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Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog as The Best!

Do you have a favorite blog about writing? Great! Nominate it for the Best Writing Blog Award 2018. (Announcement will be in January, 2018)

The Annual Best Writing Blog Awards is my personal favorite event of the year and your involvement is paramount. The annual award post is the most read post of the year and has reached millions of online readers who discovered fantastic new writing blogs to explore, bookmark and subscribe to, so please do take a moment and nominate your personal favorite.

Let’s get to it…

Here’s how to nominate your favorite writing blog:

1) Post a link to your favorite blog on writing in the comments with a brief explanation as to why you’re nominating it.

2) You can nominate up to two blogs; however, please do not nominate any specific blog more than once yourself, as it will only count as one.

The more nominations a particular blog receives will give it the best chances of making the final list.

Bloggers can nominate their own blog; however, it will only count if one other person seconds the nomination.

The nominated blogs can be by multiple authors and can be about other topics, as long as writing is the main topic.

The final date for nominations is 01 Dec 2017. The announcement date will be in January, 2018.

Nominate your favorite, go!

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  • Your nominations go in the comments. Have fun and tell your friends to nominate their favorites, too! 🙂

  • David Mike
    • Shayla Lee Raquel

      Thank you, buddy! <3

  • J. Inserro

    I love Shayla’s constantly informative posts. Keeps me up to date. https://shaylaraquel.com/

    • Shayla Lee Raquel

      Thank you, Julia! <3

  • Ivy Decker

    I want to nominate Kristen Kieffer from http://www.well-storied.com/blog/. She is wonderfully positive, is building an inclusive and welcoming community that actually answers the questions people have, and she provides really helpful resources for all!

  • jaylamborn

    Joynell Shultz did an awesome project this past year with her blog, exploring how to gain followers via an email list (something others have done, I know, but she’s a new author and she showed the process from ground level to 1000+ subscribers). https://joynellschultz.com/1000-true-fans/

  • DE

    There are two blogs that are my guiding lights: Story Grid (Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl) – http://www.storygrid.com and Helping Writers Become Authors (KM Weiland) – https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com The blogs (and podcasts) have taken my knowledge about writing and editing from virtually zero to a level at which I feel far more confidence in the craft. Truly must-reads.

  • Ken Hughes

    https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ – KM Weiland is one of the most thoughtful, insightful bloggers out there for writers, and yet no matter how deep she dives into an issue it’s always a breath of fresh air and sheer fun to read her.

    And above all, http://kriswrites.com/ – Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Business Musings go deeper every week than most bloggers go in months, backed with decades of insider authority… and she makes every word of it inspiring.

  • normal208

    I love Jorden Roper’s blog! She’s young and edgy with great advice on freelance writing. She offers Facebook chats and several good online classes.

  • Linley

    https://www.jerryjenkins.com and
    are two of my favorite blogs for writers…

  • Jessica White


    Why? Because we’re all time crunched writers whether we’re hobby writers writing on our lunch break or full-time writers who have deadlines to meet. I love the fact it isn’t limited to just craft or editing or marketing, but a little bit of everything. Plus they focus on things others don’t like author self-care, ethics, and their online community is FREE, unlike so many others.

  • DiAnn Mills

    http://www.thewriteconversation.com This site offers clear and up to date information that shows the writer how to be successful in the world of writing.

  • DiAnn Mills

    http://www.blueridgeconference.com This site offers posts with a fresh perspective on the craft of writing and social media.

  • Alycia Johnson Morales

    This blog has a wide range of information for writers. Not only does it cover writing and social media basics, but it also covers topics that apply to the writer’s life. It’s one of my all-time favorites!

  • disqus_o1IY4YVZT1

    http://www.thewriteconversation.com Super organized blog that helps with any and all things writing- the search option allows you to quickly find anything you need. The advice is always doable and on point- practical, precise and easy to understand!

  • Erynn Newman

    Edie shares writing tips and encouragement like sitting down with a friend over coffee. Guest posts are great too.

  • Erynn Newman

    It’s all in the name. Everything you could need.

  • The Write Conversation – Awesome writing wisdom, publishing insights, and writerly encouragement. http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.com

  • blcartwright

    K.M. Weiland is a great teacher, using examples from literature and film, in sharing her knowledge of fiction writing, and is superb in interacting with the readers

  • EdieMelson
  • Lauren Stevens

    BeyondYourBlog.com is an excellent resource for those transitioning from hobby blogging to writing in a professional capacity, and Susan features interviews with editors to get the scoop on what they’re looking for. BYB is a one-stop writing resource.

