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Top 7 Reasons You Should Give Your Book Away For Free! Yes – Free!

Early in 2013 I decided to do something that scared the living hell out of me. I decided to give away my memoir, One Boy’s Strugglefor free via Story Cartel in exchange for honest reviews.

It was scary, because, I mean, really, who gives away their book for free? How can you put food on the table that way? Baby needs new shoes! Crazy. Just crazy.

Or, maybe not. As it turns out it was the best thing I did for my memoir…

Photo Cred: Dreamstime

Photo Cred: Dreamstime


The Moments In-Between Are Moments Worth Treasuring – 7 Tips for Mindfulness

This world has become too small and too fast and we all know it, but too few of us actually know what to do about it.

But the answer is right in front of you, between you, your goals and your next awesome, you rock!, accomplishment.

The moments that matter are The In-Between

Photo Cred: Dreamstime

Photo Cred: Dreamstime


How Twitter Lists Can Help Build Your Network + 8 Lists to Create Now

Despite the numerous benefits social media affords writers, you’ve probably thrown up your hands a time or two, vowing to close your accounts and hibernate.

After all, it’s impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving stream of articles, photos, and conversations that exist on Twitter every day. And that’s just one social media account! Add Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, or other tools to the fold, and our time and attention are easily strained. Don’t give up…


How Frustration Can Lead to Breakthrough and Picking Yourself

Most of us are waiting to be picked.

We are waiting for an agent or publisher to call, or we are waiting to be picked to take the next step up the ladder, or we are just waiting for someone to give us that pat on the back and let us know what we are doing is worthwhile and, well, you know, to “keep-at-it.”


Pick me.


The One Factor that Will Determine Your Creative Success

Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms carry out your plan. ~Paul Meyer

It’s easy for someone to tell you to be clear about your goals, to make a plan to achieve them and set yourself a deadline. And it’s just as easy to say you must have supreme confidence and a disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms.

So then, what factor will actually determine your creative success?

Creative Commons by Nick Wheeleroz

Creative Commons by Nick Wheeleroz


The Secret of Great Writing

From Bryan: This is a guest post by Nick Thacker. Nick is a blogger, writer, and self-declared “life hacker” who enjoys writing novels, and has recently finished his first novel, The Golden Crystal, available now. He runs LiveHacked, and has a totally free course called How to Write A Novel.

I recently finished editing my first novel, The Golden Crystal. I’m excited — thrilled even — that it’s finally going to be ready for readers.

But let me back up a bit…

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Comfort Writing and How To Avoid It

From Bryan: This is a guest post by James Prescott, he is a writer and author from Sutton, near London, in the UK and blogs regularly at JamesPrescott. He recently released his first e-book, ‘5 Steps to Encouragement: A Manifesto for Changing the World’ which can be obtained free here.

Most of us have heard the term ‘comfort eating’. I know the phrase all too well. A bad day can still occasionally lead to me devouring a couple bars of chocolate or a few donuts.

Comfort eating makes me feel better about myself for a short period of time. It’s taking the easy route. But it’s not healthy, and it’s not valuing myself or my body.

And strangely enough, it’s the same with writing.

Creative Commons by Amy LYah

Creative Commons by Amy LYah


5 Secrets to Succeeding in Blogging

I get a lot of inquiries about blogging. Most people ask me to visit their blog and tell them how they can improve it.

Unfortunately, the answer is rarely cut and dry.

But I have noticed some common mistakes that turn off would be readers and also happen to be the secrets top bloggers know…

Creative Commons by ChrisSmith

Creative Commons by ChrisSmith


I Am A Writer

This is a guest post by my wife, Joan Faith. She is an award winning poet. I feel very fortunate that the contest Joan and I came up with for Positive Writer – You Are A Writer – When did you know? – inspired her to write this guest post. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to let her know in the comments. This is not an entry. Joan will be helping me choose the winners.

Am I a writer?

Yes, although incidentally in my view…

Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer - Wikimedia Commons

Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer – Wikimedia Commons


How To Stay Focused On Writing

From Bryan: This is a post by outstanding young writer, The Magic Violinist. She will be contributing to Positive Writer on a regular basis. Read her first post for Positive Writer here.

Does this happen to you?

You’re typing a short story, or an article, or some other writing project, when suddenly… ping!

You get a text message. You accidentally hit the wrong key and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten what you were typing…

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