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The Top 10 Best Blog Post Ideas Ever!

Bloggers have the most difficult job any writer has, and it’s not just the writing, it’s consistently coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to write about.

I’ll be honest with you, constantly coming up with ideas is hard work. So it’s great to have a quick reference list for those times when you’re drawing a blank.


Top Ten Blog Post Ideas

These ideas might seem obvious at first, but when you’re stuck nothing seems obvious, or easy, for that matter. At least, not for me.

1. Steal ‘em!

I’m not talking about plagiarism. I’m talking about visiting your favorite blogs, making a list of your favorite posts and write about the ideas presented in those posts by giving your unique take on them.

If you copy any content for a quote or reference, be sure to give credit to the author. I stole the “steal ‘em” idea from Jeff Goins.

2. Writing Contests

Either start a writing contest or enter one, or both.

Google: “Writing Contest,” explore the various topics and make a list of the topics you’d enjoy writing about for reference. I’ll soon have a new writing contest here on Positive Writer with great prizes. Stay tuned.

3. Book Reviews

Write book reviews and make them standout critiques that help potential readers decide which books to read.

If you write stellar reviews on a regular basis you’ll become considered an expert reviewer, admired, respected and, well, in some cases, hated. (You’re not going to love every book you review, but that’s okay, Roger Ebert didn’t love every movie he reviewed.)

4. Make A Top Ten List

Whatever your niche, how about making a top ten (or 20, or 30, or whatever) list of blogs related to it. Other lists you might consider are your top ten favorite books, movies, albums, artists, and anything else worthwhile you can think of.

Make your list more interesting by providing useful information about each item. When I created the Top 25 Writing Blogs list, I also included links to what I considered the best posts from each of those blogs.

My top 25 writing blogs list already has over 50,000 shares. So, give it a go! Make your own top list. If you do, be sure to share it with me in the comments below so me and my readers can find it.

5. Interviews

If you’re not sure who to interview, consider interviewing bloggers within your niche or bloggers who write about closely related topics. The key to getting interviews with top bloggers is to ask them. It’s really as simple as that – just ask!

Who knows, you might even land interviews with the top of the top, such as, Seth GodinGuy Kawasaki, and Jeff Goins. All I did was ask them. Now it’s your turn. Pick a blogger you admire and ask for an interview.

I have one more tip for you about asking for interviews, have your questions prepared before asking. I usually include the questions with my initial request.


Make a list of your favorite quotes. Famous, inspirational, motivational or whatever kind of quotes you like.

My favorite quote post is: 7 Inspirational Quotes That Could Change Your Life.

7. How To Do Something

Do you know how to do something? Well, of course you do! Because you’re awesome like that. Write a detailed post teaching others how to do it. Do the same thing for everything you know and you’ll soon be regarded not only as an expert, but as a generous expert.

How-to posts are not limited to what YOU know. Perhaps you hired someone to design a book cover and you learned a few things from the experience. Here’s an example: Simple Tips for Hiring a Book Cover Designer

8. Share Your Adventures

Everyone I know loves to travel and they all love to research places they are going to visit. Where have you visited, why did you go there and what did you learn?

Share your experiences with us in a post. I went to Paris recently.

9. Ask Fellow Bloggers To Guest Post

Set up guidelines for guest posters, make ’em tough and only approve the very best. If you have an area within your niche that you don’t write much about, ask guests to fill the gap.

I enjoy writing about overcoming the doubts we have as writers (I have way too much experience in this area), but I don’t blog much about the technical aspects of writing, so I appreciate guest posts like 6 Quick Tricks to Help You Tighten Up Your Writing by C.S. Lakin and How To Edit Your Book Until It’s “Finished” by Joe Bunting, and many other guest posts.

10. Answer questions

If you answer a question in an email or comment that you know is relevant to the rest of your readers, consider writing a detailed post about it. I did exactly that for last week’s post.

Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.