  • Anna

    Susan Mary Malone! Amazing tips from a developmental editor. https://www.maloneeditorial.com/editorial-tips/

  • Emme Gannon

    I recommend The Write Conversation. Inspiring articles that encourage and teach.

  • Meg Konovska

    I’d double Shayla https://shaylaraquel.com/ and also Nicole Banchi http://nicolebianchi.com/

    • Shayla Lee Raquel

      Thank you, gorgeous! <3

  • Wow, I checked all the links because I am looking for a writing community that is faith-based in particular. So glad I came across this post. Would like to mention that I subscribed to nearly all these blogs for good measure.

  • Vicki

    http://debralbutterfield.com/ The Motivational Editor consistently gives practical advice and tips to writers.

  • Virginia Tell

    Susan Mary Malone has so much unbelievable help posted in her blogs it’s hard to decide which to nominate. I’ll start with https://www.maloneeditorial.com/editorial-tips/, and hope that others might benefit as much as I from her insight.

  • Kathy Trueman

    KM Weiland’s blog is my favorite for three reasons: 1) it’s comprehensive – she’s written (good!) advice on many topics; 2) the style is concise (you don’t have to take all day to read a post or two) and clear; and 3) her personality makes her a pleasure to read. Just for the records, her writing advice books are just as useful!


  • Shayla Lee Raquel

    I nominate AngelaJFord.com and JaneFriedman.com.

  • Susan McIntosh

    There’s a lot of quality sites for writers, but K.M. Weiland’s http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com consistently delivers advice that can be used by writers of every skill level. It’s a friendly, helpful place to go to learn something new or to find a different approach to an old stumbling block.

  • I find K.M. Weiland’s https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ most helpful, both with the insights she shares and with the examples of how they look when applied.

  • Susan Thanewood

    I would like to nominate an inspirational young man and his blog,


    Timothy Bristow writes about mostly current events with a fresh new take and creative flair. He is a huge charity buff who loves everyday heros, speaking out about the hardpressed issues in education and of course, his love for literature.

  • Mindy Durbin Schoeneman

    I nominate Shayla Raquel also! https://shaylaraquel.com

  • Donna

    I nominate The Motivational Editor Debra L Butterfield at her blog http://www.debralbutterfield.com/

    Her goal is to train aspiring writers for publication. Debra provides realistic motivation on aspects of writing, such as where to start the story, story plot development, organization, editing, query letters, selecting a publisher, marketing, and more.

    She shares the writing experiences of others. Many of these may be new authors who have personal stories to share with the goal of helping people.

    She also shares her site with guest bloggers. Many of them address developing social media strategies for book marketing, and developing a strategy for book sales, but may be anything related to the craft of writing.

    She uses her experiences as a copywriter, account/project manager of an in-house ad agency, and editor for a Christian publisher, plus what she learned freelance writing, to help aspiring writers to achieve publication.

  • Beth Browne

    Aside from being a brilliant writer, https://writenaked.net/ has also helped dozens of writers get started and succeed!

  • Frankie Spear

    I would like to nominate http://www.littlezotz.com! I find her content to be extremely helpful and inspirational. Her ability to explain concepts of writing whether simple or complex is extraordinary. The best thing about her writing is that it comes from the heart. When you read what she has to say you feel like you are sitting beside her having a conversation. Her passion shows through in every word she types.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thanks, Dude! I’m so happy my blog has been helpful for you. 🙂

  • Lauren R. Tharp

    It might seem a little vain, but my own writing blog is still my absolute favorite. A three-time Positive Writer “Best Writing Blog” winner, LittleZotz Writing – http://littlezotz.com/blog/ – has only improved over the years. With plenty of new freebies for freelance writers and some of the best blog posts I’ve ever written, this year has been one of the best for LZW yet! I’d love to remain on your list of the Best. 🙂

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      As my second nomination, I’d like to vote for Be a Freelance Blogger. http://beafreelanceblogger.com Since 2012, BAFB has been the BEST publication for freelance bloggers looking to up their skills.

