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Why Write? Overcome The Critic (and The Dude!)

Drumroll, please! I present to you the champion of the “How Writing Has Positively Influenced YOUR Life” writing contest: “Why Write” by Troy McLaughlin. Join me in congratulating Troy in the comments below.

I have a friend who loves to write. I’m more along the lines of Hemingway, bleeding on the page. Not literally, but it’s still painful.


It’s doled out by the critic and the dude.

The writing critic and the dude.


Everyone Needs a Dream Champion

This is the 2nd Place winner for the “How Writing Has Positively Influenced YOUR Life” writing contest. It’s by Lana Pecherczyk. Help me congratulate Lana in the comments. I will post the winner of the contest in just a few days. Stay tuned.

Dream Champion


How Writing Daily will Positively Influence Your Life

Today I begin presenting the winners of the “How Writing Has Positively Influenced YOUR Life” writing contest with 3rd place, by Cole Nemeth. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Over the following few days I will be posting all of the winning entries. Stay tuned, and help me congratulate Cole in the comments.



Mini Writing Contest and Drawings for Amazon Gift Cards

I am offering a new drawing and mini writing contest. It’s easy to enter both events, all you need to do is write an honest review of the book The Audacity to be a Writer. 3x $25.00 and 1x $100.00 Amazon Gift Cards.

Here’s how to enter…



Writers: 5 Tips on How to Shake the Haters (who Hate Hate Hate)

If you write in public, especially if you blog, you will eventually attract haters. I’m not talking about literary critics, or people who simply disagree with you, or anyone with constructive, usable feedback. No. Those, my fellow scribbler, are not the haters…

How to deal with haters


6 Twitter Secrets For Writers You Need to Know!

Note: This is a guest post by Bryan Collins. He is a writing coach on a mission to teach people how to write. He’s put together a free 20-part email course for writers and a Beginner’s Guide to Twitter that will save you time. Get both now on Become a Writer Today.

Writers use Twitter to engage with their readers, to promote their content and to talk to other writers. In this post I present to you six time-saving secrets that will help you get started on Twitter today!

Don't stop writing because you need to tweet!


How to Write a Bestseller (Finally, the Truth of It!)

Over the last few years a lot of people have written me “Thank You” emails for an eBook I wrote titled, Good Enough –Stop Seeking Perfection and Approval. It’s a very short book with a basic, yet profound premise that you’re good enough. That’s it.

Or is it?

Why has such a short eBook had such an impact, become something of a viral phenomenon, and (what really surprises me), why do so many consider it my best work? Good questions…

Aim for the moon.