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21 Quotes to Reignite Your Passion for Writing!

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Writers Are Cool


It’s a very cool thing to be a writer. (Click to Tweet)

Be Patient and Keep Writing

The best writing happens when you are writing for the sake of it

The best writing happens when you’re writing just for the sake of it. So when you don’t know what to write, be patient and keep writing, the right words will come.

Use Tact

Before criticizing someone elses writing

 Before criticizing someone else’s writing, remember how it felt when someone criticized yours. Proceed accordingly with due tact.

Writers Are Weird

The weirdest people are writers because

The weirdest people are writers because they’re the ones that tell the best stories. Stay weird and keep writing!

You’re Not Perfect and That’s Okay!

Accept the fact that you're not perfect

Accept the fact that you’re not perfect, and realize then how much easier it is to be a writer.

Congratulations! You’re A Writer

You are a writer.

Have you ever woken up early raring to write all day and all of a sudden you look at the clock and it’s 5pm and you’ve written absolutely nothing? Congratulations! You’re a writer.

No Fear and No Doubt

Saying YES to Writing means saying NO to fear and doubt.

 Saying YES to Writing means saying NO to fear and doubt. (Click to Tweet)

Write to The End

The difference between writers who finish

 The difference between writers who finish books and those who don’t – is that the finishers don’t stop writing until they get to: The End

A Kick in the Butt


Write. Because you’re a writer and that’s what writers do. (Click to Tweet)

Super Heroes


Writer’s Make Super Heroes. (Click to Tweet)


fear is a prompt not a block

Writers ask me all the time how they can overcome their worst fears. My prescription is always the same: Figure out what you’re most afraid of and write about that. Don’t stop until you’ve put it all on the page. When you use your fear as a prompt it loses it’s power to block.

Write Anyway

write anyway

She’s a writer not because she doesn’t have any fears and doubts, but because she writes anyway.

Have Courage

Have courage and write.

Have courage. Be dangerous. Have conviction. Be audacious. You’re a writer!

Just Write

Don’t over think it just write.

Don’t over think it, just write. (Click to Tweet)

Complement Someone’s Writing

Never underestimate the power of a complement

Never underestimate the power of a genuine complement given to someone for their writing.

Critics Can Ruin Your Writing

Critics can’t improve your writing.

Critics can’t improve your writing, but… if you let them, they can ruin it. Don’t let them.

The Writer in You

Realize the writer in you.

It’s an amazing thing when you finally realize the brilliant writer that’s always been you.

Normal Writer? Never!

No writer worth their ink.

No writer worth their ink would prefer to be normal. (Click to Tweet)

Be the Best YOU

Don’t try to be the best writer.

 Don’t try to be the best writer. Just try to be the best writer you can be. (Click to Tweet)

Potential as a Writer

Realize your potential as a writer.

You’ll realize your potential as a writer when you’ve stopped trying to realize it.


Writers have the power to grant immortality.

Writers have the power to grant immortality. (Click to Tweet)

Immortality. Indeed. Let’s use our power for good, but, of course, ever good story needs a villain too.

I hope you enjoyed the memes, and again, feel free to share, print, and re-post. I only ask that if you re-post any on your blogs that you link back to this post.

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  • Thanks, Bryan! Lots to motivate, inspire and encourage us here, plus lovely pinnable images too. Thank you. 🙂

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Aaah….the one on fear as a prompt had me smiling from ear to ear 😀

    Thank you, Bryan!


  • Thomas Noel Smith

    The one I really , really like is “No writer worth his ink would prefer to be normal.” How true that is!

  • I can relate to all of them, but the one that resonates with me the most is the one about Realizing Your Potential. Words to live by.

  • Melissa

    I like WRITE ANYWAY. I love it! That is how I am when I blog or write! I just do it! I like writing whether it’s great or not. It’s how I sort out my life!


  • BE DANGEROUS! Love it! That’s what we are doing when we share pieces of ourselves with total strangers!

  • These are fab, Bryan! Tweeted some out!