-Jim Rohn (Tweet This Quote)

Bonus: 11. Post An Infographic

Here’s an infographic highlighting the Top 10 blog post ideas. It’s my gift to you, for those times when you’re stuck and would like a quick reference to these ideas:

(Click the picture for a larger version. Feel free to share it and, hey, how about posting it on your blog. It’s a ready made blog post.)


 Now it’s your turn…

Help out fellow bloggers by Sharing your blog post ideas in the comments.

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  • EdieMelson

    These are all GREAT ideas! I’d like to add one more. Some of the most popular posts on my site are the ABCs. I’ve done the ABCs of writing, blogging, and social media. They take less time to write than you might think and are always a big hit.

  • Bryan – absolutely a GOLD NUGGET here! At least two (book reviews and quotes) on your list were spinning around in my wash cycle as reading has changed my life and quotes are logs on my fire (especially with polar vortexes roaming the country!)
    One I like to share….current events and the pictures they give us that turn on some form of light in the brain cells that lead to deeper truths….thanks for the post

  • Interviews like

  • Caryn Jenkins Christensen

    Bryan, funny that you should be posting this today, because I’ve just been pondering the difference between having a guest poster and interviewing (the same person). Do you feel there are advantages of one over the other, or that they are just different, depending on your audience? I’ve been debating very recently on whether to invite an author to guest post (I’m fairly certain she would) and talk about her new book, OR interview her about her new book.

    • Hmm Caryn, maybe ask her what she prefers? Or do both, maybe the interview first and perhaps a month later the guest post? I’d shoot for the interview if you can only pick one.

  • renee

    Bryan the best way I could help out fellow bloggers is direct them to my Pinterest page on blogging! It is by far one of my most followed boards. (and to be honest, I go back all the time–it’s like my own reference library! I’ll add this post too!)

    The second is find a blog that has a SPECIFIC topic that you can link up with–like Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday or Holly had one where I wrote about my God sized dreams. They give the topic and you write! (Through those groups I found several like minded people, formed relationships and have expanded my reach.)

    Love the infographic!

    • Thanks, Renee! You’re right. Pinterest is a great place to not only find pictures, but also ideas!! What’s the link to your Pinterest page, I want to follow it.

      • renee

        My Pinterest Page is Renee Baude | Renee’s Kitchen–my focus is on eating real food–but I also have the blogging board and lots of enrichment/teaching ideas for kids who learn differently. (and I love boots–so . . . quite a few pic of boots!) Come on over! find a recipe and pick up some blogging tips! http://www.pinterest.com/reneebaude/

        • I most certainly will, Renee! 🙂 You’re sharing a LOT of photos. Wow. Amazing.

    • Sekim Jones

      thanks @renee. can you please send me a link to your blog through sjohnmary89@gmail.com

  • Woo Hoo! It’s good to know I’m on the right track. I hate to use the word steal, but redo in my own way works for me. LOL I haven’t tried writing contest, but maybe another kind of contest would work for my blog. My big dilemma is a prize. I’m pre-published so maybe I should wait until the novel is out? The other I haven’t tried is info graphic. LOVE it. I’m going to take one of my Top 12 lists and do it! What a great way to share EVERYWHERE! Thanks for the confirmation and tips!

    • Ha ha, you’re so welcome, Tam Francis! Prizes are not always easy, I have found going with Amazon gift cards work well. My next writing contest will feature 1: $100.00, 2: $50.00, 3: $25.00 Amazon gift cards. Gift cards are great because then the winners can choose what to spend them on. I’ve found that giving specific prizes, like an iPod or something is more difficult because the contestants might not be in need of one or already have enough iPods etc…

      Share a link here to your infographic when you’ve got it created!

  • Another hum-dinger of a post Bryan. Great content. Again.

    My post suggestion? How to create an award for the top 25 blogs in your niche.

    Btw, For a guy who doesn’t blog on tech your site looks so terrific. I just got the new Tribe theme. I’m keen to learn how to scale the pictures the way you do it, so they’re the same size as the post width. Super spiffy!

