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The Secret To Becoming Famous and Creating Something That Matters

Do you want to be a famous author, blogger, inventor, designer or perhaps a mega movie or rock star?

It’s time for some tough-love my friends, if you want to know the secret.

Creative Commons by Christian Holmér

Maybe you will be famous one day, but for now you need to do something that matters today.

Famous people are famous for a reason and unless you are incredibly talented and ready to win the latest hit talent show on TV, then you need to know the reason they are famous and use it to your advantage.

No. I’m not going to tell you that becoming famous is work, because that should be obvious and I am not going to tell you that it is persistence because that should be just as obvious.

If you’re not ready or willing to do those two things (work and persevere), then you are not ready for the secret.

It’s about passion.

You need to find your passion, live it and stick with it through thick and thin.

Everyone can tell when someone is doing something just for the sake of doing it. But it’s just as clear, if not more so, when someone is doing something because they LOVE TO DO IT.

You need to love your work and breathe it every day.

It’s not about statistics.

Following statistics is most obvious with new bloggers because stats for blogging are easy to come by. They follow their comments, shares, page views and subscriptions daily, even hourly.

But instead of lifting their spirits and driving them to write more, statistics usually only serve to demoralize, and most bloggers eventually give up because it seems too difficult to gain attention.

If you are a victim of checking statistics or consistently reading reviews about your work, then you need to remember why you started:

For the LOVE of what you are doing.

If you don’t love your work then statistics, reviews and other ways to measure your work can destroy your enthusiasm, and your desire to continue will stall.

Suffice it to say, even if you get the statistics or reviews you are looking for they will not sustain you.

It’s time for a reality check.

I discovered the secret to success and becoming famous in an art museum. It was while reading a caption to one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings that I realized the reality of fame.

The caption read something like this: “Vincent van Gogh was not well known until the end of his life and his paintings did not become celebrated until after his death.”

Did you know that many of the most famous artists who have passed away were not famous until after their death?

It’s true. Great artists such as Edgar Alan Poe, Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson and Vincent van Gogh were not as well know while they were alive.

What if those great artists had believed they needed to become famous for their work to matter and be appreciated? They were driven by their passion to create, to write what they wanted to write and to paint what they wanted to paint.

And since none of them became very famous during their lifetimes, what if they had not continued their work?

They didn’t stop or give up, and neither should you.

Here’s the secret you need to know.

Becoming famous is irrelevant.

Some people will become famous overnight and others will not become famous until after they have left this world, and a great many more will never become famous no matter how meaningful their work is.

Every now and then we all need a reality check and get our head’s out of the clouds. Becoming famous is only a byproduct of great work.

Focus on your art and don’t worry about becoming famous. (Tweet This)

First it was TV and now it’s the Internet that has everyone believing they need to become world famous to create work that matters. But no, that’s backwards.

You need to create work that matters first and it needs to matter to you more than anyone else, then maybe others will care about it too. But maybe they won’t.

So if they don’t notice it or seem to care, will you create anyway?

If you answered yes, then congratulations, you’re an artist and your work matters.

Only when you are ready to answer yes will you have the opportunity to become famous. It means being famous (or not) is not as important to you as creating something that matters. That’s a true artist, my friend, and it’s the reason most famous people become famous.

You’re awesome –never doubt it. Your work is not reliant on being famous or the approval of others.

Are you creating work that matters to you?

Share in the comments and if your work is online, go ahead, provide a link to it. I’d love to see what you’re creating.

About Bryan Hutchinson

I’m a positive writer and when that doesn’t work, I eat chocolate. I help fellow writers overcome doubt and thrive! In my free time, I love visiting castles with my wife, Joan. Join me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Bryan, this is exactly what I needed to hear. I was thinking the other day about a professor I had in undergrad who never took attendance, but you couldn’t miss a class because his passion for the subject made him teach what we needed to know. And nobody wanted to miss it. (As opposed to those profs who really taught nothing and forced you to show up by using attendance as a percent of your grade.) I think it’s somehow the same with writing — when we’re passionate, we say stuff nobody wants to miss. Because we love what we’re chasing — not the fame but the whatever-it-is-God-has-created-us-to-love. Anyway — I’ve been thinking lately about what my real job is — not writer, necessarily, but God-knower. So that is what I write. Even when I don’t get famous. http://www.briannaRwasson.com (Sorry for the looong comment. You really got my thinking here. Thanks for it.)

