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Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog!

I’d like your help with choosing the best Writing blogs for 2016. Are you up for the challenge?

The annual blog awards here on Positive Writer is a pretty big deal, as the previous award announcements have been viewed over a million times to date and have received thousands of shares on social networks. It’s great exposure to say the least, but just as importantly it introduces countless readers to blogs they might not have found otherwise.

So make sure your favorite is included in this year’s announcement. Find out how…


Here’s how to nominate your favorite writing blog:

  • Post a link to your favorite in the comments with a short explanation as to why you are nominating it.

Blogs with more than one nomination will be given priority to making the list. Thus, the more nominations a specific blog receives the better its chances of being selected.

The nominated blogs can be by multiple authors and can be about other topics, as long as writing is the main topic.

The final date for nominations is 30 January 2016.

Post your nomination in the comments.

About Bryan Hutchinson

I'm a positive writer and when that doesn't work, I eat chocolate. I help fellow writers overcome doubt and thrive! In my free time, I love visiting castles with my wife, Joan. Join me on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Elliot

    I nominate Reedsy’s writing blog: in my opinion, it is the most complete resource for independent authors and freelance publishing professionals. The posts cover writing craft, author marketing, developments in social media for the publishing industry, how to progress your career as an author or freelancer, and more. Check it out here: http://blog.reedsy.com/

  • Bode Mutter

    I would like to nominate the following blogs for their unique voice and genuine perspectives that reflect originality and a useful message that doesn’t promise quick fixes or magical thinking: http://www.oncloudzen.com, http://www.sarahjanediamond.com, http://www.technicolorpriestess.com, http://www.embodyyourlove.com, and http://www.krisoster.com

  • Shiloh

    Its hard to pick just one but I like Ash Ambridge’s http://www.themiddlefingerproject.org/blog/ and Karen Marston’s http://untamedwriting.com/blog/ the best of all the blogs I follow for their sassy encouragement. I also like Jeff Goins inspirational style blog http://goinswriter.com/blog/

    • I know I already voted but I second TMFProject and Jeff Goins!!

  • I would like to nominate my own blog http://www.ladynicci.com (because obviously, it’s my favourite!) and Pam’s Victorian Treasures at http://pamlecky.com/blog/ for its look at the historical fiction writing world.

  • Pam Lecky

    I would nominate http://www.ladynicci.com cos it’s a good mix which keeps up the interest. Go Nicola!

  • The Soul Artist Journal by L.R.Heartsong because he writes eloquently about everyday simplistic observations that are healing to mind, body and soul http://www.soulartistjournal.com/

  • EmFairley

    I would like to nominate Marcy McKay’s blog because I love her easy going style http://marcymckay.com/blog

  • Long Walks and Rose Gardens by Haneen Khalid because her poetry is breath taking: https://longwalksandrosegardens.wordpress.com/

  • Susan Marie, my own blog, ranging from book reviews to PR to soul journeys, a little bit of everything: http://www.suemarie.info/

  • Syed Ali

    I would nominate my blog: https://musarratsyed.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/a-broken-human-can-be-repaired-with-family-bond/ not because I have worked on my son too hard and written too good but being Positive Writer (after learning), I have delivered a message to help out Humanity.

  • Twodropsofinkat.wordpress.Com
    Great literary blog!

  • Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds blog. (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/blog/) A writer for the writers as well as the readers, Chuck is by turns the favourite fun uncle and the Doctor Cox from ‘Scrubs’ of bloggers. You want the truth? He’ll give you the truth. It won’t be wrapped up in pink ribbons and fluffy bunnies, but you’ll thank him for that for years to come. Without the wisdom in his blog, my current w-i-p would quite literally not exist right now.

    • Glen

      Love the description!

  • Sheila Bliss

    I would like to nominate JD Estrada’s blog http://jdestradawriter.blogspot.com/ He’s always so positive and supportive with great advice and tips to not only being a better writer but a better person. Love his work!

  • Belle1019

    It is an honor to nominate my friends at Two Drops of Ink https://twodropsofinkat.wordpress.com/. The writing is diverse in topics, writing style, and purpose. The blog also offers a great balance with male and female writers.Scott Biddulph, Marilyn Davis,Peter B. Giblett, Lydia Oyetunji and Lisa Edwards are simply offer the best of blogs!

