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30 Inspiring Quotes on Writing and Creativity

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of inspiration to ignite our creative passion, and one of the places where we can draw inspiration is from quotes.

In celebration of the release of my new book “Happy Every Day” I asked fellow bloggers to provide quotes about how writing and/or creating brings them happiness. As you’ll see, the responses were absolutely brilliant!

PhotoCred: Dreamstime

Photo cred: Dreamstime

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Inspiring Quotes on Writing and Creativity

I created tweets for each quote; however, with quotes that were too long, I had to shorten the tweets.

Tweet the quote that resonates with you the most.

When I create it’s like the Sun’s warmth touching my skin after a deluge of rain. I’m in my happy zone once again.

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Lorna Kopp, www.lornafaith.com

When I write, I share a little piece of my soul. And nothing makes me happier than giving back to the world that has already given me so much.

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Racquel Narciso, www.howtomakeitinsanfrancisco.com

I write to take all the terror and tragedy and comedy and banality of life and wrestle it into something I can understand.

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Kathleen Caron, www.kathleencaron.com

Writing is like breathing for me. It’s essential for my well-being. The joy I get from my words “moving” someone is immeasurable.

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Christy Mossburg, www.simplychristy.com

Creating art or writing is God’s “voice” speaking through me for His glory.

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Lin Sons

The pictures I draw and the words I write fill me with joy. Joy like the dish soap I use to wash my dishes. Joy like the children’s song. Joy that only comes from Jesus and a crayon and a pencil.

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Pamela Hodges, www.ipaintiwrite.com

To know that my writing affects someone in a meaningful way, gives me joy. Then, I know my writing is worthwhile.

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Joan Hall, www.joanhallwrites.com

Photo Cred: Dreamstime

I’m happy when I write. Using the gift God picked out for me, rather than packing it away in a closet. Each gift of writing is unique, like snowflakes he sprinkles over winter skies.

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Anne Gollias Peterson, www.annepeterson.wordpress.com

When I make something with my hands, I know that only I could make it – no one else can create exactly the same way. When we allow the universe to flow through us our ability to create is limitless.

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Renee Baude, www.reneebaude.com

Writing and creating illustrations makes me feel magical!

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Cindy and Bruce, www.cillyart4u.blogspot.com

When I write, I am partnering with God by telling both my story and His…all at the same time.

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Caryn Jenkins Christensen, www.stateoftheheartliving.com

Writing is an exercise in joyfulness. I write to share, in a beautiful way, the things that give me joy.

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Erika Simone, www.erikasimone.com

Writing makes me happy because when I write, it feels like I’m doing what I was born to do.

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James Prescott, www.jamesprescott.co.uk

Writing is a wonderful way to discover and experience life’s pains and joys. Writing is an amazing tool to deal with pain and find God’s comfort in the midst of it. Sharing those experiences and comforts with the world brings me joy. Writing is a way to discover and express fun and creativity. Sharing those expressions with the world also brings me joy.

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Sharon Rose Gibson, www.15minutewriter.com

Writing gives me permission to bare my soul. Doesn’t need to go beyond that for me; the simple act of putting pen to paper is enough to voice my fears, hurts, joys, wonder.

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Judy Hagey, www.judyhagey.com

Writing makes me feel happy because it helps me to connect with my inner feelings and share those feelings with others to, hopefully, help them to understand life better and to not feel alone.

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Eva P. Scott, www.EvaPScott.com

God has blessed me with the “gift of gab.” Sharing my blessings, joy, and hardships through words so others can connect and gain hope or inspiration, brings a feeling of happiness and purpose as a writer.

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Brenda McGraw, www.askgodtoday.com

I express my passion for life through my writing.

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Patricia Storbeck, www.mojitoandme.com

Once I discovered a passion to write, I could no longer run from who God created me to be. I have a story to tell. And the more I write, the more I long to create with words.

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Laura C. Robb, www.lauracrobb.com

Writing allows me to enter a whole new world. I can experience my fears, hopes, and dreams through my characters. My creativity is sparked by exploring my emotions in ways that I can’t in the real world. Other times, it’s just fun to escape and spend time with my make believe friends.

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Stacy Claflin, www.stacyclaflin.com

Writing give me the opportunity to make hope mobile. I am able to reach so many more people through my writing than I would otherwise, and this message of courage and strategies to overcome powerful obstacles in life is so important.

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Chris Morris, www.chrismorriswrites.com

Writing is the exhaust of my daily thoughts. Sometimes the noise is louder than Screaming Eagle pipes on a Harley; other times, the noise purrs like a luxury car. If my exhaust is plugged with indifference and sarcasm, my thoughts stop. That’s when I’ll call close friends or use a mirror to help me see my destructive thought patterns, clear out the pipes, and get running again.

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Steve Hawkins, www.stevehawkinswrites.com

At times writing can be an excruciating process, but is massively rewarding. Nothing feels like publishing a finished piece!

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Stacie Buck, www.diamondshapers.com

Writing gives me peace, a deep unshakable satisfaction. There is often a sense of surprise, because in mining the “right” words I discover who I am. What I think and believe, what brings me great sorrow and dazzling joy. Writing guides me life, and that makes grateful.

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Christa Sterken, www.christasterken.com

I write when I feel the need to accomplish something, to point to something (anything!) and say, “Look, there. I did that.”

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Kelly Belmonte, www.allninemuses.wordpress.com

Writing is mucky, fun, shovel-work. I dig up something unseen. Rinse and clean and hold it up to the light. There it is: A keeper sentence.

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Marilyn Luinstra, www.marilynluinstra.com

I rarely write without tears. As the words flow from my fingertips the dam holding back my emotions begins to crack & crumble and there is joy, Grace and freedom in the release. It is overwhelmingly cathartic.

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Lauren Huss, www.livinglifewrite.com

I am not a natural writer or speaker so to me; to write is the hardest thing to do and yet it is the thing that draws me closer to God in dependence and trust that he will somehow put words together and create something beautiful in and through me because this is my passion I cannot help but crave/desire to write something beautiful no matter how hard I find the process…

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Sheena Billingham

My life was suddenly interrupted by a love for writing that has brought me more happiness and fulfillment than I ever thought possible.

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Annmarie Miles, www.ficticiousamo.wordpress.com

Writing makes me feel happy by giving me a purpose.

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Beth Teliho, www.bethteliho.wordpress.com

Special shout-out to Tribe Writers created by Jeff Goins, celebrating 1 year anniversary. 28 of the above quotes are from Tribe Writers.

Thanks everyone for your contributions. Be Happy.

What about creating art makes you happy? Share in the comments.

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