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7 Super Simple Blogging Tips You NEED to Know

When you want to start a blog for the first time you tend to have tons of ideas to write about, I know I did, but then POOF, 99% of them disappear once it’s finally time to post content.

Don’t you hate that?

So you need a few tips to help get you started with blogging, or to reignite your passion for it?


Here are 7 super simple tips to get you into the blogging groove:

1. Free Write

Never fear, free writing is here. It’s all the rage right now, but more importantly, it works.

When I’m beside myself with no ideas, I start writing – free writing. I sit down with a nice hot cup of Joe and begin writing about darn near anything, and if I’m lucky something will begin to take shape. If I’m not lucky, well, that sucks.

The reality is that some days you really will only write gibberish, but on those days when your writing takes off and soars, well, hey, isn’t that why we do it? Free write and give your writing the chance to take off. After all, all your writing ever needed was a chance. Right?

(Bryan Collins has some great tips on free writing.)

2. Read Other Blogs

Have you ever wondered why many of the blogs you follow tackle the same topics seemingly simultaneously?

It’s because they follow and steal ideas from each other and offer their own opinions on the current hot topics. You didn’t think it was just coincidence, did you? (I did.)

It’s a good idea to stay up to date with blogs in your niche and those very close to your niche. You might even snag a few quality free eBooks like this one.


Do not compare your success, or the success of your blog, to that of others.

When you’re visiting and reading other blogs you may get the urge to compare your success to their success, but the thing is we all too often tend to compare our beginning with someone else’s middle. That’s not fair. So avoid this trap, and gradually build your blog with quality content that is uniquely your own.

Besides, even when we are doing great we can always find someone who seems to be doing so much better. I mean, really, they’re doing so great that there’s absolutely, positively no reason you should be blogging, and frankly, let’s tell it like it is, you should throw in the towel, give up and never write in public ever again.  That’s right, ever.

See, it’s just not a fair comparison because we are naturally rigged to think others are doing better than we are, even if you are the most awesome blogger in the history of blogging.

In fact, below is a detailed list of the good things that can happen for you when you compare your success to someone else’s:

  1. Nada.

end of list

Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. ―Anon

Know this:

No one can be you, and that is your power!        (Click to Tweet)

(Jackie Johansen recently wrote about this topic in a guest post.)

4. Be Consistent

How often can you consistently publish new content? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Be honest.

I publish a blog post once a week. Every now and then I might post twice in the same week, but that’s rare and I try to avoid it when possible. The reason is simple: you don’t want to overproduce and burn out.

Every now and then I write 4 or 5 posts at once and I may have a few guest posts and posts from regular contributors in the pipe, but instead of posting all in the same week I schedule them for later publication.

In order to be consistent you have to be honest with yourself and figure out how often you can post content and then try to stick with it. You can always modify your schedule as things in your life and your writing change.

5. You first

What’s in it for you? And what’s in it for your readers?

The most important question above isn’t what’s in it for your readers. I know that would have been the best answer to sound considerate and stuff, but the best question to answer first is:

What’s in it for you? Why are you blogging?

If you don’t (or can’t) answer the “you” question first, you won’t be able to focus on your blog’s theme no matter how hard you try and you’re more likely to give up sooner than later. It’s a noble thing to put readers first, but if you do that, you’ll eventually let them down.

Readers will be attracted to your writings because of your genuineness and honesty, and ultimately, your voice. They’re not attracted to someone who compromises and panders. So do yourself a favor and don’t do that. Put you first and readers will follow.

I know, sounds crazy, right?

Be brave, put yourself first. (Click to Tweet)

6. Your Readers

Now that you know why you are blogging and what you are blogging about, you’ll start attracting readers and they’ll have plenty of questions.

If you were specific about what your blog is about then you are attracting certain people interested in your topic. That’s good. Discover more about their interests, their goals, and what problems they want to solve.  Read your blog’s comments closely and you’ll find a gold mine of ideas to write about.

It’s win –win.

7. Be Awesome

Self explanatory. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is simple: Be it.

The key is to be yourself, and, as I mentioned already, never pander. Make your blog a pander free zone. Be honest. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

(For more info, here’s a post about the art of being yourself.)

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

No go, write and publish a new blog post. Something stirring and brave. If you like, post a link to your next post in the comments.

Have fun.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask in the comments.

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  • Great read! I’m glad I found this article and blog. Keep up the great work Bryan. 🙂

  • Linda Tillis

    Bryan, awesome message on blogging. I am new to it and still getting my feet under me, so all of these 7 Tips are great for me. May latest blog is http://lindatillisauthor.com/2015/08/10/lets-face-it/

  • Susan Mary Malone

    I always love your insights, Bryan. Having taken on a blogging project 11 months ago, I can attest to all of these! I got a chuckle out of #2 and folks stealing from others’ blogs. Reminds me of that old writerly truism: Amateurs imitate, professionals steal. But I like this most of all: “Readers will be attracted to your writings because of your genuineness and honesty, and ultimately, your voice.”
    No wonder I love your blogs so much!
    Thank You.

  • What a great post, Bryan. Keeping it real as the blogger, and the reader is key. People will come back for authentic and honest voices. And comparing blogging, or any kind of writing, is always dangerous and never helpful.

  • Jessica Falconer

    This was just the boost I needed! I’ve kept up one blog, for six months or so, that’s directly related to my editing business (www.whoneedsaneditor.com); recently, though, I’ve started another one that’s more personal, about parenting, and I wonder if I’m going to “get anywhere” with it. Maybe it doesn’t matter!

  • This post was really helpful! I have a blog (http://myantimatterlife.com) and get discouraged because it has little traffic. Which means I don’t feel inclined to post. But I am beginning to work on posting more frequently and, as you say, being myself. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

    When I post blog comments to keep my spirits up I DON’T just comment on blogs that are popular. Sometimes there are blogs doing even worse than mine and when I make a point of commenting there, the blog owner is grateful and we become blog-friends.

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  • Hello Bryan, thank you for the splendid post. 🙂 What did you do after writing a content? Did you revise the content again for re-correction and develop content? How much time did you need to write a content first time(when you started blogging)? How much resource did you collect to read?

  • Victor L. Turney

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