    • Brianna, you can write comments as long as you want. I’ll read every word. As they say, you should always write about “what you know” and you can’t go wrong. I love the reference to your teacher, sounds like he’s pretty awesome. We can all hope to be like that, I think.

  • Bryan,
    Loved this post. And probably because I do struggle with this. I have to write. But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the other stuff. Too easy. But that just means I need to be aware of it. And it means I need to keep writing just the same.

    • Anne, I think we all struggle with this from time to time, it’s normal. It’s the moving forward anyway that sets us apart. Keep moving forward – you’re doing great things and such a wonderful writer!

      • Thanks Bryan. That is encouraging. I’m trying to just get the momentum going after my brother’s death.

  • themagicviolinist

    I’ve been creating on my blog for years now (I’m 13 and I started when I was 8). I love it, but there are a few posts I REALLY love. One of them is a letter I wrote to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wrote it as a poem, though, because I wanted to get creative. http://themagicviolinist.blogspot.com/2013/04/dear-dr-king.html

    • You’re going to go far, MV. I read one of your posts on The Write Practice a while back and I was extremely impressed. I’m going to read your letter, now. Actually I was already on my way earlier, but was too fascinated by the mistakes you found in the “Harry Potter” books!

      • themagicviolinist

        Thanks so much! 😀 I’m glad you liked the HP post. I’m pretty obsessed with the series!

        • Just wondering, are you sure you are not a 23 year old woman in a 13 year old’s body? 🙂

          • themagicviolinist

            I’m pretty sure. It’s always possible I hit my head on a rock after the body switch, though. 😉

          • lol Then we are in the same boat. I had a large steel pipe fall on my head as a kid.

          • themagicviolinist

            Ouch! How did that happen?

          • Well, I was six, messing around with a friend and we decided to carry a large pipe (I have no idea why) and we dropped it, but it decided to bounce up and land on my head. Wasn’t the brightest thing I ever did.

          • themagicviolinist t

            I guess everyone does at least one stupid thing in their lifetime. 😉 My friends and I do weird things when we get together, but nothing we’ve done has ever resulted in a head injury.

  • Ashley

    This is such a great post. People should do what they love, therefore if it doesn’t turn them into being famous, it’s okay. It is way better than trying your whole life to be famous, hate what you do, and fall on your face in the end! That would happen to me with my luck, so I think I will take your post’s advice and keep doing what I love!

    Thank you.

    • Good for you, Ashley! Keep doing what you love, and I’ll do the same. 🙂

  • I needed to read this, especially today. I think I might have spent a lot of my life trying to be better than everyone else, because of my insecurities and fears. But I know I will carry on writing no matter who sees it. Thanks for writing this and sharing this – it’s really helped.

    • You’re welcome, James. In my opinion there is no need to strive to be better than anyone. Be yourself as you are and move forward, improving every day. and that’s the best any of us can do. You’re already good enough, and I think your writing is fantastic!

  • Loved your post, Bryan and I agree totally. Many of us get caught up in the whole fame and fortune dream, thinking that if we don’t achieve those two things, our work doesn’t matter and isn’t important.

    I love writing but have yet to make much money or fame from it. Still I do it because I love doing it. I had a Eureka moment several years ago with the realization that I need to do it to feel whole and to connect with my soul or life becomes very monotonous and robotic and I’m just going through the motions.

    I am also a musician and artist so those two things are very soul nurturing, too. And the music gives me that social connection that I don’t get as much with the art and writing which are much more solitary pursuits.

    I just finished doing the April A to Z blogging challenge and enjoyed it very much. Still not rich and famous as a result, but I had fun and made some new writer friends so I feel rich in that way.

    Cattitude and Gratitude

    • Cathy, you had fun and made some new writer friends? Sounds very rewarding to me! 🙂

  • Sass

    I went to my first creative writing class today and realised that it doesn’t matter about being good or perfect. Most of the people on the course were disabled, mental health or had adversities of some kind. They all offered up their work freely and with pride. There were some astounding pieces of writing, poems etc from people who are normally dismissed.When it came to me i found i had nothing to say because i had never been taught that writing/creating is joy. I learnt alot today about myself.

    • Excellent, Sass. Yes, writing and creating are joyful. Go forth, and write.