  • Janis Gioia

    I would like to nominate Little Zotz Writing Writing as my favorite writing blog. Here is the link: http://littlezotz.com/blog/
    I like this blog because Lauren is not only a good writer, she is a good teacher. She is very good explaining concepts in ways that her readers can understand and relate to. Reading Lauren’s posts is like sitting with a good friend, sharing a cup of tea and conversation. You feel that she cares about you, her readers. She is not out there trying to sell you a book or a program, or something. She may have products to sell, but she’s so amazing that you want to buy them because you love her so much…not because she has to try to hard sell you into anything. I also think that her blog’s illustrations are fabulous, and going to visit her blog is an enjoyable experience. I also like that she mentors high school students who are interested in writing. Lauren’s website is a shining light…you will be better off after visiting, guaranteed.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad my blog has been helpful for you. And I’ll be sure to tell Ramiro (my illustrator) that you love his art! 😀

  • ARHuelsenbeck

    My absolute favorite writing blog is K.M. Weiland’s https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com. I love her helpful articles on story structure and character arcs. I love her archives. Her depth and detail make each article worth my time.
    I’d also like to nominate my blog, ARHtisticLicense.com. While focused on the arts and the creative process, a lot of my content is on the craft of writing, making it a valuable resource.

  • I love Shayla Raquel’s blog for Indie authors. https://shaylaraquel.com/blog She gives hands-on practical help regarding the host of concerns we indie authors face. Shayla is an author and editor, and expert marketer. Her blog posts are very informational and have helped me so much.

  • Prozium

    Lauren Tharp of http://littlezotz.com/blog is my absolute favorite. She put’s her heart and soul into her writing, causing me and others to be fascinated by her ability to convey her feelings, thoughts, and love through her talents. Lauren also has a platinum reputation. She doesn’t use her skills just to make a fast buck. The job must suit how Lauren is as a person, which makes me fall in love with her writing so much more. Not only is she an angel but also a pure-hearted soul.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      This is SO sweet. Thank you so much!! <3

  • Cat Wagman

    I would like to nominated Gail Hogan Edwards’ Around The Writers Table http://aroundthewriterstable.com/blog/ as a phenomenal resource for aspiring as well as professional writers. Each post I have had the pleasure of reading contains seeds of inspiration, courage, and variety that helps dispel the loneliness that I, as a writer and creative kindred spirit, have often experienced; along with the occasional ‘kick-in-the-butt’ need for accountability. Thank you!

  • Kara Turner

    I’d like to nominate little zots dot com. The writing is always witty and entertaining as well as helpful and chock full of writing tips.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you so much!

  • EdieMelson

    I also love http://www.NovelRocket.com This site is under new management and is even stronger than ever in supporting writers with valuable insight, information, and encouragement!

  • PeggyLee Hanson

    My vote goes to Gina Hogan Edwards and her http://aroundthewriterstable.com/blog/. In her style of writing, Gina offers insightful and encouraging words of wisdom gained from real experience with writing. She is a delight to read… it’s as if she is sitting right next to you, having that very same conversation. If you are a new writer, I highly recommend Around the Writers Table.

  • I want to add my vote for Edie Melson and her blog, http://www.TheWriteConversation.com. THE best, most complete writing blog anywhere!

  • I vote for Andilit.com because of Andi Combo-Floyd’s wise, kind and yet persistent storytelling about writing.

  • Love this! I’ll nominated http://thewritepractice.com/ for their short and sweet articles with helpful tips and prompts to put the techniques into practical use. http://goteenwriters.blogspot.com/ is also another great resource, especially for younger writers breaking into the business.

  • I’ll nominate Joe Bunting’s http://thewritepractice.com/ because whenever I’m stuck, their prompts and articles always get me writing again.

  • Mary Denman


    The Write Conversation is an amazing blog to help writers with all parts of their craft, whether it’s about writing, social media, or inspiration, or more. Edie Melson does a fantastic job providing great content to help and isnpire others.

  • MJ Marshall 🐬

    Nominations for Angela Ackerman & Becca Pugliosi for http://writershelpingwriters.net and Michelle Hazen for http://michellehazenbooks.com/blog/ ! Angela and Becca share many awesome resources and links to help writers get to the nitty gritty of deeper writing practices. Michelle always has some witty encouragement and awesome research about trends in writing that help add some logic to what is otherwise such a damn subjective business. All three ladies write with warmth and humor and are all about paying it forward.