  • I want to nominate Lisa Walker England’s blog, The Scrappy Storyteller http://scrappystoryteller.com/ Her posts are full of insight, wisdom and encouragement about the creative side of life.

  • Charles Ray

    Jacqui Murray’s ‘Word Dreams’ https://worddreams.wordpress.com/ offers commonsense advice to experienced and beginning writers alike.

  • Rachel

    I would like to nominate Reedsy’s blog: http://blog.reedsy.com/

    I love that all the blogs are written by editors who are on the site and they obviously have a close connection with them- It’s not just another soulless blog trying to get traffic, it actually gives real advice from real people who want to move forward with their writing projects.

  • Laura Gane

    I would like to nominate Reedsy


    I think this company is really amazing for authors and editors/designers alike. They really care about their audience and write loads of really cool and helpful stuff for those wanting to succeed in the industry. A lot of their content is actually written by people who use the website and are well-known professionals in their own right, so you can get some really great content on here.

  • Evolet Yvaine

    I want to nominate Jami Gold’s Blog: http://www.jamigold.com. Because she takes reader suggestions and turns them into workable resources.

  • I’d like to nominate my own blog myfreelance life.com because it provides an honest yet actionable insight for freelance writers and other freelancers of different industries as well. I also like to nominate Carol Tice’s Make A Living Writing, Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer, Lauren Tharp’s LittleZotz Writing, and Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger.com. These websites have given me the motivation, information and desire to be a better blogger and writer. They are way awesome.

  • I would like to nominate http://twodropsofinkat.wordpress.com because it gives a lot of assistance to those wishing to write. I occasionally contribute to this site and it offers assistance to new and experienced writers, whether their aim is simply writing a blog or getting a major work published.

  • I’ll take this opportunity to nominate Marcy McKay’s blog as my favourite writing blog. Her thoughtful, positive reinforcement and sharing of her own challenges, coupled with the responses from her readers have been instrumental in overcoming my own difficulties. Her blog can be found at http://marcymckay.com/blog/

  • Lauren R. Tharp

    Are we allowed to nominate more than one…? (If not, then just use BAFB):

    Be A Freelance Blogger = http://beafreelanceblogger.com Sophie and the other BAFB writers consistently share stellar advice on freelance blogging — I wouldn’t be nearly as successful as I am without them, I think.

    LittleZotz Writing = http://littlezotz.com/blog One of the winners from last year, LittleZotz Writing (my blog) has only gotten better with age. Not only do I offer up 2 articles per month on writing, I also have a podcast that shares positive-minded advice on writing as well!

    Copyblogger = http://copyblogger.com/blog A classic. Who here hasn’t turned to Copyblogger for content marketing advice at one time or another?

    My Freelance Life = http://www.myfreelancelife.com/ Willi shares freelance writing advice with a touch of humor and honesty that’s hard to come by anywhere else.

    Writing Thoughts = http://writingthoughts.com Laura Spencer’s writing should be a staple in any new writer’s reading material. Her advice is a MUST READ every time.

    Untamed Writing = http://untamedwriting.com/ Karen is a hoot! But hidden behind the sauciness is genuinely good writing advice.

    • Yeah, you’re the best. Bryan’s going to ban me haha but I also second all of these.

  • Mary Wilson

    Have a look at thursdaynightwrites.com

    The five GUPpie authors — that’s the Great Unpublished — are pushing toward publication while doing their damnedest to have a life at the same time. They write about it all. They write mysteries, literary fiction, essays, and fantasy. They’re a homicide detective, a magazine editor, an artist, a professor of Greek and a banker. Weird the group may be — but they’re not unlike you.

  • Emma Hudson

    Hi, I’d like to nominate:

    Make a living writing:http://www.makealivingwriting.com Not only does the site have great articles on just about every aspect of freelance writing, but it also provides a tremendous amount of advice and support to writers. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the plunge as a freelance blogger.

    LittleZotz: http://littlezotz.com/ Excellent resources for new freelance writers and I love the blog. Lauren’s writing style and the original artwork, make the posts a real pleasure to read.