  • When you start down this road, the numbers seem so important. That pursuit really steals from the joy, and I’d even say the quality, of the art we produce. Just be passionate about what we do, and the success will come. Even if not in the form we expect or hope for

    • I could not have said it better, Christa!

      • Tim Martin

        Hi Bryan – thanks for that. I am a blogger who passionately wants to change the world. Whether I become famous or not doesn’t matter. I write about the three most important things to me – faith, fatherhood, and food. My blog address is below.


  • This statement set me free Bryan. “You need to create work that matters first and it needs to matter to you more than anyone else, then maybe others will care about it too. But maybe they won’t.”

    Writing is often a lonely path and when you don’t get the feedback you wish, you wonder if anyone is reading or anyone cares. Then it’s easy to give up.

    This changes my perspective to create and write simply because it’s important and the work matters whether others recognize it or not.

    The words of Jesus come to mind about seeking God’s Kingdom first and all these things will be added on. Mathew 6:33

    Your insight helps me understand the above verse better and gives me a new freedom in my writing and my work. Thank you!

  • Love, love, love this post! I began a rough draft a couple of weeks ago for future post about writing for the fun and pleasure – not worrying about social media, stats, etc. Sounds like we’re on the same wave length.

    Thanks Bryan, your posts are always positive and encouraging.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Joan! Make sure you finish that draft and share it with me.

  • Great post Bryan! Loving what you do makes all the difference. My passion is sharing the truth of God’s Word with today’s generation. Whether just one person reads what I write or it’s read by millions, I know I’m in this for the long haul. God bless~

    • Thanks, Maria! Whether you touch one person or a thousand, doing what you do matters the most.

  • It’s a good message and a wakeup, but I don’t need to be famous as much as I need to make a living.

  • daniel

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  • Tanya Cupitt

    You’re absolutely spot on Bryan – well written! You’ve given me inspiration to keep on writing!

  • Sherrey Meyer

    Oh, it’s so easy to get caught up in the statistics and the marketing push and social media. All I want to do is right, but from every side come these messages, some even subliminal, that I need to be doing this or that. Then I lose focus on the most important thing — writing. I really needed to read this today — it’s powerful and so well written. Thank you, Bryan, for making a difference in so many of our lives.

    BTW, I have excerpts from my memoir at http://healingbywriting.wordpress.com as well as letters to my mom which will be included throughout under a tab “Letters to Mama.” In case you’d like to take a look.

    • Thank you, Sherrey. I am glad the post made a difference for you. I just returned from your blog and you’re doing great things! Now that you’ve convinced me to read “Wild” I am heading over to Amazon to get a copy! 🙂

  • When I started writing all I was focusing about was how good it was or wasn’t and how people would react. The anxiety of it all pushed me to stop writing altogether. I’m finding my way back to it now and, you are right, the only thing that matters is that it fulfills and grounds me. Great post!

  • Bryan, thank you for this opportunity to provide a link to my work that matters to me. I began writing nightly in diaries in 1954 when I was eleven and in the fifth grade. In January 2010, I began a blog in which I post a nightly transcription of the diary entries I wrote 50 years ago to the night. I am currently posting entries that I wrote when I was between my sophomore and junior years of college. My blog can be found at http://parkcollege1961-1965.blogspot.com/.

    • wow, that’s one way to keep a lasting record and not to mention, revisit old memories! Very interesting.

  • Cindy Bowles aka CILLYart

    I enjoyed your article and power of positive thinking! Your insightful encouragement is greatly appreciated! I am just beginning my adventure as an author-illustrator of children’s stories….something that I’ve dreamed about doing since I was a little girl going to the public library to read, and read and draw some more! You can follow me on:




  • Ali

    really good article … but for some people, life is tough and hard …. and they don’t have the option to choose their passion …. life bitter reality ….

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  • I enjoyed reading your article, it’s the first I saw coming by and I will surely take a look at the rest! Since you mentioned you love to see what all of us are creating, hereby two links to my work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😉



  • Talia Renzo

    My name is Talia, I am seventeen years old and I am an extraordinary student of wisdom.

