their advice and you are sure to grow as a writer!

    Also, they pick a different charity every year to support.

  • Johanne Winwood

    I nominate writing bubble http://writingbubble.co.uk/ Maddy is so supportive of fledgling writers.

  • Mummy Tries

    Another nomination here for the lovely Maddy at http://writingbubble.co.uk 🙂

  • I have not found a more comprehensive, user-friendly blog (and associated catalog of writing resources) on the web than Writers Helping Writers (http://writershelpingwriters.net/). Curators Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi (and a host of guest writing experts) provide timely, valuable, targeted and – most importantly – USEFUL information that writers at every level can employ immediately to improve their writing. *Drops the mic*

  • Geri Lafferty

    Hi – trying to get your free ebook. Signed up on the giant pop-up on your home page as well as on another page days ago but nothing has come. Wrote using your contact form and also sent a message through Facebook last week. Thought perhaps this might be a better way to let you know your form isn’t working.

    • Hi Geri,
      That’s strange, because I replied to you. Have you checked your Spam or Junk folder? Sounds like you have a filter keeping the mail out, even the replies I sent you. Let me know. I did some tests, and everything seems to be working from my end.

      • Geri Lafferty

        Hi Bryan. I had checked all folders–but I was having a bit of email server issues last week. I just signed up again using my comcast email address. I’ll let you know when I get it. — oops, got it already! Must have been “user error.”

  • Kymber Morgan

    http://writershelpingwriters.net/ If you’ve had a chance to read any of their ‘Thesaurus’ reference guides, you’ll understand the level of expertise they offer for writers of at all stages; if you haven’t you should 🙂 and the site & blog both offer tons more of the same.

  • Marcia Richards

    http://thecreativepenn.com. Joanna Penn’s blog is full of amazing content. Her site is easy to navigate so, if you have any question on writing/publishing/marketing, the answer is easily located. Her newsletter is even more jam packed of valuable info. She believes in sharing knowledge and being open about her journey. I’ve been following Joanna since she began her blog and have never questioned that decision.

  • Samantha

    https://writersedit.com/ is a fantastic platform with lots of great content to guide the emerging writer.

  • AllisonC

    http://writershelpingwriters.net Is THE best resource for authors. Angela & Becca wrote informative, helpful, thoroughly researched articles and blogs. WHW & OSFW are my #1 resources to make my writing richer.

  • Angie McMann

    Positivewriter.com. This blog has helped me stay focused and encouraged. To many good things are surely not shared because of all the negative messages out there. Aren’t we writer’s an emotional lot? Everyone should read this one.

  • Chris T.

    My vote goes to Re:Fiction. They have great articles, a great section with writing prompts and even editing scholarships (I got one last year and had my story critiqued for free). Besides, their newsletter has a recurring writing challenge with nice prizes (won that, too). If you’re writing fiction, they’re the website for you.

  • Marija Smits

    Yep, I’d like to vote for Maddy’s blog: http://writingbubble.co.uk/ Maddy’s created a great, supportive community for writers. 🙂

  • niraj

    I like Refiction for the articles and idea generator and writing challenges. Website looks modern and clean and easy to navigate by article topic. Their not only on writing but also on how to publish and sell novels/short stories and I learned lot from them. (I’m a new writer). The website is https://refiction.com go check it out

  • Rebecca Amesbury Batisto

    I’d like to nominate Abask Marketing. It’s a little different from the others here as it helps people writing for business, such as copywriters. The guidance they provide is easy to follow, fun and easy to implement.

  • Emily Wallingford Oquendo

    I would like to nominate Abask Marketing. Abask provides helpful and meaningful tips for writers. Their tips are always easy to implement and insightful.

  • EmFairley

    I would like to nominate Marcy McKay. She is an inspiration to so many and is lots of fun too http://marcymckay.com/

  • EmFairley

    My second nomination is for another very inspirational lady, TO Weller and her site, Never Too Late To Write http://nevertoolatetowrite.com/

  • Lynette Spencer
  • Kate Brown

    I nominate Abask Marketing. Insightful and delightfully written.

  • Michael Basse

    I’d like to nominate Re:Fiction at https://www.refiction.com . Very informative and helpful.