    Be a Freelance Blogger: http://beafreelanceblogger.com/ A super blog with a lively forum offering help and support for freelance bloggers. I’m a regular reader and have been for more than a year.

    The Write Life: http://thewritelife.com/ Is another favourite go-to resource for me. I especially like reading the tracking freelance earnings posts.

    • Another vote for The Write Life – sorry I would have edited my original post but I can’t! LOL

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you so much for voting for my site! 🙂 And yes… I facepalmed when I saw The Write Life on there. I knew I was forgetting someone!

      • Emma Hudson

        Sorry, just saw your comment. It’s a pleasure. I genuinely love your blog and ebooks. Your posts are so enjoyable to read!

  • Wen Dee

    http://discoveringandsharinggrace.com The blogs are very inspirational.

  • Kathy Holzapfel

    I love mystery author Tina Whittle’s Weekly Writerly Tarot. Double win: you can learn about the Tarot AND get a weekly reading from a seasoned pro. http://tarotbytina.blogspot.com/

  • I nominate Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch Communications. http://carrotranch.com/ Charli hosts a weekly flash fiction prompt, challenging writers to respond and then compiling all entries into a post. In doing so she provides a forum for sharing writing and discussion about writing. She also shares writing tips, including advice for writers at every stage of the process. The open, supportive, encouraging environment welcomes writers to to share their work and ideas in a way that is non-threatening.

  • angela

    Amanda Patterson at http://writerswrite.co.za – consistent, quality info!

  • DaveF

    My favourites are:

    All three offer in depth, consistently good advice.

  • Shane Holly

    Writer Trish Marie Dawson

  • Harriet Fox

    I nominate Mary Buell who writes raw about her fight with cancer. I have followed Mary’s blog through a couple years of adversity, utmost bravery and having watched this woman in her early 30s fight for her life, I am in awe at her tenacity. There’s a chance she is coming to an end with this fight and she deserves the recognition to show her how many lives she’s touched and how many fans she’s inspired. Through her journey, she has spoken with humor that makes you laugh out loud and with a friend tone that makes you feel like you know her. Mary teaches us about life through her life.


  • Angelica Cooper

    I nominate K. M. Weiland, as she has done so much to encourage her readership. http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com

  • Hi Bryan!

    I nominate:

    MandyWallace.com, where Mandy provides sound writing advice and maintains several active group pinterest boards for writers.

    ShesNovel.com, where Kristen offers a lot of great downloadable writing resources.

    BlotsandPlots.com, where Jenny gives a transparent look at her self-publishing journey (with a smile and confetti).

    YourWordsElectric.com, where Jackie offers tons of inspiration “to open wallets and hearts with your words.”

    THANKS! 🙂

  • Kristina

    I nominate:

    The Triumphant Weed https://thetriumphantweed.wordpress.com/ Henrietta M. Ross has a magnificent writing voice, can be utterly hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time. She just started blogging politics for the HuffPost.

    The Return of the Modern Philosopher https://moviewriternyu.wordpress.com/ Austin is the most consistent writer I know, which makes his blog a lot of fun and something to look forward to reading. His blog is fun loving, humorous and interesting to read.

  • Johnnie Bruce

    The Yielded Heart

  • Laura Bynum

    I will tell you that the following blog is my own, Words on the Outside (Authors reading approx. 5 mins of their own work). We’re pretty new and struggling to navigate the internet and all its corners, but would appreciate any feedback from your readers about the authors you’d like to hear. Our latest reading is tremendous and I’d really like to thank Edwidge Danticat, an Oprah Book Author, for her kind participation by getting more folks to listen to it. (It’s the top on our recent posts at http://www.wordsontheoutside.com) What a fabulous site this is. Many kudos to those creating it!

  • Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

    I nominate Debra L. Butterfield, The Motivational Editor, for the Best Writing Blogs for 2016!. http://debralbutterfield.com/ Her blogs are informative, helpful and reliable. Informative, because she gives the writer valuable information on how not to think it’s “me against the world” but instead, “together we can do this.” Helpful, because Butterfield explains the meat of writing, and teaches us to learn our craft, write, and build our platform. You feel better equipped to challenge the next hill, so to speak, in your story. Reliable, because Butterfield feeds me with Biblical truths and directs the writer to Jesus, and what better encourager is there but our Lord and Savior!