    In my young life, I have encountered trials of bullying, isolation, abandonment, grief, loss of a parent and betrayal. In all of these trials and obstacles, I discovered the pearl of wisdom and all of it’s beauty. Something that once started off as a grain of sand can rebirth itself into a priceless and beautiful pearl. It is an art. Life is an art and I want to show people a new world of love and rebirth they can access at any time through the eyes of their beautiful talent.

    I have written a book that I am ready to release to young kids and adults all over the world. It is called Pearls of Wisdom from a Teenage Angel and it can save lives, just like how it’s saved mine.

    Please help me promote my story and my journey to influence young victims of bullying and grief. I know my journey in life was to help and teach others with the gift that God blessed me with and I am ready to start teaching one pearl at a time.

    I wrote this book to remind society that even when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, there is still a way of returning to the surface with the power of living life feeling fearless, and brave once again.

    As a 16 year old young woman, I went through so many life lessons that have shot me down, and made me feel spineless, and worthless inside. Like everyone else, I truly believe I am an abnormal teenager compared to everybody else in my age bracket. Even though others find me strange, and different, I don’t take it personally. If I didn’t go through the battles that I had to, I would have never been able to write a book to help other people who are going through the same things I had to. Most of my lessons were in relation to grief, loss, bullying and betrayal. I started crying out to God to help me change my life, to give me some kind of passion that would make me feel alive, and give me something to look forward to.

    One night I was so heartbroken and distraught, it was another night that I had cried myself to sleep, I woke up at two in the morning feeling overwhelmed with this strong feeling to write, I grabbed my phone and poured my heart out, writing about how important it was to stay strong and find courage again, poetically. The next morning I posted it on my Facebook page, and people began commenting left and right, wondering what website I found that from. I told them, believe it or not, it came from my deranged mentality. Since then I get these overwhelming sensations to write. They emerge from my deep in my soul, and explode into a loving format. It gives me spiritual liberation to release the powerful emotions I have on a day to day basis that I have held inside from the past, from all of the people who had left me tragically to all the tears that were shed.

    So I would like to thank all of those who have motivated me to move in a direction that most of you never believed I could move towards. It is the direction of empowerment, and bravery. Without your negativity, and criticism, I would have never been able to find myself, and fight harder for what I believe in.

    The year 2013 brings so much pain to mind. My best friend, motivator, financial advisor, and favorite comedian– also known as my dad– passed away in February unexpectedly and traumatically. His passing wrecked havoc on me emotionally and physically. I cried myself to sleep so many nights. I became a stressed eater, and experienced lack of focus. After that night, I was abandoned left and right by people I thought I loved and trusted, and it was an ongoing cycle of pain and devastation, But as painful as it was, it really helped me grow and realize that not all relationships last forever. I lost people that were like blood to me and even where blood to me. Unfortunately the bullying left me feeling empty and dry. I have been bullied on many occasions throughout my life, and it really has devastated me because I did not understand why I was so misunderstood, and I would find myself doing the wrong things to fit in with everyone else, and became someone I did not want to be. Because of these experiences, I have grown to be more intolerant to hate and negativity directed towards the vulnerable generations among us.

    I recall all of my experiences on bullying that traumatized me. I was once thrown into a trash can by girls in high school. I felt so embarrassed and unworthy that I could not bare to tell anybody about it. I’ve also experienced cyber bullying by a person who wrote anonymously, sending me hate and negativity, saying that I looked like a pig, that I was fake, and a slutty bitch. Even though these are just words, they really made me feel so insecure about myself. I felt like I lost my voice, all because I was trying to be someone I was not. I became a shell of silence and held all of my sadness inside. It took a lot of growth and soul searching to find the true Talia, and love her for all of her flaws, differences, talents, mistakes and feelings.

    I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally more stable from these lessons in life. I truly believe every human being that is brought into this world must go through life lessons to grow and become more successful as a person and you can’t leave until you have done so.

    My dream for this book is to touch at least one person. I just want to change one person’s life who has ever felt neglected by society, misunderstood, or has gone through a traumatic change. I am still adjusting to change as well, but I want to help in anyway I can for us to get through this together, because I know we will. One pearl at a time.

    Here are some pearls from my book:

    8 Life is like a painting, it takes a lot of dabbling to become art. There will be darkness, and there will be brightness, but the creativity of it all, is finding the right shade that makes it perfection. As the artists of these paintings, that we call life, we have to fill in all of the ugly spaces and emptiness, in order to create a masterpiece that withholds a lot of pain and work, but the display of it will be worth it at the end.