  • Becky Artman

    I’d like to nominate Jenna Lynn’s blog. She has a lot of insightful writing tips and ideas, and she’s an excellent writer. https://jloweb.wordpress.com/

  • Brenda Hill

    I nominate wwwwhereandwhatintheworld.com

  • I’d like to nominate, Two Drops of Ink: https://twodropsofink.com/

    We are a collaborative site for all genres. In 2016, we published 27 new and seasoned writers, as well as creating our Wall of Poets with 17 published poets.

    Our team knows that how something is said is just as important as what is said and actively seek submissions. We would feel honored to be on this list.

  • Arinborn

    http://www.jerryjenkins.com/. Jenkins has 70,000,000 books in print and some 180 books written. He is obviously a proven and successful author. For some reason he enjoys teaching writers and passing down what he has learned over the decades. His blog covers the nuts and bolts of everything you can imagine as a writer. Honest, pragmatic and challenging, this blog needs to be on your must read list

  • Sefton

    The Write Practice, http://thewritepractice.com, for its positive articles, and opportunity to practise writing and receive feedback after every blog post. They also run regular contests in which EVERY entrant’s work is published, a great way to get experience and build up the writing CV.

  • Catherine North

    I’d like to nominate Lauren Sapala http://laurensapala.com/ for her inspiring, positive and motivational articles on writing and creativity. She has a particular focus on helping writers with introverted intuitive personalities to understand and accept the way they write.

  • Chris

    Nflblogaustralia.com has some wonderful insight into the great american game from an aussie perspective. Check it out

  • Bill Stout

    https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ is a wonderful blog with lots of information for writers becoming authors.

  • Bill Stout

    http://www.thecreativepenn.com/blog/ is Joanna Penn’s blog which is filled with useful information for writers. She also does a podcast which now has over 300 episodes.

  • usvaldo

    https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ K.M. Weiland is always on point with helpful advice on various aspects of writing and is supportive in the comments section. I’ve learned so much in the last year from this one source that my head is so stuffed full of great lessons they are falling out of my ears.

  • UnoNoone

    http://marcykennedy.com/ – I was struggling learning POV, just could;t get my head around it. Someone in scribophile reccomneed a little writers guide e-book by Marcy Kennedy on Deep POV – and that led me also to her general POV – her website and guides are helping me a lot.

  • One favorite of mine: Jane Friedman’s blog: https://janefriedman.com/blog/ – her posts are both inspiring and full of detailed, practical information which I often find myself sharing with others.

  • mariko frederick

    https://www.lisatener.com/blog/ Lisa Tener’s posts constantly inspire and drive you toward your next goal. A goal you didn’t know to have until you read her post.

  • Belle1019

    I would like to nominate Two Drops of ink https://twodropsofink.com/ Wonderful combination of versatile writers whose writing educates, inspires, uplifts, and encourages along the way!

  • Mary

    I’d like to nominate The Write Practice, http://thewritepractice.com, for their knowledgable blogs. It’s great that as a new writer I’m encouraged to post my thoughts and writing. Comments by the blogs author is so encouraging.

  • I would LOVE to nominate my dear friend Marilyn Davis Asst Editor of Two Drops of Ink https://twodropsofink.com/ as it SO Helpful to all of us Writers!
    Columnist and Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  • Ally Mare

    I would like to nominate http://writersedit.com/ (Writers Edit) for this award! It is one of the best writing blog with good tips and strategy that I found to be very helpful in my writing. I wish other writers would find it good as well.

  • Wendy Pearson

    I recommend: http://thewritepractice.com . A very friendly and supportive writing community. Great critiques to help you grow your craft and help others grow theirs too. Check it out!

  • Claire

    I nominate Writer’s Edit (http://www.writersedit.com). It’s a platform for writers at any stage in their career, from beginners to those ready to pursue publication (and beyond). Hundreds of in-depth articles on the craft, business and lifestyle of writing!

  • Eva D

    I nominate Writer’s Edit (www.writersedit.com) for supporting writers in every stage of their career.