    I enjoy the way Butterfield uses hands-on-applications from her marine experiences to explain the best way to handle writing hurdles. The Motivational Editor helped me see that writing is a team effort between, editor, publisher and Jesus! And, for me, Butterfield’s
    marine blogs reemphasized my feelings accurately. I always felt my writing immersed
    me in the middle of a battlefield! Check out Debra L. Butterfield, The Motivational Editor’s blog, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Lydia Lewis-Oyetunji

    I nominate Two Drops of Ink for the Best Writing Blogs of 2016!!! Two Drops of Ink is dedicated to teaching new and seasoned writers. New writers not only can find informative articles but also samples of the types of writings. For those of us who have been writing for years we have the ability to keep our style fresh as well as continue to evolve. Check out https://twodropsofinkat.wordpress.com/.

  • AnthonyDejolde

    I nominate Litte Zots Writing http://littlezotz.com/. The owner Lauren Tharp is a writer/editor who has a heart to help novice freelance writers. Her blog offers top of the line advice for both wordsmiths and entrepreneurs. And this is the best part, Little Zots Writing paved the way for my writing career to elevate to levels I’ve never thought possible.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you for nominating LittleZotz Writing, Anthony. 🙂 I’m touched.

  • Julie

    Without a doubt, http://thewritelife.com/ the blog post are always invaluable…..so much information, given concisely, yet in understandable terminology.

  • Karen Whalen

    Thursday Night Writes (http://thursdaynightwrites.com) deserves recognition for the honesty, humor, advice, and real-world life experiences shared by five aspiring writers.

  • Love this! I want to nominate…..

    The Better Novel Project (http://betternovelproject.com) : Great advice, and fun doodles. What more could you ask for?

    Stephanie Lennox (http://stephanielennox.com/). She offers wisdom and encouragement to new authors but also resources to get you writing your book.

    Mandy Wallace (http://mandywallace.com/) I just love her mission: sneak into publishing through the back door. Her site is a great resource for writers wanting to publish.

  • I would include the following on the list:

    Litte Zotz Writing (http://littlezotz.com/). This is a wonderful writing blog with a
    personal touch from Lauren. It’s
    regular reading stop for me.

    Make A Living Writing (http://www.makealivingwriting.com/). This blog from Carol is a fantastic read. The title says it–learn how to make a living
    through writing.

    AllIndieWriters (allindiewriters.com/blog/). I love the way Jenn tackles a wide
    variety of issues writers face.

    About Freelance Writing (http://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com/). I’ve followed this blogger’s posts for eight years now. Anne is always helpful.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thank you for nominating LittleZotz Writing, Laura! 🙂 Your blog is a regular stop for me as well. <3

  • I would like to nominate:

    Jackie Johansen (http://www.yourwordselectric.com) for being so passionate and determined in her mission to support writers.

    Lauren Sapala (http://www.laurensapala.com) because she is hands down, the best intuitive writing coach I know.

    K.M. Weiland (http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com) for her consistent quality, useful content, and engagement with her community.

  • Jimmy Donnellan

    I would love to nominate http://culturedvultures.com/. Full of writing advice from published authors and the logo’s cool, too.

  • Vanessa

    I’d like to nominate:
    Jodi Gibson http://www.jfgibson.com.au for her honest posts about the writing life, Mandi Kontos http://www.dreamingfullyawake.com for her coaching support for writers and Natasha Lester http://www.natashalester.com for her brilliant insights into writing and publishing.

  • FulvioCus

    I’m nominating Vanessa Carnevale http://www.vanessacarnevale.com for her inspiring blog for writers, her amazing podcast which features writers and publishing experts, and her writing prompts that she shares on Instagram.

  • Tara Hornbuckle

    I’d like to nominate Mandi Kontos http://dreamingfullyawake.com/ for her amazing, and inspiring blog. She’s always full of advice and tips. and I love reading everything she puts out.