    • Hi Marilyn, great to hear from you and love your new picture! 🙂

      You’ll love the new Tribe Theme. Scale images to 650px width to fit as mine do. I use Photoshop. I’ve found that Photoshop resizes the best without losing too much of the quality of the image. Photoshop also has a great file resizing ability for posting on the web. At 650px wide though it is difficult to get images under 100kb.

      Thank you! I like it when it’s super spiffy! 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing the secret to your blog design. Your blog layout is my absolute fav. I have Photoshop Elements 11. I will be following your resize-to-650px-instructions–so generous of you to share them with me.

        • Of course, Marilyn. Anytime you need any help feel free to ask me, I’m here. Do you already have the Tribe theme live?

  • Sharon

    This is my first time over from Tribe Writers. What an incredibly helpful and inspiring post. I’ll definitely being “stealing” something form here. Thanks!!

    • You can “steal” ideas from me any time you like, Sharon. 🙂 Glad you stopped by!

  • The best advice I was ever given as a Writer, Author, and Blogger? “Write what you know”! And that’s what I’ve done with my first published book out now, “Addicted To Dimes”…
    It is about my personal journey, starting as a little girl into adulthood. Many issues “Touched My Life,” so I wrote about all of it. It was healing, gives insights to gambling addiction, childhood trauma and abuse, dark family secrets that hurt my whole family, mental illness, and recovery. That’s what I know about.

    I have a beautiful life in recovery for 7years now, and my mission through my book, and blogs is to help others who have been through these issues as well. Isn’t that what life is all about? Being kind and helping others? Most of the 10 things you have listed is what I do each day to become a better writer and blogger. Thanks for another great Share!
    God Bless,
    Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂

    • Being kind and helping others… Indeed, Catherine. Love that!

  • Adrian

    Love the post Bryan! I’ve been doing a fair amount of research recently on how to get ideas for blog posts, and this post (amongst others) has inspired me to put together a resource on how to hack different tools to generate hundreds of blog post ideas. I’d love your feedback on it if you wouldn’t mind checking it out: http://digitalrhinos.com/guide-to-generating-hundreds-blog-post-ideas/

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  • Talha

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  • Joe


  • Anna

    This was so helpful! Thank you for those great advises. I might come back to you for an interview in a few months. 😉

  • Rouksana Aziz

    hi Bryan, this is exactly what I needed to get the creative juices flowing again. I am a new blogger and I ‘m struggling to get my blog out there. (will get there soon though)..tnk you for the great ideas, they are truly inspiring and have given me a few ideas for my next article.. senseofrumor.wordpress.com

  • Plough The Web

    Nice Compilation.. Here is the list of 102+ Blog Post ideas our team has complied and might be of useful to you to write your next post…
    Cheers with NO FEARS

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    Awesome article ! Thanks for sharing

  • Dr. Sana

    Hi, Brayan

    your post really helped i just started my blog on

    I will definitely use your valuable suggestions.

  • samcarter44

    Love this Bryan! I will definitely be saving for when I get stuck on ideas. Here’s another place to look for people who write on religion or faith. Sermon topics. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas when I listen to my pastor’s sermons on Sundays.

  • love these, Bryan! have made notes to add a prompt and quotes / memes. i’ve done interviews for a while now (temporarily suspended due to insane writing schedule) (would like to interview you when i open it back up 😉 )and guest posts. pretty much started out with reviews!
    i’ve another to add for ya, participate in a group blog. i’m part of First Line Fridays and we’ve grown a LOT in recent months!

  • Some excellent, practical tips there for defeating writer’s block or simply overcoming time constaints.

    Idea 1 – “Steal ’em”. In most fields, there are no truly new ideas under the sun, just new takes on them. Our take on them. Maybe not new to us, but new, and therefore valuable, to many of our readers. We don’t always have to be original; often, being interesting is enough.

    Besides, to quote a saying attibuted to many a writer (or should that be, to many a benign plagiarist): “Stealing from one author is plagiarism, stealing from two authors is research”!