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What are The 4 Secrets Successful Writers Do? (4 Things Actually)

This post is by Jeff Goins. He has Jedi-like writing powers. You can find him on his insanely popular website here.

At some point in their lives, most people asked themselves a big, very important question:

Do I have a book in me?


Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog as The Best!

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Let’s get to it…


Do You Have Burning Questions About Writing?

Then I’ve got exciting news for you!


How To Edit Your Book Until It’s “Finished”

Note: This is a guest post by Joe Bunting. Joe is a professional ghostwriter and editor. He is the publisher of The Write Practice and the creator of Story Cartel.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to edit a book. “I have a 60,000 word manuscript,” people tell me, “but I don’t know how to know if it’s ready to publish.”

Some of these writers want to finish up the manuscripts they began during NaNoWriMo. Others are in the middle of their first draft and are enthusiastically thinking ahead to their next steps.

However, they’re all asking the same question: How do you know when your book is finished?


The Top 10 Best Blog Post Ideas Ever!

Bloggers have the most difficult job any writer has, and it’s not just the writing, it’s consistently coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to write about.

I’ll be honest with you, constantly coming up with ideas is hard work. So it’s great to have a quick reference list for those times when you’re drawing a blank.



Focus is One of The Most Important Blogging Lesson You’ll Ever Learn

Are you a blogger of musings and other random things, believing the more well-rounded your blog is the better your chances are of attracting a larger audience?

I made this mistake, too. The good news is it’s fixable.



What I Learned About Writing After Reading These 10 Books

Note: This is a guest post by Emily Johnson, she’s a blogger and a content strategist at omnipapers.com. She is also a contributor on various websites about career advice, productivity, work issues, blogging and writing. You can follow her on Twitter.

“If you want to write better, read more.”

Have you ever heard this advice? This advice can be found all over the web. Even Stephen King tells us that if you don’t read, you don’t have the tools to write.