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Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2016

Today I have the honor of presenting the Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2016!

Welcome to the THIRD annual Top Writing Blogs Awards on Positive Writer. The annual awards post for best Writing Blogs are a special treat for everyone, you’ll discover new blogs, celebrate and congratulate your favorite ones, and, if you’re one of the winners, enjoy a well deserved award of recognition for your hard work!


The best-of-the-best blogs are chosen for: 1} quality of content, 2} how routinely they are updated, 3} the amount of reader engagement (comments and social media shares, etc.) and, 4} several blogs were selected from the list nominated by Positive Writer readers.

Be sure to visit all of the blogs and since there are quite a few, bookmark this post for future reference. And, of course, feel free to forward it to fellow scribblers in the Craft.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Champions!

A badge is located below the list if you’d like to display your awesomeness on your site. All of you have an open invitation to guest post here on Positive Writer in 2016.

Without further ado, here they are:

(In no particular order.)

Jerry B. Jenkins

Awesome post: Story Writing 101: The 3 Essentials of a Page-Turner

Goins Writer

Awesome post: How to Never Worry About What to Write Again

Write to Done

Awesome post: Are Your Ready For The Great Writing Challenge 2016? [Part 1: Overcome Barriers]

The Write Practice

Awesome post: Screw the Muse: You ARE a Writer

Writers Helping Writers

Awesome post: On Writing Badly and Redefining Failure

Boost Blog Traffic

Awesome post: 7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering from Small List Syndrome

Helping Writers Become Authors

Awesome post: The Re-Readability Factor: Does Your Book Have It? (5 Ways to Make It Happen)

Live Write Thrive

Awesome post: 7 Ways to Help You Be Precise in Your Writing

The Wicked Writing Blog

Awesome post: Try This New Writing Strategy To Refresh Your Stories – And Your Life

The Creative Penn

Awesome post: 7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Author Blog And How To Fix Them

Steven Pressfield

Awesome post: Make Your Hero Suffer

Make a Living Writing

Awesome post: 2016 Forecast: Top 12 Great-Paying Freelance Writing Gigs

Brain Pickings

Awesome post: Believe the Praiser and Dismiss the Praise: Donald Hall’s Advice on Writing

Jody Hedlund

Awesome post: 5 Traits That Foster Publishing Success

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Publishing (Joe Konrath)

Awesome post: Pay the Writer

The Writers Alley

Awesome post: 7 Ways to find Writing Friends

Writers In The Storm

Awesome post:  Tackling a Writer’s Greatest Challenge—Time Management

Be a Freelance Blogger

Awesome post: What Editors and Publishers Really Think of Your Writing Job Applications: An Inside Look

Men with Pens

Awesome post: Why Some Freelance Writers Struggle to Get Clients

Tara Lazar

Awesome post: Picture Book Literary Agents and What Excites Them

The Write Conversation

Awesome post: 13 Truths About Being a Writer

The Word’s Greatest Book

Awesome post: The Singular They is Now Officially Correct

Writer Unboxed

Awesome post: The Haves and the Have-Nots:  Surviving Writer Envy

Better Novel Project

Awesome post: Lessons for Writers from The Dark Knight

Writers Write

Awesome post: 37 Ways To Write About Anger

Terrible Minds

Awesome post: 25 More Hard Truths About Writing And Publishing

Jane Friedman

Awesome post: Long-Term Marketing Models for Self-Published Authors

The Write Life

Awesome post: Stuck in a Winter Writing Rut? How to Be More Productive This Season

Lauren Sapala

Awesome post: The Difference between a Critique Group and a Writing Coach

The Renegade Writer

Awesome post: What It Means When Your Writing Is Rejected

Kidlit 411

Awesome post: For Writers

The Procrastiwriter

Awesome post: Breaking the Not-Writing Cycle

Marcy McKay

Awesome post: Why You Should Embrace the Risks in Your Writing

The Kill Zone

Awesome post: Do You Really Need an Editor?

Go Teen Writers

Awesome Post: How To Change The Heart Of Your Characters

David Gaughran

Awesome post: The One Where An Author Steals Text From My Book To Sell Pirated Software

Writers and Authors

Awesome post: Traditional vs Self Publishing Which Is Best For You?

Writer’s Digest

Awesome post: What You Can Do Now to Master the Business of Writing

The Book Designer

Awesome post: 7 Book Marketing Trends Authors Can’t Afford to Ignore

The Book Ninja

Awesome post: 5 Instant Solutions for Achieving Your Writing Goals

Books & Such

Awesome post: Writers – Don’t Try This at Home

LittleZotz Writing

Awesome post: Writers VS. Editors: We’re All Winners Here!