  • Danielle Bernock

    I would like to nominate http://goinswriter.com/ No matter where you are in your writer journey Jeff’s information and resources are extremely helpful and encouraging. He provides a plethora of resources for free and when a person is ready there are more that can be purchased. There is never any pressure. I would not be where I am today with out it.

  • Alison Lester

    I have always found https://writersedit.com/ to be an upbeat, interesting, and interestED source of information and creativity.

  • John-Maryann Györki

    I would like to nominate https://twodropsofink.com/. Both Chief Editor Scott Biddulph and Assistant Editor Marilyn Davis have been a great resource to me. I have submitted a few pieces of my work with better than expected results. They have been kind and helpful to me in all ways. I feel comfortable in this community because the energy I recieve from the site is always positive. Two Drops of ink Rocks!

  • Maggie Mcmahon

    I nominate http://www.writersedit.com/
    The website always has awesome and relevant content, and is always striving to be better for the reader: writers everywhere.

  • Robin Pawlak

    My nomination goes to Writer’s Edit http://writersedit.com/
    I’m fairly new at this and can use all of the help I can get! They are my go-to with lots of information on seemingly anything and everything related to the craft.

  • Sarah Fallon

    I nominate Writer’s Edit http://writersedit.com/ It’s a wonderfully informative site with lots of practical and actionable information as well as resources and links to further assist you in your writing journey.

  • Julie Hiner

    I nominate: https://todaysperfectmoment.wordpress.com.

    It simply makes my day and I don’t miss any posts. I love it.

  • I want to nominate Writer’s Edit (http://writersedit.com/). It’s a wonderful resource for authors and readers and is always very supportive of upcoming writers.

  • Kyra Thomsen

    My vote is for Writer’s Edit: http://writersedit.com/

    Their articles are in-depth and informative as well as being relatable and accessible to writers of all stages in their journeys. I’ve found so many helpful and thoughtful tips that have helped me gain the courage to start writing a book, and to keep at it! I’ll be reading their blog for years to come.

  • Cathy Ryan

    http://thewritepractice gets my vote. Active, encouraging writing community.

  • Ken Hughes

    K M Weiland’s helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com always brightens my week. She’s insightful, thorough, and just plain fun. (She once started a demo story with a school role-call of superheroes’ secret identities… as a warning for writers not to get sucked into cool distractions.)

    But there’s nothing like http://kriswrites.com/ by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She blogs mostly business advice for writers (alternating with her own award-winning stories), but her posts are EPIC and better-informed than any three other blogs out there, and always usable. Plus she’s so feisty you can finish a 4,000 word post on managing your rights and be hungry for more.

    • Alecia

      I just wanted to upvote k.m.weiland’s helping writers become authors on your post but don’t know how without upvoting both nominations.

  • Ann M Rua Chabert

    Thanks for launching this discussion!
    My vote goes to http://www.thewritepractice.com : a wonderful and friendly community that encourages everyone to write and read on a very regular basis.

  • goinswriter.com
    for I met a friend there and blogging is about relationship, not only information. I like Jeff’s enthousiasm and fresh insights; He cares about people.
    I want to give a special thank you to jamesprescott.co.uk, for his help, his transparency and good will to build a tribe and include us in his creative journey with much respect.
    Looking as a french writer to connect with writers in a safe place is quite challenging and I appreciate all the ressources that Jeff and other american mentors provide. 🙂

  • Kayla

    I nominate Writer’s Edit because they are such a supportive platform for emerging writers because they include these newer authors in their print anthologies and also publish extensive writing advice, contests + jobs for writers, and inspiration everyday on their socials.

  • Jeff Fox

    I would like to nominate The Bookish Fox, as others on this page have done. Apart from simply being fun to read, Sarah Fox’s blog is filled to the brim with great writing advice and reflections that are relayed in a warm, witty, and conversational tone. Sarah’s love of books and writing is palpable, which only serves to encourage readers who want to act on their own passions for writing. Sarah’s blog brings out the joy in writing – and that is a truly beautiful thing.