  • Sarah Terese Manning


    Hannah has an amazing way of breaking down aspects of writing in a way that is easy to follow and apply. She taught me that writing honestly is the best way. She covers manga, books and recipes based on books. Her style is not preachy, some of her comments can also be quite amusing and she tells it like it is.

  • Beth K. Vogt

    I nominate The Write Conversation http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.com/, which has been a long-time favorite writing blog. Edie Melson’s blog is informative and inspiring and always has a practical takeaway. I also nominate Novel Rocket http://novelrocket.com/, which has undergone some changes in the past year and is a terrific resource for both pre-published and published writers.

  • Audry

    I nominate Re:Fiction as a website for writers. I entered a writing contest there and I hope to win. It has articles, writing prompts, exercises, and more, and a lot of it is inspiring or helpful. Thanks!

  • kelly

    Re:Fiction!! helpful articles and writing prompts are the best benefits of this site

  • klh

    I like The Write Practice for practical tips and ideas delivered every day.

  • amciibellamy

    I love this blog. Writer’s Write has an excellent blog wrt interesting writing tips and insights for writers.

  • Just Another Writer

    I like Refiction (https://refiction.com) a lot because of the articles and the writing contests. I find a lot of knowledge and motivation in it. Ron Berman.

  • Robbie Cheadle

    I like Story Empire https://storyempire.com/ as they provide a lot of interesting information and links to other useful sites.

  • D.L. Finn

    Story Empire: https://storyempire.com. They provide entertainment and information.

  • Kim Cox

    Story Empire: https://storyempire.com – great advice and entertainment

  • T Polen

    Story Empire provides some wonderful writing advice. https://storyempire.com/

  • Lizzie Chantree

    I recommend Story Empire https://storyempire.com Very topical information with author support and interesting news items.

  • Bette A. Stevens

    The Story Empire is one of my favorite blogs for tips of writing and links to wonderful articles to share with my writer friends! Find and follow them at https://storyempire.com/ You’ll be glad you did!

  • Terry Knapp

    http://www.newwritersinterface.com/ is my recommendation. Have been following for quite a while, learning a tremendous amount of information about the industry, writing mechanics, and how to market/publish.

  • Linda Mims

    I vote for Story Empire. https://storyempire.com
    These folks share helpful, valuable information with the writing community.

  • Michele Jones

    Story Empire,https://storyempire.com
    This site provides great information and tips.

  • Jacquie Biggar

    Story Empire: https://storyempire.com/
    This is a friendly, well-informed writer’s site. They’re happy to share tips and tricks they’ve learned along their journey. I’ve found the site to be an invaluable resource.

  • Gwendolyn Plano

    I nominate Story Empire: https://storyempire.com/
    It is first and foremost a blog for writers, full of helpful information related to writing. The articles are well researched and professionally presented. And, the contributing writers have a sense of humor. It’s a wonderful site!

  • Nominating Story Empire @ https://storyempire.com. The scope of their contributions to the writing community is unmatched as far as I can see.

  • Alicia

    Nominating Story Empire, https://storyempire.com. I love their contributions to the writing community.

  • sherry fundin

    Story Empire https://storyempire.com
    Don’t we all want to be a writer, so any help is always appreciated.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  • felicia_d

    I must nominate Story Empire! Their daily posts and Friday Curated Content always include great writing resources, many of which I use regularly! https://storyempire.com

  • Judi Lynn

    I nominate Story Empire. Each writer who’s a part of it shares valuable tips and inspiration, and the Friday Curated Content always includes a link or more that interests me.

  • An excellent choice for favorite blog would be (Story Empire) (https://storyempire.com). I always learn something new and in a low key, accessible way.

  • J.M.G.

    An awesome blog for writers is Story Empire (https://storyempire.com). It’s a treasure trove of great information about writing covering everything from creating characters and emotion to marketing and press releases. It’s got something for writers at every stage of their journey.

  • I want to nominate Story Empire https://storyempire.com. They always have great links that help me with writing.

  • James

    My vote is for nicolebianchi.com!

  • Victoria

    I nominate The Writer’s Cookbook because it’s chok full of good advice for writers at all stages of their career. https://www.writerscookbook.com

  • David Ford

    My vote is for nicolebianchi.com!

  • Angela Maria da Silva Gomes
  • Arul John

    My vote is for nicolebianchi.com!

