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The Very Best Articles on Writing for 2014 (on Positive Writer)

 Practice means what it says: writing is something to be done over and over, something that improves through the repetitive doing but that needs not be done perfectly.  ~Julia Cameron

It’s that time again, it’s the end of the year roundup! (Oh, my bad, this is the very first ever end of the year roundup from Positive Writer. Enjoy!)

Your first draft is not crap.

I wanted to do something a little different with this roundup: Instead of me choosing my favorite articles of 2014, I thought it would be cooler, funner, and, well, overall just plain better to have you, the readers, choose the best articles of the year.

The way I’ve done that is by selecting the posts with the most “shares,” which was easy to do by analyzing the ‘sharethis’ plug-in stats. Each of the below posts went viral with a minimum of a thousand shares. However, not all of them were written by me, our guest writers rocked it, too!

Before we get to the articles I want to say thank you for reading Positive Writer and thank you for making my first book on writing, “Writer’s Doubt,” #1 on Amazon during the week when I did the review promotion. The reactions to the book have been overwhelmingly positive, beyond my greatest expectations.

Thank you.

Without further ado, the very best articles on writing for 2014 on Positive Writer:

  1. Why No One Is Paying Attention To You (And How to Change It)
  2. Why Your First Draft Is NOT Crap
  3. How To Become A Prolific Writer While Holding Down A Day Job
  4. How to Write Your Story in 6 Steps by Claire DeBoer
  5. Why You Need To Risk Writing Something Dangerous
  6. A Crazy Myth Writers Need To Kill
  7. Why You’re Not Finishing the Writing You Started by Shanan Haislip
  8. 6 Quick Tricks to Help You Tighten Up Your Writing by C.S. Lakin
  9. How To Motivate Yourself Right Now!
  10. 3 Myths That Hold Your Best Writing Back

Runners up:

These posts haven’t yet reached a thousand shares, but they are recent posts and are well on their way to reaching the 1K milestone.

Happy New Year! And may your 2015 be the best year ever.

What are YOUR writing goals for 2015? I’d love to know, so share them in the comments if you like.

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  • I can see why they’re popular. Your attitude is refreshing.

  • This is so many kinds of AWESOME, Bryan. Thanks. I’m posting it on Facebook right now. appreciate what you do for us all out here in writer land! 🙂

  • Dane O’Leary

    Great resources. I’m a writer and do some guides and writing tips too, so these will definitely be great inspiration for future material. I find that the encouragement and advice of fellow writers has been invaluable to my own success.

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  • Kathy

    Good to read the “best of the best” from your blog which I’ve recently joined. I read Claire DeBorer’s article on “How to write Your Story in Six Steps.” It gave some concrete advice which helps me in my writing. Also I enjoyed the article,”Why You’re not Finishing the Writing you Started” by Shanan Haslip, which caused me to made me realize that sometimes I need to let an idea “breathe” in order to write a succinct article. I’ll review the list to help me as I continue to write my story. Thanks for the info.

  • Willson John

    I am totally agree with the blog. Great resource for new writers like me. I will just start my career with http://iwriteprofessionals.com/