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Interview with Seth Godin

American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and you probably know him as the world’s greatest blogger. Seth Godin is the Author of 14 bestselling books, founder of Squidoo, and he’s an inspiration to countless marketers, bloggers and writers around the world.

Seth says more meaningful stuff that matters than anyone else, with fewer words than anyone else, and when I recently asked him the below questions for Positive Writer‘s launch, he was true to form with concise, yet profound answers.

Seth Godin’s Homepage

Exclusive Interview with Seth Godin

It’s nice to have you here, Seth. Thanks for the opportunity.

Q: In another interview you mention that in business school you were good at answering conceptual questions, but really bad at building spreadsheets. A lot of people get caught up with constantly trying to improve their weaknesses, what advice do you give those who do this?


Will you succeed because you are more well-rounded than others? Because you fit in better than everyone else? Bloody unlikely. We succeed when we are trusted to be the best at what we do. (Click to Tweet)

Q: You are very open about your mistakes and failures and you’ve become quite successful. What do you attribute to your success?


Making more mistakes than other people. The key word is ‘more’. You have to play well enough to get more chances to make more mistakes!

Q: You love helping people achieve their dreams, but what first compelled you to be interested in helping others?


Is there any bigger privilege?

Q: People talk about taking risks all the time, and you actually do. Why do you live so close to the edge?


The edge is a great place to be. Inside the box is too dark. Outside the box, there’s no leverage. But on the edge of the box, you can get things done!

Q: What drives you to write every day?


Probably the same thing that drives other people to talk every day. I just talk in written form.

Q: What would you like people to remember you for?


I’d like to be remembered by the impact that people who have read my work have had on the world.

Thank you for your time and answers, Seth!

Seth’s latest project is The Icarus Deception.

How has Seth Godin’s work impacted you? Share in the comments.

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  • Here’s to making more mistakes! And the chances to make them.

  • Valerie Collins

    Fascinating. As usual, Seth breaks things open with fresh and inspiring
    meanings. After all the exhortations to ‘think outside the box’ the idea
    was definitely stale, so I loved  ‘the edge of the box’.

  • Valerie Collins

    Fascinating. As usual, Seth breaks things open with fresh and inspiring
    meanings. After all the exhortations to ‘think outside the box’ the idea
    was definitely stale, so I loved  ‘the edge of the box’.

  • Richard Gibbs

    Well done Bryan!  Seth led me to Jeff Goins and to my association with you, which has been very important!

  • Anastacia Maness

    Those were great questions and answers! To be quite honest I hadn’t read much by Seth Godin except for a few quotes. I believe I also listened to an interview he did for Tribe Writers. Reading this post has me wanting to follow his blog now. 

  • Great interview. Concise as usual 🙂 Lots of wisdom here – thanks for sharing.

  • My brother has worked at an unfulfilling family business job for 15 years, but his heart longs to make music. Unusual music, and I plan to buy this new book as a gift to tell him to follow his dream to create art. The time is now perhaps?  Thanks Bryan, and Seth, I am glad I was introduced to your work through Jeff Goins. IT is making me think in new ways

  • Concise. To the point. Great interview Bryan! 
    Looking out of the box and clinging to the edge as I head over to Seth’s blog.

    • Thanks, Contently Humble.

      It’s almost impossible to read all of his posts, but if you want to try, pick up his book “Small is the new Big” which is a collection of some of his best blog posts.

  • I love Seth Godin. He is a genius. He inspires me. He is generous. He is kind. He is awesome. He is a world changer. He is rad cool. This interview rocks! Thank you.

    • Hi Pilar – it’s safe to say you like Seth? Glad you enjoyed the interview 🙂

  • “We succeed when
    we are trusted to be the best at what we do.” That’s some good stuff right there! Great interview, Bryan. Great wisdom, Seth. Thank you both.

  • Great interview, Bryan. I loved what Seth said about the edge being a great place to be.

  • Hi Bryan.

    Nice job, getting a Seth Godin interview, sweeet.

    I like Seth’s book Purple
    Cow. It’s about being anything but beige, boring or bland.

  • Maria Morgan

    Great interview Bryan and Seth! Totally agreeing with your statement, “Seth says more meaningful stuff that matters than anyone else, with fewer words than anyone else.” His book, The Dip, challenged me to consider what I was doing — and whether to quit or stick. Looking forward to picking up The Icarus Deception.

  • Fantastic interview Bryan, well done! Love Seth’s approach and no-holds-barred approach to life and business. He is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • I was very touched by the last response. Thanks for the reminder on what it’s all really about.

  • Thanks for the interview.

  • Love this interview! Seth is always so profound and concise with his wisdom. He certainly inspires me today. Loved the reminder that there’s no great privilege than to help others! 

  • Great interview! Seth is certainly one of the most inspiring and and influential change agents of our times. The Steve Jobs for writers and artists! 🙂

    • “The Steve Jobs for writers and artists!” I so love that Julie and could not agree more.

  • Great interview!  So often when I read Seth Godin I find myself saying “yes!, exactly!”  He motivates me to change.  I too loved his comments about being on the edge.  Thanks!

  • What a great interview. Learned a lot from reading.

  • That’s inspiring interview, Bryan. I love Seth. He says a lot concisely!

  • I like a short and to the point interview. Seth Godin gets to the point and I take his words about building trust with people very seriously. One is not born with this quality, so it will take some dedicated work to achieve this. Thanks for a brief, insightful interview!.

  • Janice Battle

    Nice interview! Thanks Godin for giving it)

  • Maira Khalid
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  • alejandro432456@mail.ru

    Obviously this is very important for us to know more information about him and finally we find good news. So we expected we can know more about him.

  • matthew325412345

    This is so good interview for us to get more concept about America environment and people. Such kind of article give us more information about the good works from famous person as like Godin.

  • Frank McKinley

    This is so good, Bryan. I’m inspired by the matter of fact attitude Seth has about taking risks and chasing your dream. Thanks to both of you!