  • Rachael M Colby

    I nominate 21-time NY Times bestselling author Jerry B Jenkins’ blog http://www.jerryjenkins.com/ His blog is inspiring, encouraging, and filled with practical advice and incredible teaching. He is one of the main reasons I am no longer hiding my writing. As a result of his teaching and encouragement over the last year, I now have two blogs, one of which is on my local newspaper’s platform, and am pursuing my call to write.

    My second nomination goes to The Steve Laube Agency’s blog, https://stevelaube.com/blog/ Witten by authors, Steve Laube, Tamela Hancock Murray, Karen Ball, and Dan Barlow, it is refreshing, engaging and packed with a wealth of information and resources.

  • I’d like to nominate, Two Drops of Ink: https://twodropsofink.com/; they are wonderful for writers.

  • Frank McKinley

    I’d like to nominate Frank McKinley, Author. Its filled with how-to, inspiration, and motivation. It’s a place where writers can find help to make their writing beautiful. http://www.frankmckinleyauthor.com

  • Abuian


    Extremely well written and useful.

  • JJ

    I nominate http://writetodone.com/ –this blog is so helpful and well-written!!
    It has helped me get out of writer’s block many times; additionally, I love its use of multiple types of media along with the soothing way the blog is formatted. Also, it doesn’t just repeat the same tips and advice other blogs say over and over again; its original tips have helped me to become a much better writer along with its welcoming community. It is very inspiring and has helped me a lot.

  • A quick thanks to everyone who nominated Re:Fiction. For such a young website, it’s a true honor. Keep writing!

  • Alecia

    I already nominated my first choice but here’s my second: http://writershelpingwriters.net, because it is the other one with such an incredible wealth of constantly expanding and active information which, I admit, I can’t begin to keep up with, and for which I am happily paying my monthly subscription fee. I don’t want to miss one opportunity to apply the exercises that never seem to cease in their guidance and skill-building. Every time I get on the site, I am further excited and motivated to expand and jumpstart my writing. I can’t praise them enough.

  • Before I found Jerry Jenkins’ blog, I thought I was a good writer.

    Undiscovered, maybe, but good.

    I no longer do. Now, I am a published writer who knows I don’t know everything, and I have an accessible coach, Jerry B. Jenkins, who’s been published over 190 times and has a trunkful of bestsellers.

    From his blog and then writer’s guild, I’ve also formed a strong network of writer chums. Pretty sweet. He answers comments thoroughly, too – he called my best line “overkill on steroids.” No flattering his followers – just meat and taters “good-for-you” advice.



    The second blog (you said two, right?) is the Steve Laube Agency blog, with four regular contributors offering fresh and funny insight from inside the traditional publishing fortress. If you want in, start reading it regularly – now.


    God bless! 🙂

  • Mike Batisto

    I’d like to nominate abaskmarketing.com. It helps me keep perspective, is motivational, and regularly makes me laugh. I always look forward to reading Abask’s next post.

  • Cassie Hamer

    I’m nominating Writer’s Edit – an Australian writing blog that provides a wealth of useful information, resources and opportunities for writers. http://writersedit.com/

  • Shreya Anand

    I’m nominating https://www.instagram.com/fortheloveofwriting_/
    This is my blog, I started it to get stronger and to spread the same with a lot of happiness to the others as well.

  • Michelle Brock

    I’m nominating Writer’s Edit http://writersedit.com/ because of the constructive and useful support it provides for emerging writers. The blog covers a wide range of topics. The articles are relevant and readable and reflect the high degree of professionalism of the Writer’s Edit team.

  • Jo Linsdell
  • Alex Hemus

    I realize the deadline is just gone but on behalf of our team who work hard to put out thousands of words of pratical advice week in, week out I am nominating our blog https://www.standoutbooks.com/blog/ I’d appreciate it if we could still be considered.

  • bevjackson

    ProWritingAid.com has transformed my editing skills! Definitely my nomination for this year!

  • Brady Moller

    I would like to nominate my own blog http://www.eyesofanaddict.com It’s my personal blog and it’s a project that is very dear to me. Raising awareness on issues addicition and other mental illnesses. I Have written about my personal journeys to overcome everyday issues like asking for help, forgiveness, spiritual values etc. Should anybody else feel that this site may deserve an award, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is the time to nominate blogs over?