  • ATinchini

    She has the sheer energy I would like to have had when I was her age; my vote goes for http://nicolebianchi.com/
    Nicole Bianchi is a constant inspiration and her online initiatives are animating my will to go on as a writer like never before. I strongly recommend her blog for every kind of writer.

  • I nominate Nichole bianchi http://nicolebianchi.com. Why? Because she pulls me in, keeps me coming back, by the questions she asks, and the quality of people she attracts.

  • Aditya Chauhan| Adie

    I nominate Susan Mary. https://www.maloneeditorial.com/editorial-tips/ This blog is very good writing material and teaches one to how to be a better writer.

  • Birgit Bowman

    I vote for Team Re:Fiction, Tal Valante and her gang know the nuts and bolts of writing.
    Tal has taken her little website and developed it into a marvelous wonderland for writers at any stage to feel comfortable with and hone their craft. Awe-inspiring articles, writing prompts and contests with magnificent prizes to help you with your craft. I don’t remember how I found this amazing website but I am on it virtually everyday finding something new or on the sites from the past, all huge teaching tools. I really wish to thank Tal and her team for an extremely pragmatic tool which has been instrumental in my being able to get the old brain waves working and getting creative again. Thank you Tal, for all the really hard work you put into your website, one can see the love you build into the site. Thank you, Tal for what you have created! And thank you for the kick in my bottom.
    I vote for Tal Valente and Team Re:Fiction!!!!

  • McKayla Sanders

    I nominate Susan Mary Malone with Malone Editorial https://www.maloneeditorial.com/editorial-tips/
    Susan’s blog is a great resource for anyone working on their writing!

  • I’m delighted to nominate Story Empire https://storyempire.com
    One of THE most helpful and informative blogs for writers that I’ve found.

  • Kate Findley

    Nicole with http://nicolebianchi.com/ is awesome! She also has done an excellent job of building a writer’s community through her Inkwell Facebook mastermind group.

  • Chris Eastman

    My vote is for Susan Mary Malone! https://www.maloneeditorial.com/editorial-tips/

  • Jan Sikes

    I would like to nominate Story Empire http://storyempire.com
    They strive to keep information current and accurate. You’ll find tools to help with writing, other resource links and personal experiences all to help enhance writing on every level.

  • My vote is for: STORY EMPIRE – https://storyempire.com

  • Charles E Yallowitz

    I would like to nominate Story Empire. https://storyempire.com

    They always share useful posts for authors.

  • Robbie Cheadle

    I vote for Story Empire – https://storyempire.com/. This group post relevant and interesting posts about writing, publishing and other aspects of the literary world.

  • John Howell

    I would like to nominate Story Empire https://storyempire.com. This group has a wealth of information on how to improve as writers. They can always be counted upon for excellent content.

  • Joey

    I nominate Story Empire https://storyempire.com/ — It’s helpful and often entertaining.

  • Jacquie Biggar

    I choose the Story Empire https://storyempire.com/. This is a diverse group of authors who have come together to share their knowledge with the writing community.
    I love their blog!

  • I’ve recently discovered Story Empire (https://storyempire.com/) and nominate it for Favorite Writing Blog. It’s a wonderful site for all kinds of writing advice and tips from writers representing different genres. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Karen Oberlaender

    I nominate the Story Empire blog (https://storyempire.com/). They never hesitate to share their knowledge.

  • Becky Pursell

    I nominate story empire (https://storyempire.com) they are extremely useful and I really find them entertaining

  • Story Empire blog … https://storyempire.com … never boring. 😀

  • Chuck Jackson

    I too want my vote cast for Story Empire https://storyempire.com/ I try to keep up with the blog. It contains so much information for a novice writer like myself.

  • Don Whittington

    I would like to nominate Malone Editorial https://www.maloneeditorial.com. I appreciate a blog geared for professionals and those on the cusp of becoming professional.

  • Christopher Knox

    Malone Editorial Services. https://www.maloneeditorial.com/. i am always fasinated to see what she has to tell us and inspires me not to give up my dream.

  • N.B.

    I would like nominate Re:Fiction (refiction.com). The monthly writing contests there help break my writer’s block. I also enjoy reading the rest of the posts, especially the resource reviews.

  • carmen

    I nominate the Story Empire blog (https://storyempire.com/) It’s a wonderful resource, full of good advice for writers at all stages of their career.