  • Susie Caron

    I nominate Jo Linsdell’s site Writers and Authors. http://www.writersandauthors.info
    I started following Jo a few years ago and I found her site informative and helpful. She provides great tips about the ins and outs of writing, publishing and marketing. Her advice is always up to date and usually just in time for me to use it. Great site. Great author.

  • Krysten Hager

    I nominate Writers and Authors http://www.writersandauthors.info/ There is so much info on writing on this site and helped you no matter where you are in your career. This site benefits people at every stage in their writing journey.

  • Jim C.

    Nominating http://www.readslash.com for giving a voice to teens/youth on important issues!

  • I’m a big fan of My Freelance Life, http://myfreelancelife.com/, because it really helped me when I first started freelancing and getting my feet wet writing for businesses as well as traditional publications. Plus Williesha is a gem and doesn’t mind sharing her insights in a personal way and even telling you about mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them.

  • Daniel Rose

    Hi Bryan,
    So many great writing blogs out there, but I’ve managed to break down my list to these three essentials:
    http://littlezotz.com/ Lauren Tharp’s blog is a fantastic resource, plus she has the best cat comics in her posts 😉
    http://relentless-movement.co/ Razwana Wahid is a great copywriter, and her posts are always insightful and helpful.
    http://untamedwriting.com/ Karen Marston’s blog is one of my favourite reads, as entertaining as it is informative.

    Lauren, Razwana and Karen are all exceedingly helpful, friendly, and clever, and I consider their blogs to be essential reading.

    • Lauren R. Tharp

      Thanks for nominating me, Daniel! 😀 And I’ll be sure to let Ramiro (my illustrator) know how much you appreciate his work.

  • selinaseoboss

    Oh so nice . i like this so much you can also try our blog for shareNice story

  • J. Eliot Mason


  • I’ve followed best-selling author Jerry Jenkins’ blog at http://JerryJenkins.com for several years. I’ve not come across another writer at his level of success who has such a passion for training other writers, yet he remains humbly committed to being a lifelong learner of the craft himself. My first published works were a direct result of the tools, encouragement, writer’s work ethic, and the realities of the publishing industry I picked up from Jerry.

  • Laurie Kehoe

    jerrysguild.com A more indepth teaching from JerryJenkins.com where writers can contact and interact with each other in addition to a more personal instruction from the master.

  • Rosa Lee

    I nominate best selling author Jerry Jenkins blogs. He has 2 sites http://www.jerryjenkins.com/ and jerrysguild.com
    The first one is open to the public, the other one is for members only. Jerry offers real world information about writing, instructional, informational, and even exhortational motivational insights. He is an active participant which is rare for an author of his caliber. He interacts with commenters openly, honestly, and with great integrity. He does not degrade other’s opinions. He is helpful and encouraging in a straightforward manner. I have learned more from him in the last month than I have from other sites in a year.

  • Elaine Wood

    I have just joined Jerry Jenkins new Writers Guild in the last week. I have learned so much already and love, love his blog. I nominate http://www.jerryjenkins.com

  • Ayelet Weisz

    I nominate two blogs:

    1) My Freelance Life (http://www.myfreelancelife.com/) – because its author, Williesha Morris, isn’t afraid to be honest and share the reality of a freelance writer’s life with her audience, even when the going gets tough. Williesha honestly cares about writers’ success, but also helps them accept their humanity and be kind to themselves when things don’t work out the way they hoped. That, in turn, gives writers courage to pick themselves up and take the next step anyway.

    2) Jessie Kwak’s blog (http://www.jessiekwak.com/blog/) – because its author, Jessie Kwak, is incredibly positive, approachable, and willing to share the journey, including the lessons she learns as she build both a freelance writing business and a fiction writing business. She gives you practical tips and takes you behind the scenes to see what it’s really like. Oh yeah, and sometimes she runs giveaways of physical copies of her beautifully written novel, that’s getting a lot of praise. Jessie gives writers hope that hard work by kind people actually pays off.

  • Adam Davis

    My vote gores to Curiouser Editing, LLC!!! http://www.curiouserediting.com/

  • Jennifer Harshman
  • Amber

    Curiouserediting.com blog!