    9 Mirrors don’t only withhold the temporary image that you see of you and your surroundings or background. Mirrors have more use than just a reflection. If you look hard enough you can see into yourself. You can see the pain and struggles, the mistakes and past experiences, the memories and laughs you’ve had with yourself and other people. Some things in life never get the opportunity to make you feel as special as you should, even if it’s just a mirror, a friend, or a loved one, they still see more about yourself that you would even know. Look into a mirror and remind yourself how special you truly are.

    11 If humans were related to one piece of nature, it would definitely be trees. It doesn’t make sense now, but when you really think about it, and you admire them long enough, you’ll see these tall, beautiful dreams that reach the sky. They are always ignored by society, even when they supply oxygen and beautiful views for human beings to endure. Unfortunately that’s all we see them for. They started off small and weak.. like us. They go through phases.. like us, they are ever changing to find themselves.. like us. They are among so much pressure from society to be perfect.. like us. We have so many relations with trees. We see them everyday, and now we can see them as a reminder, that after so many phases with the love of the universe and the seasons, you can always stand tall and reach the sky. Most importantly, along the way the universe strikes them, and knocks them down on a daily basis like us. But the only difference between us and trees, is that they grow taller because of life’s challenges, and not all of us humans can do that, let’s look up to these tall legendary inspirations, and stand tall..

    14 When the sun goes down and darkness floods in, stars appear twinkling brightly to display a peaceful image of beauty for the world to notice. When you look up at the stars, they smile down at you. You feel like they’re the last things in the world that will ever judge you. Instead they admire you and want you to playfully dream like an innocent child. Always remember stars can’t shine without darkness, and they do it perfectly because they shine brighter and brighter each night so they get noticed more. As for you human beings, stand your ground in life, reach for the stars, and let the moon shine through your veins. Change the world one star at a time, because they withhold our destinies and passions.

    18 Roses are known to be the flower of love, they symbolize so much beauty in each petal, that releases a perfumery of grace and elegance. This precious rose is a favored subject in art, that can instantly light up a portrait, and a person’s feelings. A rose must endure light and rain or else it will never live up to it’s promise of being beautiful, and spreading joy to the eyes of enchanted dreamer holding it so gently. It’s our jobs to care of our flowers to make sure they remain fresh and healthy. If we can keep one rose living for an extensive amount of time, then we should be able to keep God’s gift of nature healthy and clean. Let’s work together to make the environment a place for roses to dance happily and blow in the wind.

    21 Looking at life, is like looking at an art canvas at a museum. It can have color, black and white, enchantment, depression, or just a catastrophe. You as the artist, must decide how your audience will view your art. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and dedication. Some days, it will look absolutely stunning, and vivid. As for other days, it will look like a canvas that was abused intensely. But before you throw it away, there’s still a high chance that it is fixable. You created the art, and must abide by what your heart and soul designed. In translation, just because life isn’t going the way you hoped and dreamed it would, doesn’t mean that you should surrender. It just means it will go into another direction, and will be a masterpiece if you work with what you have, and don’t doubt your intentions behind it.

    23 In magic shows, the magician can reveal so many different tricks that always leave the crowd questioning. There is always a magic card, a body cut in half, or a rabbit coming out of a hat. Have you ever noticed in life how a person can have so many magical hats? In each stanza of their life, another hat is removed, and they reveal more about themselves; ribbons shoot from their veins, a flock of doves is uplifted from their shoulders, and they bow to a standing ovation. Can you picture your life ending with the drop of a red curtain and flowers at your feet? If not, then keep practicing your tricks until you get there.

    24 Metamorphosis is a beautiful portrayal of change. When we think of Metamorphosis, we usually think about how a neglected, dull caterpillar transforms into this elegant, beautiful creature that flies and leaves a trace of peace everywhere they land, we call them butterflies. The butterflies have wings that are as fragile as lace, and have a manifested design that display of who they are. There are so many breeds of butterflies, that range in so many different colors. Humans and butterflies have mutual experiences of metamorphosis and different personality colors. They soar around the world everyday and we should recognize them not only for their beauty, but for their significance of peace.