Curiouser Editing

Awesome post: Writer-Friendly Marketing Products for a Productive 2016

She’s Novel

Awesome post: 8 Steps To Pursuing a Professional Writing Career


Awesome post: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Dead Darlings

Awesome post: Making it Work: 4 Tips for Squeezing Writing between Job, Kids, Life


Awesome post: 5 Ways to Find A Writing Community 

Vanessa Carnevale

Awesome post: How Books Are Made From Stolen Moments

River of Thoughts

Awesome post: Four Things Writers Can Stop Stressing About Right Now

J.F. Gibson

Awesome post: Putting my writing out there

Join me in congratulating the champions in the comments.


The 2016 Top 50 Writing Blogs ROCK! Check them out.

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Champions, here’s your badge:


Feel free to post the badge in your blog’s sidebar and link it back here to this post.

Do you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned and you want considered for next year? Share it with us in the comments!

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  • Thank you, Bryan, for including Writers Write on this list for a second year. We are honoured to be chosen with these incredible blogs. We hope everybody has a wonderful year in writing in 2016.

  • Christine Niles

    What an honor for River of Thoughts to be in the company of such great sites! I’m so passionate about helping growing writers take that next step, whether it’s just getting started or it’s publishing their work again and again. Thanks, Bryan!!

  • jennifer brown banks

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Emily Ross

    Congrats to all the winners! Honored to see Dead Darlings included in this list of fantastic writing blogs!

  • Curiouser Editing

    I’m honored to be on this list and humbled to share it with my heroes, Jane Friedman, Joel Friedlander, and Jeff Goins. Thank you to my loyal followers who nominated Curiouser Editing.

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  • K.M. Weiland

    Ah, cool! Thank you so much, Bryan! I’m honored, as always.

  • Please consider Nancy’s Notes from Florida at http://nancyjcohen.wordpress.com

  • Kristen A Kieffer

    What an honor to have She’s Novel featured among such fantastic company. Thank you so much, Bryan!

  • Congrats to the winners. I’ll try again next year.

  • Congratulations! I see some of my faves in there – and looking forward to discovering some more.

  • Thank you so much for including Better Novel Project among such great company! Have a great 2016! 🙂

    Christine Frazier

  • Congratulations to all! Thank you for this compilation, Bryan. I follow many of these, and now I have more to add to my list!

  • Crazy, awesome, wonderful. I’m shocked, but DELIGHTED to be named on this Top 50 list. You’re the best, Bryan! Thanks!

  • Debra

    I’d suggest Seekerville blog. They have an amazing archive of all their posts. I always recommend them.

  • Jo Linsdell

    Honoured to be included for the 3rd year in a row. Thanks Bryan, and congratulations to all the other awesome sites on this list.

  • Angela Ackerman

    Hi Bryan, thanks so much for including Writers Helping Writers! We are in great company. I know these lists take a lot of work to put together but they are so helpful, so thanks for take the time, too! 🙂


  • Angela Ackerman

    Hi Bryan, thanks so much for including Writers Helping Writers! We are
    in great company. I know these lists are a lot of work to put together
    but they are so helpful, so thanks for taking the time, too! 🙂

  • V. Ichizli-Bartels

    Inspiring list! So many wonderful resources. I am already fan of some of them. And will probably become a fan of some more. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  • Dina Davis

    Thank you for expanding my list of writing blogs. I also have a wordpress blog called ‘Books and Writing’ at dinadavis2015.wordpress.com. Drop by, and see thoughts on the writing life, plus some excerpts from my novel.

  • Fantastic roundup of sites, Bryan! And thanks for choosing my post on TheBookDesigner.com as an “awesome post”. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Great blogs by dedicated bloggers. Well done! Maybe Random Writing Rants will make the cut next year. Either way, I’m happy to share this post for writers. Thanks!

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  • Great roundup of some of my favourite writing blogs. Maybe next year Now Novel will crack a mention 😉


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    Best regards,

  • Jelte ten Holt

    Hi Bryan! Great list! I’m going to check out each and every one of these bloggers for inspiration and insight.

    I’ve just started writing a blog about working as a freelance writer while on the road (or as I like to call it ‘travelancing’) so this will be a very useful resource for me.

    And next year Vagabond Writers will be up there as well! That’s me being (incredibly) positive!

  • Geoff

    Congrats everyone! I’m a new blogger this year and welcome feedback on https://midlifetales.wordpress.com/. Perhaps next year, the blog will be developed enough to be in the running for the top 50!

  • Cool! i expected Jeff Goins to be here and he was! My favorite 3 blog writers on writing for 2016, but not all on this list, are Jeff Goins, Chad R Allen, and Michael Hyatt. Thank you for this list so we can all explore in our spare time.