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How to Publish a Paperback Book for FREE Using Createspace

With the advent of eBooks, especially the Kindle format from Amazon, many of us have stopped publishing our books in print, as paperbacks. I think that’s a mistake, and I am one of those who made this mistake.

But as you may have already read, I wisely rectified that recently by publishing Writer’s Doubt and The Audacity to be a Writer as trade paperbacks using Createspace.

After announcing the paperback publications last week I received a flood of inquiries about how I went about it and, perhaps more importantly: How much did it cost?

My answer shocked a lot of people.

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Time to Love Your Writer’s Block (Seriously)

Is it time for you to love your writer’s block?

What? Are you crazy?

Okay, maybe not love it. I mean, writer’s block is a terrible thing. It likes to sit between you and a deadline. Between you and finishing your first manuscript. Or between you and the publisher’s advance upon delivery of the second book in your series.  It’s an obstacle you have to overcome to reach your goals.


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99cent BTS Writing Books Madness! (Very Limited Time)

I’m going to do something crazy in this post, but it’s worth it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate it. If you do, feel free to share this with your friends.

Before we get to the 99cent books madness, allow me to clarify the why first… (I wasn’t going to do it, but I finally did.)

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What Joan of Arc Taught Me About Writing

Today was an astonishingly wonderful day. One of the best. Ever. Perhaps even life changing.



7 Super Simple Blogging Tips You NEED to Know

When you want to start a blog for the first time you tend to have tons of ideas to write about, I know I did, but then POOF, 99% of them disappear once it’s finally time to post content.

Don’t you hate that?

So you need a few tips to help get you started with blogging, or to reignite your passion for it?



4 Ways to Write Interesting and Attract New Readers

Note: This is a guest post by Wesley Banks, he’s the author of Hope In Every Raindrop, and blogs at WesleyBanksAuthor when he’s not out on an adventure with his dog, Story. ~

I recently read several articles from authors detailing their book launch successes and failures.

I was hoping I’d click on the blog post and there’d be some magical to-do list that I could follow and quickly propel myself up Amazon’s best-seller list on my first launch day. Unfortunately there was no such list…

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