    30 Dalmatians have so many spots, that distinguishes themselves for who they are. They demonstrate a perfect example of individuality. We all can see not many dog breeds have as many spots as the Dalmatian. Each spot represents courage, nobility, and independence. Each breed wears their coat of spots proudly like a warrior. They are not ashamed of themselves, because they know they are all natural beauties inside and out.

    94 One of the most magical times in a human’s life, is their childhood. It’s the time space where we dream, hope, smile, and live so much more than when we do when we are older. We always dream of being older and wiser, but there are so many morals, truths, lies, and tears it takes to get that point. It’s like running a marathon without stopping for water, but when you feel the ribbon crossing your waist, that’s when you throw your arms in the air and cry and can finally say you survived and kicked life in the teeth. You are undefeatable.

    139 There is no weather prediction for the week ahead of you for what will happen. It’s always remains a mystery as to what obstacles lie ahead. Many natural disasters will occur, numerous floods come in, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can prepare yourself with love and prayers that you will survive. When the sky turns dark, and the storms are approaching, that’s when you need to stand your ground and protect what you’ve worked for and die trying. When the smoke clears, you find that you are under the rubble, and a tear streams down and unite with blood. That’s the moment you know you have survived, and the worst is over.

    142 Bond with nature and it will bond with you, there is so much beauty and elegance nature would like to share with you. Allow leaves to fall into your hair, as you hug a tree. Allow grass to tickle your feet. Allow butterflies to rest on your shoulder. Allow of all the love that nature has to share with you, because it needs to feel more savored instead of torn down.

    155 Some nights, you fall asleep with tears dried on your flesh, mascara on your fingertips, and a stuffy nose that makes it hard to breathe. As if it’s not hard enough to inhale all of the tragedies we face everyday. Missing all of those that was torn out of our life so suddenly, and disastrously. The best part is, we have the privilege to embrace them in our dreams. To run in their arms, tears fly from your eyes onto their wings, and the broken heart you bare is stitched back together immediately, and gains it’s color of life. You fly over the world, hand in hand, admiring all of the smiles and laughs from above. Run around the rings of Saturn, collect all of the stars, and align them in different shapes and patterns for humans to view from below. Stand on the moon in each other’s arms. To race from one planet to another, and fly kites in a zero gravity. The solar system becomes your playground, with no rules for a night’s dream. ”I told you we’d see the world together.” Tears stream down your face, but before they meet your nose, this angel streaks their hand across your face, with a similar feeling of the sun kissing your cheek playfully. “Don’t cry dear, we’ll be together again one day, and we will play more. I promise.” The hardest part is waking up to reality. Seeing the truth that it was a dream, and you must succeed at life before you get to play. The best part is, knowing one day, you will see them again and be with them forever and ever, and join those who build the display of the moon and stars every night.

    168 The stars promised every night they would rise above my head and hold my destinies as high as they can, the higher they are, the higher the dream. When nobody else was there for me, they promised every night they’d smile down at me as I sleep. Since then they have never let me down, and sense then they told me I am a reflection of them. I am a twinkling star in the sky that holds my own destinies.

    218 Wrap your tee shirts in a bandana and attach it to a golf club. Hug your family tight, embracing each tear in your heart. Walk away knowing you will find happiness down the road until you come across your destiny. Do not dwell on the loneliness, or sadness experienced. Wipe the tears off of your face, and keep walking barefoot. When one is working silently, the affect will explode with the sensation of love and fame.

    226 When you are laying in the grass, and admiring the stars dancing in the night sky above you, your hair and the grass become one with nature. Your fingertips and the grass kiss so passionately. Your entire body and the world are attached so well. The stars admire this from above, they blow kisses of dust that lands on your face. These stars paint illusions in the sky. They create a game for you to connect the dots, as a message about your life. The most creative message, is when they create a spitting image of yourself. You see your face in the stars. They want to make a mirror that they reflect you. You are a star in the sky that sings with the moon, and creates life in the world.

    247 A heart can be stitched together, but you can still see where the wound was ripped. Wear it proudly that you survived, and have a scar to show the world. It’s almost like a souvenir, when you travel to a place that was so different than the reality you live in, surrounded by different people, and leave with a keepsake to always trigger the memories you have made.

    318 Waking up on a cloud. Toes embracing the comfort of the clouds below, the smell of fresh baked bread. Opening the blinds to see the views of the planets, greeting the stars, waving to each one that twinkles. Looking below to see the souls of Earth enjoy life. This is just a wink of heaven that is a luxurious location for celebration. Do not dwell on life and death, live the fullest life, and do not fear death.