  • David Mike
  • Curiouser Editing. http://www.curiouserediting.com Shayla Eaton doesn’t just want to edit books, she wants to make them masterpieces and change the face of Indie publishing.

  • monicahaynes

    http://www.curiouserediting.com This blog is so full of great information it’s bursting at the seams. Highly recommend it!

  • I nominate http://www.curiouserediting.com also. Not only have I used Shayla for editing, but she’s doing a great job creating a community of authors.

  • Damien Taylor
  • Mindy Durbin Schoeneman

    http://curiouserediting.com/blog has my vote. The content Shayla brings to the blog is very helpful to a wide range of writers. It isn’t specific to fiction or nonfiction, and it is very much an encouragement to not only be an author but be THE author, to curate your own brand and style. She gives information that will help writers in every stage of writing.

  • Rose – The Center of My Self

    My favorite is http://www.curiouserediting.com/blog. Shayla is enormously experienced and equally generous in sharing her knowledge to writers at any stage of their writing journey. Her content is smart, insightful and on target with current practices and writers’ needs.

  • Gina Loveless

    I nominate http://www.curiouserediting.com! Shayla is ahead of the curve and then some when it comes to writing, and her blog is my first stop for self publishing and writing success!

  • I’d like to nominate Shayla and her team at Curiouser Editing! As a self-published author, I appreciate that she gives so freely of her extensive knowledge, but she’s also no-nonsense. http://www.CuriouserEditing.com is a must-read for anyone who wants to be a writer.

  • Clark Gaither
  • Very hard to choose as there are only 3 writing blogs I actually read and they are ALL stellar content.


    Am I allowed to just vote for all 3? 🙂

  • Lara O’Neal Jones

    I nominate http://writerswrite.co.za/, because they have helpful new content almost daily. I frequently share their posts with fellow writers.

  • Awesomeness

    I nominate Writer’s Write because they share short yet useful posts on writing using a very mobile and desktop friendly blog layout and sharing their posts on social media so that they’re easy to find. 🙂 http://writerswrite.co.za

  • I nominate: https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ KM Weiland’s incredibly diverse, helpful, creative, quirky support for writers trying to become authors. And she is terrifically generous with free info and suggestions.

  • Sandra Alexander

    I nominate Writer’s Write. To be honest, it’s the only writing blog that I follow and read on a regular basis, but they never fail to inspire and help, and their writing humor always makes the whole “trying to make my way as an author” thing a little easier to handle.

  • EB Moore

    http://deaddarlings.com/ This blog is constantly helpful and informative.

  • Stephanie Gayle

    Dead Darlings. They’ve got everything from craft lessons, to weekly wrap ups of writing news.

  • Rachel Barenbaum

    Dead Darlings. Amazing advice, lessons on craft and links to other great stuff going on out in the writing universe. Just super!

  • Lisa Birk

    Dead Darlings, “the site for everything novel,” has something like 50 contributors, all working novelists. Posts include a Wednesday YA digest, a Friday Feast of writing news, and Tuesday and Thursday posts about every single aspect of writing from inception of idea to revising (and revising and revising) to finding an agent to marketing that published book. http://deaddarlings.com/

  • Emily Ross

    I nominate Dead Darlings http://deaddarlings.com/ This blog has fantastic and candid writing advice from writers at all stages of the writing journey. Entertaining and super helpful!

  • Bonnie Waltch

    I nominate DeadDarlings.com – always informative, often humorous, has great links to other articles and book lists, interviews with authors, craft advice and stories. There’s something for everyone there!

  • Kim Libby

    I nominate Dead Darlings (http://deaddarlings.com/). Lively, relevant, engaging posts by writers who share their passion for the craft.

  • SE Eaton

    I nominate Writers Write. http://writerswrite.co.za …Easy to use, informative, with friendly and helpful authors. This is my go-to site for all things writing.

  • Jack Ferris

    I would like to nominate Dead Darlings: http://deaddarlings.com/. It covers novel writing in every stage of the process, has a great variety of voices, and its spotlight on new authors is informative and fun.

  • Thanks everyone, you can see the winners here: http://positivewriter.com/top-50-writing-blogs-for-2016/