    321 You never really realize how much you have come across in life until your mind is embraced with an epiphany. There will be insight to the amount of serendipities you have in life. There are no such things as coincidences, everything or everyone that has ever stepped foot into your heart, was designated to.

    324 When you are laying in a forest surrounded by nothing but trees and nature, that is the moment when you remove your name off of your body, and squeeze the calamity and hate out, extract all dirt from society, and watch it all fall into the dirt under you. Lay under the trees, and admire them as they smile down at you, if you watch them long enough, their eyes open, and they bare a smile. You’re not only exchanging smiles, and oxygen, but love. You’re creating this loving peace that vibrates the entire world. Every single breathing thing stands straight up from this powerful energy. Every dying plant, every hospital patient, every animal, every person in the entire universe feels the vibrations from the love and positivity through your bond with nature.

    335 Sometimes a flower’s only choice, is to grow through the dirt. No matter how fragile, how alone, how weak, how parched. It keeps growing until it reaches the clouds, and kisses the stars. It keeps growing until it can look down onto the Earth, and see all the dirt that has turned into mud, and is smudged with everything else and is consistently stepped on.

    336 When you pluck a flower from the Earth, you are withholding the universe and growth of love in the palm of your hands. The dirt that falls from the surface of it’s petals, demonstrates the pain it had to go through to grow. The stiffness of it’s stem, presents how many times it was trampled on, but grew thicker, and sprouted leaves because of it.

    339 Even when hot tea turns cold, it does not become worthless. It is made and developed from the herbs of nature, do not waste natures health remedies, there is always a way to reheat it, and bring nature back into the china you drink from

    340 Life is like a rainbow, an illusion. Sometimes you can get stuck in the middle of the ride down. It is a struggle to feel stuck in such confusion. On one end of this rainbow, there is a pot of gold, each coin has your name engraved, and shows who you are. Vs. on the other end, there is an empty bot that contains darkness, that has one dull, gray coin with nothing written on it, but implants a feeling in your heart that this is who you could become, an empty pot with dullness of what you could become, which is a pot full of light and wealth of love. Slide down the right color in life to get you to the best end of the rainbow.

    353 Hearts are assembled in the same formality of a jigsaw puzzle. There is lines bared through each piece, there are no corners to cut, and there is only one place each piece belongs. Sometimes, the assembly is difficult, and takes a lot of logic in order to be triumphant. When a piece you thought you needed in a certain spot to cover the burden does not fit, you must remove it and find the right one.

    444 When society tosses you down a dark well, ignoring your screams and cries for help, they walk away without a care in their skin to help. You hit rock bottom surrounded in pitch darkness, in so much unbearable pain and trauma. Then the darkness and the fears start to overcome your mind and body. The best thing to do is open your eyes. It’s not completely dark. For someone will flip a gold coin that will shine almost as bright as the sun that will light up the entire well. The light will fall from the heavens, and land in the surface of your palm. The heat of the light will travel through your blood and turn it to gold, and reflect throughout your skin to heal the wounds that sit on the surface of your skin. Looking at this remarkable coin, you see a face that is covered in dirt, and bleeding fear. Tell that person that you are both going to climb to the top victoriously. Once you both do, inhale nature into your lungs, taste the breeze, and stare society in the eye, until a tiger is unleashed, and attacks those who thought you should get a taste hell. . Then for the finale look into the eyes of one another, embraces palms, and make your fists kiss the stars.

    524 The dreams of each princess is to meet their prince. Do not bite down on a rose that makes your lips bleed.

    525 When mermaids swim gracefully and swiftly, the sea stars awake and grabs onto the dreadlocks streaming from the seashell of her brain. The dolphins race her as she chases the sunrise. The fish kiss her cheekbones as she makes her way across the world. She swims in the inner core of her heart that makes her way across the world.

    528 Pearls were once grains of sand that expanded into something larger than life beautiful. Each pearl is interlaced beautifully. It marks it’s resemblance through vintage fashion and can blast into the dimension of wisdom interlaced with creativity and elegance that lives in each artist of the world.

    These are just some examples of pieces that have really worked the minds of my readers. I hope you enjoy them, because there is 528 more of them.

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